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t-o-l / Townies-on-line
A group for members and former members of Townswomen's Guilds to enable us to maintain friendship bonds and discuss matters of interest or concern.
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t-tools / t-tools
T-Tools is a Tech support forum/mailing list for Jehovah's Witnesses
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T-TRAK is a modular model railroad system with few rules and thus maximum flexibility. It is the only modular system with specifications for every scale. For more information refer to
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A mailing list dedicated to the discussion of T-Trak modular model railroading.
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T-TRAKinAustralia / T-TRAK in Australia - N & H0 Scales
For railway modellers in both N & H0 Scale who are active with or interested in using the T-TRAK modular table top systems. The focus is upon activities and issues related to T-TRAK in Australia. References to T-TRAK related activities and issues outside Australia are to be occasional and not frequent. The exception is discussion of the T-TRAK standards themselves. The T-TRAK in Australia web ...
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t-vog / TaxAide Volunteer Operations Group
T-VOG is a discussion group for people who occupy leadership positions in AARP Foundation's "Tax-Aide" program. Only people who serve in leadership roles (ERO, VRC, LC, TC, Instructor, CC, AC, TrC, DC, etc.), Tax-Aide National Office staff, and interested IRS personnel are allowed to join. The group exists to exchange ideas about best practices with respect to all aspects of the Tax-Ai...
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t0oys email archive in txt
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T100DMariahClub / T-100D Mariah Club
This group was set up to provide information about the T-100D Mariah ultralight designed by Eugene "Gene" L. Turner. In 1982 Turner Aircraft ventured into the ultralight aircraft arena with the Model T-100 Mariah. Mariah is a light weight airplane designed to meet the needs of pilots who want to fly, but had no FAA flight physical or who could not afford to fly certificated airplanes and t...
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All things to do with famous T1154 and R1155 sets.
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T150News / Troop 150 News
T150News is a group for newsletters, announcements, messages and other communication from and about Boy Scout Troop 150 in Deerfield, IL
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Boy Scout Troop 160 St. Peter Catholic School Covington, Louisiana
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T1D Marin's new informational platform!
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T1Dsupport / T1d Support
This group serves as a forum for families affected by Type 1 diabetes (T1D) with a "non-exclusive" focus on the Los Angeles area. Many of the members found the list through contacts made with other JDRF supporters. All opinions expressed are those of the list members and not of JDRF.
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Parents of Plano Troop 221
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T27Owners / Tartan 27' owners group
Hopefully a continulation of the Yahoo group T27Owners that I started back somewhere around 2003 or so. Happy sailing.
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This is a communication group for trainees and coaches in the CFA T2 China associate program
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T2Kswedengame / Twilight:2000 Sweden (roleplay in the aftermath of WWIII)
Twilight:2000 roleplaying in a world that never was. Post-apocalyptic Sweden, where our heroes have survived the last organized offensive of WWIII, "Operation Reset", and now struggle to avoid disaster and find meaning in a devastated countryside. Danger is everywhere. There are still organized Soviet forces looking to capture the heroes, or failing that, to eliminate them. And then th...
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Communication group for T3 Asia information and scheduling
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Test for T408 transfer
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Email group for Troop 65 Scoutmaster Conference Requests
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