This is a support group for the Universal M-8000. The Universal M-8000 is a top-of-the-line professional digital decoder designed for serious digital monitoring. You may install and operate it from your desk top or your equipment rack.
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M-Atheists-Alt / Mensa Atheists
This is a group for members of MENSA who unabashedly live their lives as atheists, agnostics, Brights, free-thinkers, skeptical inquirers, ghostbusters and/or supernaturalist skeptics. This a safe place to share their ideas and experiences with other Mensan atheists/skeptics and to pursue the intellectual discourse of thinking, pondering and living our lives as an atheist/skeptic in a society th...
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Founded September 13, 1965, the M-Investment Club is Mensa's oldest surviving special interest group. Its purpose is to educate and enrich its individual members.
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m-salon / M-Salon
A discussion group mainly for members of Mensa, but all others are welcome. This group is migrating from YahooGroups, due to recent changes.
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M-SciFi / M-SciFi
The Science Fiction group for members of Mensa and their friends Discussions and news about Sci-Fi books, films and TV series are the main topics covered here. They can be about remembering old stories or telling us about the new ones. Where can we get copies of the books or films that we want? New members of the group are asked to confirm that they are, or have been, members of Mensa. Please also...
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M-Simpson / siMpsons SIG
Pronounced "The Si-emp-sons". A forum for fans of the lovable yellow family of five from Springfield, ....... U.S.A. Topics of discussion include: Homer-isms, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Ned, Moe, episodes, The Movie, and whoever and whatever else that is related to the Simpsons(R). After all, the Simpsons TV show is the longest running sitcom in prime time and the longest-running animated ...
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The Society Callsign for the Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society and Chat group
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M1-Mustang / M1 Midget Mustang Builders & Flyers
M1 Midget Mustang Builders/Flyers
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M101CDN2Trailer / Canadian M101-CDN2, 1/4 ton trailer
Canadian M101-CDN2, 1/4 ton trailer was designed and manufactured by D.E.W. Engineering in Ottawa, Ontario Canada for use with the Canadian Bombardier Iltis 1/4 ton jeep. Updated "Jeep Trailer" by the Canadian Forces. Also in the lineage of 1/4 ton trailers are its' predecessors the BT3 & MBT (WW2), M100 (Korean War era) and the Bantam civilian T3C & Spen trailer (both post...
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m3 / Mid-Atlantic Microbiome Meet-up
This is meant to be an open forum for discussions about microbiome research, challenges, and opportunities. We hope it will enable and spur interactions within the very broad community of scientists interested in microbiome within the (loosely defined) Mid-Atlantic region, including academia, government, and industry participants alike. We welcome anyone interested in joining and participating i...
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M4Reactor / M4Reactor - The Shores Only Community Makerspace
The public group for M4Reactor! Members and enthusiasts can sign up to find out more.
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ma-5 / MA-5 Charger
For all those interested in sharing ideas on the MA-5 Charger as designed by the late Ed Marquart of Flabob Airport in Riverside, CA. The Charger is described as a modern designed Bucker Jungmann.
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Maak plaats voor kenniswerk! De community achter het boek. Voor wie geïnteresseerd is in de kracht van de fysieke werkplek.
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The Mid Atlantic Association of Professional, Positive Pet Trainers is a group of trainers in the Mid-Atlantic region committed to the use of positive, reward-based training methods. MAAPPPT trainers teach and motivate pets and their people through science-based training, utilizing the principles of learning theory. MAAPPPT trainers pledge to use non-aversive, pet -friendly methods without intimid...
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MAASL Spring 2020 Season
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Formerly Rootsweb. For the purpose of genealogy discussions pertaining to the surname – Maass
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mabasdivision8 / MABAS Division 8
MABAS is a statewide mutual aid system, which has been in existence since the late 1960s, offering specialized operations teams for hazardous materials, underwater rescue/recovery, and technical rescue. MABAS Division 8 was founded in 1981 with the first officers being Dave Bailey (Cherry Valley Fire) as President, Ron Weavel (Rockford Fire) as Secretary and Bruce Hedrington (South Beloit Fire) a...
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The Home Of The Mid-Atlantic Baptist Network Communication Group This is a group of Christian volunteers who are trained in disaster relief communications. Our purpose is to support the Disaster Relief efforts of the Mid-Atlantic Baptist Disaster Relief Units when deployed to a disaster either local, state, national or international response. This e-group has been created for those who are involve...
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