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G4WAC / Wythall Radio Club
Private group for members of Wythall Radio Club
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The G6LBQ  Amatuer Radio Group has been formed by Andy Hunter (G6LBQ) The idea of the Group is to discuss the "BitX inspired" G6LBQ Multi-band HF Transceiver project and provide a hub to share and discuss other home-brew radio projects that I am working on such as the G6LBQ "IRWELL" Multi-mode HF transceiver. In order that the Group can prosper I welcome & encourage membe...
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This is the place where users of the G8JCFSDR software can meet to discuss, and post ideas. To get the SDR s/w goto http://www.g8jcf.dyndns.org.
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The gaggle group - really rocks.
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gamenight / Game Night
Get you game on!
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GammillCousins / GammillCousins
We are Owners of the Gammill/Statler Longarm Quilting Systems.  This is a place where we can share ideas and help each other with troubleshooting quilting issues and problems. Whether you quilt as a hobby or a business you will find this group to be fun and helpful!
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Farmer's Markets! Farm Markets! CSA's!  Community Gardening!  Home Gardening! Roadside Produce Stand! Thoughtful neighbors or co-workers with a bounty to share! Berry Picking! Orchards!  Farm Shares! (Usually dairy or meat, but could be other items!)  Other eat local and sustainable type activities! We are a food & recipe group but a bit of gardening input may well come to your ema...
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Gas-City-Indiana-freecycle / Gas City Indiana freecycle
Gas City, IN freecycle is an on-line forum that serves as a tool to make connections between community members who want to help each other, themselves, and their environment. In a disposable society where many items are discarded long before they have actually outlived their use, Freecycling helps get things from people who have them but don't want them to people who want them but don't h...
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GatewayNtrak / Gateway Ntrak
Gateway N-Trak is a loose knit train club with the main goal being to have fun!       After all, isn't that what it is all about? Always FREE to be a member, no dues ever.       The club is structured as follows;   No officers, no politics, the members make all decisions as a group No monthly dues, we occasionally hold a mini-clinic or just socialize and talk trains a...
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In dieser Gruppe informiert die Gatworks GmbH Ihre Kunden über den Verlauf von Wartungen und Störungen
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A hopefully fun place to chat and share information, pictures, trailers, and opinions about films, books, audio, TV and audio. Just a point, no flaming or insulting each other, no talk about polotics or religion unless directly related to a film etc.
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This group is about gay and bi stories, news, commentary and info.   Also, we'll have a few pics of beaut men.  From time to time.  Also sometimes ppl have rants, and throw their toys out of the cot.
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Closed group for users of the GB7WV DMR Amateur Radio Repeater located in Market Harborough. (Currently awaiting Ofcom Licence)
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A list all about general blind technology
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Welcome to the GCP Special Interest Group EXEC Acces to this area is restricted to GCP Special Interest EXEC members only. GCP Special Interest Group EXEC
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A group for people interested in or associated with Guide Dogs for the     Blind. A friendly place where adults will be treated like adults.     All we ask in terms of rules is be nice to each other.
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This is the email group/list for the Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) Midwest Alumni Chapter. Topics include Chapter news and updates as well as general guide dog and blindness related discussions.
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GDB_paw / Paws Around the World
Paws Around the World- a  Guide Dogs for the Blind  alumni chapter concerned with topics related to travel
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GDB-bookhounds is a group who love to read and share what we have read. Besides our love of reading many genres of books, we also celebrate we all have our wonderful guide dogs from Guide Dogs for the Blind. So, if you love all kinds of books and have a best friend from GDB, join us and let us know what you are reading.
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