1. We have allowed THE CAT into our lives. 2. We feed THE CAT the very best food. 3. We insure THE CAT gets the very best medical care. 4. We provide THE CAT with every toy imaginable. 5. We willingly sit on the most uncomfortable chair in the house rather than disturb THE CAT as it sleeps on our favorite chair or In our favorite spot on the sofa. 6. We consider cat fur and shredded upholstery to ...
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C-P-R / C-P-R
C-P-R is specifically for discussion of topics pertaining to the Canadian Pacific Railway. Our main areas (as they pertain to CPR) are railroading and railfanning, with some modelling discussion thrown into the mix. Items for sale/trade may be posted on Tuesdays only. If you post a virus warning, missing child sob story, or any other SPAM, you are probably going to get the boot from this list. Lo...
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Mailing list for the C*Net VoIP network more info at http://ckts.info/
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c2 tape group in Portland Oregon
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Cascade 5th Ward Gals - a place for members of the Orem Cascade 5th Ward can gather to easily communicate with each other.
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A private group for the Crawley And District Model Aircraft Club. It will be used for committee announcements, but can also be used by all members to discuss matters relating to the club and aeromodelling in general.
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CADXA / Central Arizona DX Association
Central Arizona DX Association: Where some of the world's best DXers gather to exchange information.
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CADXABOD / Central Arizona DX Association
Board of director for Central Arizona DX Association
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The California American Legion Amateur Radio Service Supporting Amateur Radio education, communication, and emergency services. This group is open to all American Legion Department of California members who are licensed Amateur Radio operators or are interested in getting involved in Amateur Radio as a hobby and/or for emergency communications and disaster preparedness and response. Members...
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A communication group for members of BSF working at the GBBF
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CAMRRC / Concord Area Model Railroad Club
Concord Area Model Railroad Club
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The Civic Association Network (CAN) is a loose coalition of civic associations in DeKalb County, Georgia, USA. CAN serves as a communications vehicle for sharing knowledge and working together on shared issues. We hold monthly meetings where speakers on topics of interest to DeKalb citizens are invited and we maintain a website (www.can-dk.org) with documents related to living in DeKalb County.
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CAN-Loop / Christian Authors Network Membership Group
Christian Authors Network membership email loop, available exclusively for all current dues paying members. To find out more about the Christian Authors network, please see our website at: http://ChristianAuthorsNetwork.com
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This list is for members of the Canine Capers Dog Agility club. We will send announcements to the list regarding seminars, trials, run throughs, week off reminders and other things of interest. All of our members should feel free to discuss just about anything related to agility. Exchange information and share successes.....have fun!
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CAPNET / CAPNET - Canada Amateur Pager Network - DAPNET
CAPNET - Canada Amateur Pager Network (HAM RADIO) https://capnetw.blogspot.ca/ Amateur Radio POCSAG Paging Software The DAPNET (Decentralized Amateur Paging Network) is a network operated by amateur radio enthusiasts. It is the new and further developed version of the FunkrufMaster. It consists of a decentral server cluster feeding paging data to distributed transmitters. The most used frequency...
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CARA-MS / Chickasaw Amateur Radio Association
Greetings from the Chickasaw Amateur Radio Association,Northwest Mississippi's oldest 2 Meter repeater! Your comments will be appreciated. If you are looking for affiliation with an amateur radio club, we invite you to consider joining us. Meetings are held the Third Monday of each month in Hernando,MS at 7:00 PM with free testing at 6:00 PM. Please contact a Group Owner (email listed below) f...
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CARS / Cascade Amateur Radio Society
CARS. - Cascade Amateur Radio Society (a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation) is a group of Ham Radio operators committed to providing emergency communications support to the emergency relief efforts of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, governmental entities, private relief organizations regardless of affiliation, and to the community at large, during times of need. We are also dedicate...
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CASIForum is an email list for CASI behavior department students and grads.
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This is a chat group for members of the COULSDON AMATEUR TRANSMITTING SOCIETY based in Coulsdon, Surrey, UK. We are a member society of the RSGB and meet regularly each month. Web site is www.Catsradio.org for full information on all aspects of the Society, meetings programme and committee members.
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CBDwinelovers / CBD Wine Lovers
This group is for wine lovers at CBD. The primary group, main@CBDwinelovers.groups.io, is for group management and setting up gatherings. A separate subgroup, Discussion@CBDwinelovers.groups.io, is for general conversation about wine. The group is visible to the public so CBD members can find us, but messages are private to the group.
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