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Just beginning to use Embird? Don't know where to start? This group is for you. No question is too silly or asked too many times. We are here to help you get the most out of this amazing software. We do try to stay on-topic - and that is using Embird,  Please see the group Guidelines for rules on posting.

Peggy Severt, the group owner, is an independent instructor of Embird software. In the past, she was an instructor at the IEC and AEC, both now discontinued.  She now teaches at the EEM (Everything Embroidery Market) and offers occasional webinar tutorials under the Fly with Embird name. You can find her Embird video tutorials on her website, www.flywithembird.net. She also offers the opportunity to schedule 1 - 3 day face-to-face Embird seminars. Other help groups include AbsolutelyEmbird on Groups.io and Fly with Embird on Facebook. Peggy uses Embird Studio to digitize all of her own designs under the name of Pegboard Crafts. You can find her on Facebook on the Pegboard Crafts Just for Fun page and Pegboard Crafts group.


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