J-Rob / The Jackie Robinson Memorial Baseball League
This is the IO group for members of the Jackie Robinson Memorial Baseball League. It's an APBA/BBW baseball league which began play with the 1947 season and is about to embark on the 1970 season as of the summer of 2018.
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QTC Earth-Moon-Earth Web SITEとJA-EME メーリングリストについて     http://eme.dokidoki.ne.jp/ はJA-EMEと日本のEMEの     ページです。     サイトのメインテナンスはお遊びでJA5FNXが行っています。     ML等の基本的ポリシーはJA9BOH/JA4BLC/JA...
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Thank you for your interest in this group for members of the Johnston Amateur Radio Society, Inc.. The objectives of this group shall be the promotion of interest in amateur radio, public service, the advancement of the radio and the maintenance of fraternalism and a high standard of conduct among radio amateurs, the promotion of allied activities, and the encouragement of family participation in ...
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International Journal
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JAXSewingSisters / JAX Sewing Sisters
Welcome! This is a group for sewing friends who are dedicated to promoting and sharing the joy of sewing. Sharing projects, ideas for projects, garment ideas, fitting hints, links to awesome sewing sites... all types of sewing! Take time to introduce yourself and tell what type of sewing/crafts you enjoy.
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JAcastellano / Jane Austen en castellano (JAcastellano)
Discutir la obra de Jane Austen, su vida, su época, sus influencias, las adaptaciones de sus obras, material de referencia y hasta autores que se les parecen. En general, todo lo que se relacione con Jane Austen. Este es el nuevo hogar de JAcastellano, la primera comunidad en lengua española dedicada a Jane Austen (fundada en 1999). Lectura en grupo de Sanditon Del 10 al 16 de diciembre - ...
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JCC / Members of the Jamberoo Croquet Club
This e-mail group facilitates internal communications within the Jamberoo Croquet Club inc. The main group; members@jcc.groups.io includes all members who have e-mail addresses and will be used to disseminate information from the Committee and the Club Newsletter 'Between the Hoops' The Committee sub group: committee@jcc.groups.io is used by the Committee to discuss issues related to ...
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private ListServ of the Parents, Teachers and Students Association of John Champe High School DISCLAIMER: This service is provided "as is" and is not sponsored by any governmental entity. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, with the use of this service. There is no expectation of continuity of service and the opinions expressed herein are those of their respective authors....
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Jackson County Missouri Amateur Radio Emergency Services
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JCOR Group
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organising meetings and outings
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JMRC / Jackson Model Rocket Club
Tripoli Prefecture 96, NAR Section 620, is a space-modeling club devoted to representing the diversity of interests in today’s hobby of model rocketry.
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JMT / John Muir Trail
Proposed successor to the Yahoo John Muir trail group. The group is inactive until there is a consensus to migrate the Yahoo group here and how to manage the group. I formed the group so we could hold onto the name JMT@groups.io.
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A group for guys curious or interested in contacting a JO Bud. Must be 18+
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JP / Joseph's People, Ltd
Joseph's People is a faith based community dedicated to helping members find meaningful employment.
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JPSudentorreTesting / JP Sudentorre Testing
This group is for evaluation of Grous.io site features and usability by Sudentorre members
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This group is dedicated to discussion, sharing materials, and exchanging helpful information about the amazing line of Japan Radio Company marine/commercial receivers, such as the NRD-93/92/91 and earlier sets, NRD-301A/302A, and ultra rare NRD-630.
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JS8VKZL is a casual group for the VK, ZL and other areas, whose members have an interest in the new FT8-derived JS8 digital HF mode. The purpose of this group is to support experimental work, help and support, making skeds, etc.
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Our group started from the JSN Women's Seminar. We are dedicated to growing through increasing our gratitude and connections to each other. Women are free to share stories, and experiences that have to do with creating connections, and developing gratitude. We will schedule meetings here, and share with each other.
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Friends of the Jane Stickle quilt, the Jane Stickle Quilt Retreat meets twice a year in Shipshewana, Indiana, at the Farmstead Inn.
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