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M-Atheists-Alt / Mensa Atheists
This is a group for members of MENSA who unabashedly live their lives as atheists, agnostics, Brights, free-thinkers, skeptical inquirers, ghostbusters and/or supernaturalist skeptics. This a safe place to share their ideas and experiences with other Mensan atheists/skeptics and to pursue the intellectual discourse of thinking, pondering and living our lives as an atheist/skeptic in a society th...
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m-eastanglia / Mensa East Anglia Mailing List
Mensa East Anglia News and Events list. Short-notice events and updates. Stay current with what's going on in our region!
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Founded September 13, 1965, the M-Investment Club is Mensa's oldest surviving special interest group. Its purpose is to educate and enrich its individual members.
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Christian Haerle's old group - formerly a Yahoo group of about 140 members, moving to because Yahoo will end its mailing list service on 15 December 2020.
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m-salon / M-Salon
A discussion group mainly for members of Mensa, but all others are welcome. This group is migrating from YahooGroups, due to recent changes.
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M-SciFi / M-SciFi
The Science Fiction group for members of Mensa and their friends Discussions and news about Sci-Fi books, films and TV series are the main topics covered here. They can be about remembering old stories or telling us about the new ones. Where can we get copies of the books or films that we want? New members of the group are asked to confirm that they are, or have been, members of Mensa. Please also...
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M-Simpson / siMpsons SIG
Pronounced "The Si-emp-sons". A forum for fans of the lovable yellow family of five from Springfield, ....... U.S.A. Topics of discussion include: Homer-isms, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Ned, Moe, episodes, The Movie, and whoever and whatever else that is related to the Simpsons(R). After all, the Simpsons TV show is the longest running sitcom in prime time and the longest-running animated ...
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A group for Mensa Virtual Meeting Hosts to discuss hints and tips, problems and solutions to all things regarding hosting virtual meetings for Mensa.
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The Society Callsign for the Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society and Chat group
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Wessex Ham, the Amateur Radio organisation run by clubs and developing Amateur Radio and Electronics in South West England
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M1-Mustang / M1 Midget Mustang Builders & Flyers
M1 Midget Mustang Builders/Flyers
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ACF / CCF Signals group is created to record the past interests and achievements of Cadet force signalling primarily in the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and formerly in the Officer Training Corps (OTC) and later, more generally, in the Army Cadcet Force (ACF). This archive includes The Natonal Radio HF Network operated for many years linking schools and colleges with a CCF Signals Section and in whi...
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m3 / Mid-Atlantic Microbiome Meet-up
This is meant to be an open forum for discussions about microbiome research, challenges, and opportunities. We hope it will enable and spur interactions within the very broad community of scientists interested in microbiome within the (loosely defined) Mid-Atlantic region, including academia, government, and industry participants alike. We welcome anyone interested in joining and participating i...
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M30-CW / M30 CW-Kurs
This group is a private group serving the local radio club M30 Eidertal (part of the German Amateur Radio Club DARC) to exchange information on their CW course.
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M3R / Maine 3-Railers O-Gauge Model Railroad Club
The Maine 3-Railers O-gauge Model Railroad Club formed in 1998, and has about 130 members located mostly in Maine and New Hampshire, but with some as far away as Ohio. Membership is open to adults, children, and entire families. Our main activity is the set-up and exhibit of operating layouts of O gauge trains at many locations in Maine (mostly from Portland to Augusta) throughout the year, rangin...
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This is a group for men, over 18, who are gay or bi, to meet and relate to those of like minds.
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M4Reactor / M4Reactor - The Shores Only Community Makerspace
The public group for M4Reactor! Members and enthusiasts can sign up to find out more.
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This group is dedicated to the Colchester Radio Amateurs M5C event & contest operations and covers all topics related to it.
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ma-5 / MA-5 Charger
For all those interested in sharing ideas on the MA-5 Charger as designed by the late Ed Marquart of Flabob Airport in Riverside, CA. The Charger is described as a modern designed Bucker Jungmann.
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