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Dedicated to open source designs and code for Nixie Tubes Clocks. The specific audiance is geared towards 7971 nixies. Looking for meaningful engagement with others. I can be directly contacted at
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b-lang-announce / B-Lang Announcements
Official announcements from the B-Lang organization, that oversees the free and open Bluespec hardware description languages (HDLs) and tools such as BSC
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b-lang-discuss / B-Lang Discussion
Open forum for questions or discussion on any of the Bluespec hardware description languages (HDLs), tools such as BSC, or the B-Lang organization that oversees their free and open use.
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Welcome to B-W-Tandems! Welcome to the information group for tandem bicycle enthusiasts in the Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C. metro areas. This group is used to share information on tandem bicycle rides hosted by the CRABS (Couples Riding A Bicycle Simultaneously) and the WABITS (Washington Area Bicyclist In Tandem Society). It will also be a place to share information on other tandem e...
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Sending study materials to students
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Discussion of the B1rd ultralight airplane from the early 1980s
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b26-pa / B26-PA Solid State Amplifier
B26-PA RF2K+ and RF2K-S Legal limit LDMOS Solid State Amp kit for Ham Radio from RF-Kit Every HAM OP is welcome - so please show us your call sign if you like to join ! We will ask for your call sign by email if you not have placed into your account. YAHOO and GMAIL email user should check SPAM box. Maybe any of them don't like emails from If you get no answer email after 3 days ple...
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The latest news from B2Streamlines, publisher and purveyor of books and preprints related to aviation, including the original RC Soaring Digest magazine, the journal for the RC soaring enthusiast. Posts will be related to books recently made available as PDFs, new additions to the pre-read books section, and announcements regarding recently released preprints.
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The B2T Community seeks to bring together diverse market participants – from catalytic to fiduciary capital providers, along with experts from various fields – to build a shared vision and product roadmap for unleashing more blended finance vehicles at scale.
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b3ppa / Big Pea Porridge Pond Preservation Association
Non-profit association dedicated to the preservation of Big Pea Porridge Pond in the towns of Madison and Conway, New Hampshire
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Before TI - Test Team
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b4uc / U3A R09 What the Bible is about
This group provides a discussion forum for past and current participants in U3A Brisbane's course R09 What the Bible is about - An Informed Appreciation of the Bible. This non-religious course applies the integrated nature of the biblical text to enable members to learn to unlock difficult passages for themselves by using the Bible to interpret the Bible. Each week we examine one or more book...
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B66 / B66 Destroyer Association
Private group for members of the B66 Destroyer Association.
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b7 / Бабакина 7
Почтовая группа жителей дома № 7 по улице Бабакина в Химках.
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Bay Area Diving: A forum for Northern California scuba divers to share information about local diving, diving equipment, and diving events. Also, to seek advice on scuba destinations worldwide. No commercial posts allowed.
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this newsgroup replaces the Yahoo Group Kindertreff-Bay-Area that was closed in December 2020.
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BA-MEN / BA-MEN: Beach Areas Men Enjoying Naturism
BA-MEN (Beach Areas Men Enjoying Naturism) is a social nudist/naturist group for all men in the Orange County & greater Long Beach areas of L.A. County in Southern California. We generally have 2-4 events planned each month, often presently in (O.C.) Garden Grove/Santa Ana. We occasionally have trip events to other areas as well. If you happen to have a pool or spa/Jacuzzi in a private yarn ...
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BA5779 / B'nos Avigail 5779
B'nos Avigail 5779
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baa-rag / Radio Astronomy Group
This group is intened a email exchange group for members of the British Astronomical Association's Radio Astronomy Group. Non-BAA members may join and contribute
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E-mail list for Bay Area Association of Muslim Lawyers
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