DVSwitch / Discuss DMRlink, HBlink, DVSwitch, Quantar Bridge and Mobile
The *official* place to go for discussion/support for DMRlink, HBlink, DVSwitch, Quantar Bridge and coming real soon...
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Primetimeshortwave / Prime Time Shortwave
Newsletter of the Prime Time Shortwave website with English shortwave broadcast schedules, loggings, program information.
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TalkTemari / Talk Temari Discussion Group
TalkTemari is the companion discussion group to TemariKai.com. It has been going strong since 1998, in one form or another, but its origins go back to a handful of people who gathered together online in order to figure out & learn the ancient folk art of Japanese temari. Members are crafters/enthusiasts of these embroidered thread-wound balls, dedicated to learning about, preserving and craft...
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BNlist / BN List
This List is dedicated to the discussion of the Burlington Northern Railroad from its formation in 1970 until its demise as an independent corporation in 1995. We will allow discussions on the various predecessor roads, as well as topics on modeling and prototype items; but we will not allow topics that cover current operations on the BNSF or its successors. If you have, as personal property, Burl...
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Inkjet printing onto fabric. Discuss the pros and cons of various types of fabric, ink, pre-treatments, post-treatments. Sublimation, acid, reactive, dye, pigment based. Cotton, rayon, silk, canvas, polyester, etc. Of you can get the ink to print and the fabric to feed, it's on topic here. Quilts, wall hangings, clothing, purses, photos on canvas, etc. Vendors are welcome here as long as you a...
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College4CatholicHomeschoolers / College4Catholic homeschoolers
We Catholic homeschooling parents need to help our children navigate the college selection / application / preparation process. We'll discuss colleges, Catholic and secular, and keep in mind all kinds of majors. We'll share what we know of a college's environment in terms of morals (e.g., dorm life), spirituality (e.g., Masses, confessions, devotions), classroom environment (i.e., tole...
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singingwires / Telephone Collectors International
This is the Telephone Collectors International List Server. It is open to anyone interested in learning more about antique telephones, telephone history, and restoration and does not require membership in TCI or any other clubs or organizations, such as ATCA, THG or the ATCS. Full list rules should be read before posting, and are available here: https://www.telephonecollectors.org/list.htm We fee...
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jt65digitalhams / JT65Digitalhams
As the popularity of JT65 increases, my friend VA7HZ (Ron) and I decided that it would be nice to start a Yahoo group that helps promote the JT65 Digital experience. As more and more people get interested in JT65, there are a lot of people who are looking for answers to questions. We felt this would be an appropriate place to discuss and help others. Please feel free to post about JT65 and your ex...
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BRTushers / Berkeley Rep Volunteer Ushers
Volunteer forum for arranging date swaps and subs for ushers at Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Also a place to find information on upcoming special events, management notifications, and season series date chart.
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WOR / World of Radio
News and discussion about communications around the world, especially shortwave, but all media eligible. Monitoring reports, schedules, journalism. All posts will be eligible for quoting in DX Listening Digest, and on the World of Radio program.
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TeaneckShulsAnnouncements / TeaneckShulsAnnouncements
TeaneckShulsAnnouncements is an announcement-only list. Relevant announcements from the TeaneckShuls list will be forwarded or copied to this list for the benefit of those who only want announcements & not all the other TeaneckShuls posts. If you already subscribe to, and read TeaneckShuls there should be no need to join this list. For complete posting policy info & relevant rules: http://...
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OPS-INDfiles / OPS-IND Group Extended Files
Welcome to our files area. OPS-INDfiles is an auxiliary list to the main Ry-ops-industrialSIG list (https://groups.io/g/Ry-ops-industrialSIG) and is strictly for file, photo and data storage of materials which are beneficial to being preserved on a long term nature. Access to uploading files is strictly monitored by the list moderators. List subscribers are asked to upload personal layout plans ...
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HalfscaleMinis / Half Scale Miniatures
The home for miniaturists working in 1/24th scale, G scale, or 1/2” equals 1’ in real life. Our creations are half the size of most scale miniatures - but twice the joy! Or perhaps we are just twice as crazy? Halfscale is not as easy to find as our “big sister” 1/12th scale, so many of us are makers are well as collectors Come join the fun! Half Scale members share their photos, patt...
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SparrowEV / Sparrow Electric Vehicle
This group's subject is the Corbin Sparrow or Myers-Motors NmG electric vehicle. It is open to present, future and potential owners, for the purpose of primarily non-commercial networking and of resolving common issues. These are a single-passenger, three-wheeled, battery electric vehicle designed specifically for commuting and city driving. Sparrow EV on Wikipedia
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This list is intended to promote the exchange of information regarding the Boston & Maine Railroad and its corporate predecessors. Appropriate historical and modeling topics consist of, but are not limited to, equipment, operations, stationary plant, and personnel.
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idg / Indexer's Discussion Group (IDG)
This group is the new home of Indexer's Discussion Group (formerly Indexer's Discussion List at Yahoogroups). This is a group discussion list for professional indexers and anyone interested in indexing books, journals, and other print and electronic media, the freelance life, and the business of indexing.
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Tywyn-DolgellauReecycle / Tywyn-Dolgellau Reecycle
The Tywyn-Dolgellau Reecycle group is open to all who want to "recycle" that special something rather than throw it away. Whether it's a chair, a fax machine, piano or an old door, feel free to post it. Or maybe you're looking to acquire something yourself! Nonprofit groups are also welcome to participate too! One main rule: everything posted must be free. This group is part of Re...
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This is a group dedicated to the Icom IC-7700 200 watt IF-DSP HF/6m transceiver. Spam, racism, name-calling, vulgarity, religious or political propaganda, personal insults and/or verbal abuse will not be tolerated in this group at any time. Any member posting such material will be placed on moderated status, and is subject to deletion and banning. By joining, the applicant agrees to abide by the r...
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TentecOmniVII / Tentec Omni VII
Put your full name and amateur call in the comments section when applying for membership. This group is formed to assist others and exchange ideas and experiences with the Tentec Omni VII 588 transceiver. This group is not owned or moderated by Tentec, or any of its owners, past or present. This is a restricted group by membership only. This is a discussion group as it relates to the Tentec ...
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Amateur-DSN / Amateur-DSN
This is a group for discussion concerning the technical aspects of building DSN receivers and converters for the 2.2GHz, 8.4GHz and 32GHz bands. All aspects including observations of probes, technical information on LNA's, receivers and demodulation can be discussed, as well as related items such as software processing. Reports of detected signals from DSN space-craft are most welcome! If you ...
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