Z-Bend Track layouts allow a Z scale modeler's efforts to be enjoyed both at home, and mate up with the work of others at shows. Z-Bend Track is a standard which has very few rules to allow for maximum flexibility in builing a layout for home use. This is the place to ask questions and tell us what you are doing.
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Z16357 / R-Z16357 DNA Project
Discussion and research group for Y-DNA R-Z16357 and related (R-Z16343, R-Z17911, R-ZS349, etc.) SNP haplogroups. The project web site is http://dna.smithplanet.com/.
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Z344Dunn / R1b U106 Z344 Dunn discussion group.
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Z80machines / Z80 'retro' machines
Retro computers using the Zilog Z80 or family of microprocessors
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ZAPAccountingFreeUsers / ZAP Accounting Software - Free Users
ZAP Accounting Software's Free User Group. A link to ZAP Part A is pinned at the top of this forum. Please remember, free users are only allowed to discuss the use of the free file, sample data and basic functionality. For those that spend their time trying to figure out how to set it up for personal use, you are not to share that info in this forum. We have a very affordable paid member lev...
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Zello Users
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Zip Captains only
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This group is a reflector for young amateur radio operators of New Zealand. ZL6YOTA is the club station call sign for the Youngsters in the NZART (New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters).
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A warm friendly welcome. This Group is a forum for New Zealand amateurs to freely, openly and transparently discuss any amateur radio related topics. Number One rule - no personal insults or threats. Number two rule -there are no other rules, unless you're a spammer in which case you will be treated with all the respect and courtesy you deserve. You remain solely responsible for the conte...
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ZScaleYardSale / ZScaleYardSale
This list is for Z Scale and Nn3 modelers to sell and buy Z scale and Nn3 items and models. DCC equipment is also allowed as long as it is usable for Z Scale or Nn3. There will be no links to eBay, other paid-ad sites or commercial web sites. Individuals and Dealers are welcome to list items for sale in their messages to this list. Swaps and trades are welcome as are sale items. Please feel free t...
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ZeroReasonsWhy / #ZeroReasonsWhy Campaign
Teen death by suicide nearly doubled in Johnson County, Kansas in the 
first six months of 2018. #ZeroReasonsWhy is a county wide teen suicide prevention campaign sparked by a Superintendent led Mental Health Convening to address the social and emotional well-being of students. #ZeroReasonsWhy is a story campaign and community mobilization effort to disrupt this preventable epidemic. #ZeroR...
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Zimo / Zimo
Group for all Zimo DCC owners/users to share information and help each other out. Courtesy and respect is required, but lively technical differences of opinions is fine!
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A site for the Zion Ministry Brotherhood to exchange news and general information without filling up our mailboxes!
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ZoCal Z scale modular model railroad group. Upcoming Events October 26, 27 & 28 Botanic Gardens (Lindley) January 25, 26 & 27 2019 GTS Ventura (Lindley) March 1, 2 & 3 20191 GTS Costa Mesa (Lindley) April 6 - April 14 2019 San Bernardino Train Days (Henri) May 2019 Fullerton Railroad Days (?) (Lindley) August 2019 GTS Pomona (Lindley)
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A group for people who are recipe addicts. I have been collecting recipes since 1960 when I took over the cooking for my family. These are unformatted. If you use MasterCook I have a group "ZoshasMasterCookFileCabinet" As time permits I will post files of various recipes to the group. If you have recipe collections you would like to post, please contact me. I have a private email (as...
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I haven't figured out how to close this group. If you were interested in this group check out .....send a blank email to ZoshasJustDessertRecipes+subscribe@groups.io This is an announcement list. Files are about 100 recipes each. Recipes are in plain text and also MasterCook format. For the convenience of those who don't have MasterCook the files are in text. I sometimes will...
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If you like MasterCook here is a spot to download recipes. I have been using MasterCook since version 4. I will be putting togother files to be downloaded. As a member you will get notifications when I post new files. These are in text files for the convenience of people who don't have MasterCook but want to access the recipes. In addition, I try to keep files to around 100 recipes fror t...
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Discussion group for homebrewing beer and related topics, including growing hops, brewing equipment, recipes, and more.
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test test test!
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z-scale / Z Scale
Welcome to Z_Scale, the English language forum for 1/220 model train enthusiasts from around the world. This list was founded and maintained 1999-2004 by international Z Scale Ambassador Jeffrey MacHan. Since 2004, the list has been owned by Z scale advocate Rob Kluz of Ztrack, Magazine. Z_Scale exists to nurture the development of a sense of community among Z scale modelers, to promote 1:220 m...
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