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d-rats / D-RATS Software
Information and discussion about using D-RATS software with D-STAR radios, TNCs and networks. Check the Files section for the latest instruction manual and other useful information. Look in the database for available D-RATS repeaters (ratflectors).
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d-star / D-STAR
This group aims to provide information, support and documentation to people interested in implementing or learning about the D-STAR system. Constructive discussion is encouraged. This is primarily aimed at licensed radio amateurs, however, anyone who has an interest or wishes to contribute is warmly welcome to join. Please remember the spirit of amateur radio by helping everybody you might be ...
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he purpose of this group is to provide a meeting place for Arizona users of the D-Star technology. It is a place to ask questions, post answers, keep a list of D-Star repeaters, and to post files of interest to other D-Star users. No membership in any organization or group is required. The only requirement for membership is a valid Amateur Radio callsign. For that purpose, the group is a "Mode...
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D-STAR23cm / D-STAR 23cm (1.2 GHZ)
Group is dedicated to the use of D-STAR on the 23cm (1.2 GHz) band. Group covers D-STAR Digital Voice(DV) and High-Speed Data(DD) using the Icom ID-1 mobile, IC-9100 transceiver, IC-9700 transceiver, RP-1V & RP-2V Digital Voice Repeaters, RP-1D & RP-2D Data Access Points. Applications using 23cm High-Speed IP Data(DD) and the Digital Voice(DV) Low-speed Data capabilities are covered...
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The Developer Group of the Digital VTI Camera Project
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D-YA / D-YA (Dati Yerushalayim Anglo)
The purpose of this list is to publicize shiurim, divrei Torah, video presentations, rallies, lectures and women’s getaways in Yerushalayim and surrounding areas.
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D08 / DARC OV Tempelhof
DARC Ortsverband Tempelhof D08
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Sending study materials to students
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D19all / Tax-Aide OH3 D19 all counselors
AARP Tax-Aide OH3 D19 email group for all volunteers
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D20 / D20 District Information
This is where our GR's and Trusted Servants can find anything that they need that has been discussed
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Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft Modifications to the DA2A/B Design
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Support forum for the products of the Digital Radio Research Group (D2RG) D2RG is a not-for-profit association of people that just want to move Amateur forward by creating Cool products at affordable prices for All Amateurs
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D2SanJoseNLC / District 2 Neighborhood Leadership Group
Neighborhood Leadership Council for San Jose's Council District 2.
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Helpdesk and discussion forum for D3A hierarchical autonomous area agent.
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District Seven Advisory Council for Peninsula/Middle Peninsula Area Hams.
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Group for activities and notifications regarding Michigan's District 7 digital voice modes. DMR, D-Star, Fusion, and P25.
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This group is here to help each other. If someone needs something, or is sick and really needs help, we're here for each other. If you found toilet paper, chicken or whatever the rush of the day is, we now have a way to communicate.
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Executive committee for Democrats Abroad Thailand
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Da2a / DA-2A&B Builders Flyers
Homebuilt DA2A/B Aircraft Design by the Late Leeon Davis
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DaAgency / Da Agency
Group for cats
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