LA-LMN / Los Angeles Library Media Network
The Los Angeles Library Media Network (LA-LMN, la limón) brings together professionals and paraprofessionals from schools and districts within Los Angeles County who support school libraries. We invite group members to collaborate, share best practices, and dive into topics relevant to these unique positions. From Digital Citizenship to ebooks to digital resources, LA-LMN will allow for rich dial...
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LA1J / Jærgruppen av NRRL
Jærgruppens område for dialog om aktuelle tema, 'wiki' som oppslagsverk for nyttig informasjon relatert til hobbyen. Her legges også opp til hensiktsmessig struktur gjennom undergruppene: Nødsamband Kurs
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The owner has deferred activating this group. Please see instead:
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LASD Norwalk Station Volunteers on Patrol
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The Brighton Circle's private group.
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This group is for currently enrolled LCYC families. Share information pertinent to the preschool or preschool age children.
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LEARN / LEARN Homeschoolers of Bloomington, Indiana
Welcome to LEARN Homeschoolers of Bloomington, IN! LEARN (Life Education and Resource Network) is a group of homeschooling families from Monroe and surrounding counties. We are a diverse and inclusive group. We represent many political backgrounds, educational philosophies, and religious views, and all are welcome! LEARN has weekly park or gym days, monthly skate nights, ice skating days, field ...
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LFSARC / Lawton-Fort Sill Area Radio Communications
The Lawton-Fort Sill Area Radio Communications (Oklahoma, USA) is NOT a club. This is a group for Amateur Radio operators and those interested in Amateur Radio in Southwest Oklahoma, specifically the Lawton-Fort Sill area, to share ideas and questions, to find/buy and sell HAM related items, and to share knowledge of Amateur Radio. Any HAMs who can/will conduct themselves properly may be a member ...
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Creating this group for massage therapists and body workers interested in research, health information and technological skills and literacies. The group is for anyone interested in contributing to or learning about the above. Arlene Haessler, MLIS, LMT Librarian University of St Augustine for Health Sciences St Augustine, FL 32086
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LNDN Mums is a group for families expecting their first child or who already have children. The group is able to connect you broadly with all expecting or current mums in London for advice about big picture issues you are facing with your pregnancy, toddlers, kids, preteens or teenagers. It also connects expecting or new mums with mums nearby who have similar age babies (or bumps) so you have some...
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This email list is for the ham radio operators participating in the anual Logan to Jackson bike (LOTOJA) race. BARC LOTOJA Page
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LSC-Listserv / LSC Listserv
The Northeast Indiana Libraries Serving Communities consortium exists to provide a greater level of library service to our communities through collaboration and to foster peer-based support to our members.
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LTspice / LTspice
This group is dedicated to LTspice. It's independent from the owners of LTspice (ADI and Linear Technology). This group is a test group so far. The main LTspice group is .
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STORY Edit The Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club (LVRAC) was formed in April of 1961, and is the oldest HAM radio club in Las Vegas. It began in Jerry Mann's kitchen (W7VYC later N7CAH now SK). The first meeting was held as a picnic at Mt. Charleston, 150 people attended. In the early days of the LVRAC the club was contacted by Joe Wells, then the head of the Thunderbird Hotel, who wanted to est...
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LVRW / Las Vegas Romance Writers
The Las Vegas Romance Writers is the Southern Nevada chapter of Romance Writers of America®, a worldwide non-profit professional organization of over 10,000 published and unpublished writers. The group’s purpose is to promote excellence in the romance genre, to provide support for writers within the romance publishing industry, and to help writers become published and establish careers in their...
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LWDiscussions / Leisure World Discussion Group
Informal gathering of Leisure World residents having common interests.
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Welcome to LW Ideas On behalf of our entire team I want to thank you for your interest in "our" Leisure World and its future. You must request (and be approved) for group membership, to participate and receive dialogs. To obtain a voice in these dialogs, you must be a current Manor Owner in Leisure World Arizona. You must also pledge to operate within the rules of this Forum.
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The Leisure World Tennis Club promotes tennis play within the community, including open tennis, tournaments, clinics and socials. Membership is open to any full time or part time Leisure World resident.
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The Model Railroaders of Leisure World is a group dedicated to the hobby of enjoying, creating and utilizing the workings of model railroading. The members meet October through April at 2:00 PM in the Leisure World Theater.
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Provide email capability to members of the Leisure World 2.0 team.
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