LA-LMN / Los Angeles Library Media Network
The Los Angeles Library Media Network (LA-LMN, la limón) brings together professionals and paraprofessionals from schools and districts within Los Angeles County who support school libraries. We invite group members to collaborate, share best practices, and dive into topics relevant to these unique positions. From Digital Citizenship to ebooks to digital resources, LA-LMN will allow for rich dia...
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LA1J / Jærgruppen av NRRL
Jærgruppens område for dialog om aktuelle tema, 'wiki' som oppslagsverk for nyttig informasjon relatert til hobbyen. Her legges også opp til hensiktsmessig struktur gjennom  undergruppene: Nødsamband Kurs
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Lafayette Indiana Classifieds is where you can buy, sell, trade or barter any item you want as long as it is legal. You're welcome to also list your garage sale here. Alcohol, drugs and firearms are not permitted. Private individuals only please, no businesses. You should list one item per message. When placing a message use the words: Sell, Buy, Trade, Barter in the Subject line.  This web s...
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This is a Community Cafe' for Lafayette, Indiana and other Tippecanoe County residents or emeritus members of our area. This is where our members can chat, post for information or request for services, and to help build community spirit.
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Groups-io site for Los Altos Hills, CA Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).
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Those with interest in the King Off the Road
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Langham-WilsonWCSummit / Langham-Wilson Workers' Compensation Summit Group
This list-serv and website has been created to dialogue and the sharing of resources among members of the WC Summit group convened by Bob Wilson and David Langham.
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larg / Linux Amateur Radio Group
Linux Amateur Radio Group General discussion of all topics relating to amateur radio and the Linux / Unix / OS X operating systems. Please include your amateur radio call when applying for membership in this group.
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for any type of joke. please be respectful when posting jokes, and if you know it contains adult content, say so in the subject line (AC, or ***adult content***) have fun!
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LB Booster is a powerful tool for Liberty BASIC and Just BASIC programmers. With LBB you can: * Speed up a Liberty BASIC program by up to ten times. * Compile a Liberty BASIC program to a compact, standalone executable. * Overcome many of Liberty BASIC's bugs and limitations. LB Booster is Freeware and may be used to create standalone executables that may be freely distributed.
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lbba / Linn Benton Beekeepers Association (Oregon)
Linn Benton Beekeepers Association Our goal is to provide an association of local beekeepers where we can learn, share and have fun. We have both local and national speakers at our monthly meetings providing you with current and relevant subjects to help you with your bees.   LBBA also provides outreach to the community by providing educational speakers, swarm removal and public exhibits.   ...
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lbstanza / LBStanza
Mailing List for L.B.Stanza Programming Language
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We are joining together to network, to learn, to develop business, Jobs, careers, certification opportunities, to participate in best practice sharing, and maintain & build new relationships. We are a global community, uniting all White Belt (WB), Yellow Belt (YB), Green Belt (GB), Project Managers (PM), Black Belt (BB), Master Back Belt (MBB), Project Sponsor (PS), Deployment Champion (DC), E...
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Share items for paint shop pro
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ПЕРЕРАБОТКА АГРОПРОДУКЦИИ, ПРОИЗВОДСТВО ПРОДУКТОВ ПИТАНИЯ: регулярные предложения Б/У оборудования из Европы для переработки сельхозпродукции, производства продуктов питания, упаковки, расфасовки и т.п.
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LeCroyOwnersGroup / LeCroy Owners Group
This is a group for owner and users of LeCroy Oscilloscopes and related equipment. It is meant to share information about the use, maintenance and repair of these instruments. NOTE: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR FILES AND MANUALS PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THE LeCroy_Owners_Group on Yahoo! Groups. THIS GROUP WAS SET UP AS A BACK UP INCASE YAHOO! PULLS THE PLUG ON GROUPS. ALL OF THE FILES AND INFORMATION YOU A...
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Contracts from around Leicestershire
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LendingHand / Lending Hand
This is a group where blind and visually impaired people seek support and inspiration, exchange tips and hints about different aspects of independent living, connect with old and new friends.
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This is the discussion group for the Leo Computer Society.     It is established to create a discussion forum for members of the Society and its invitees.  It is by invitation only.  Send a message to the moderators if you would like to join the group.
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