"ELS" - Electronic Lead Screw — is an alternative to full CNC for simple bench lathes — especially those lathes which do not have a "Quick Change Gear Box". For such lathes, it would be useful to have a cheap method of sychronizing spindle speed to lead screw speed. If this can be realized electronically, then all threading can be done without the necessity of changing manual g...
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E-shopMarketing / E-Shop Marketing
E-Shop Marketing A place to share information to improve your online business. A group of friends & business men and women with the desire to learn how to grow a wide following of potential buyers, discussing best practices as vintage sellers, and following fashion trends. Discuss terminology, knowledge and designers in an effort to provide customers with the best knowledge about specific...
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Effective Altruism
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EAC-VT / EAC-Virtual Threads
Welcome to EAC Virtual Threads - the Online Chapter of the Embroiderers' Association of Canada If you are an EAC-VT member and need information or help check the VTHome Wiki (be sure that you are logged in to Groups.io). The link to the wiki is in the blue menu on the left of every page. There's also an FAQ Quick Index in the Wiki for common questions. We always welcome visito...
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Join the group and be active! All WAVE members have now the opportunity to be active in the areas of their choice: · Psychosocial care, mental health and wellbeing · Sexual and reproductive health · Breastfeeding and pregnancy · HPV-related cancers · menopause and ageing · HIV testing and prevention, includi...
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This group is for announcements and discussion about classes offered at EAGLE Home School Co-op in Reno, Nevada.
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EB-Ton / EB-Ton Forum Deutschland
Das ist das offizielle Forum für EB-Tontechniker und EB-Kameraassistenten Bild und Ton. Es wurde gegründet um über die prekären Verhältnisse in der Fernsehbranche zu diskutieren. Sich über technische Fragen auszutauschen. Über Allgemeine Erfahrungen zu berichten und Berufsanfänger aufzuklären und zu informieren.
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This is the mailing list/group for English Country Dance at Davis, CA. We do English Country Dance at Renaissance Faires with the Merrie Pryanksters. We mostly use this group to coordinate practice and other activities. If you have any questions contact Sarah at sarahjoshmom@gmail.com
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ECIR / Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance
IF YOU ARE IN AN EMERGENCY: SCROLL DOWN TO THE JOIN THIS GROUP BUTTON. YOU WILL BE EMAILED INSTRUCTIONS UPON JOINING. ECIR BACKGROUND. Started in 1999, the ECIR Group is the largest field-trial database for PPID and IR in the world and provides the latest research, diagnosis and treatment information, and dietary recommendations for horses with these conditions. Even universities do not and canno...
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ECLAMCouncil / ECLAM Council business
A test group, which can be used for Council communications without so much emailing. Also has an archive. This is a private list.
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A networking group for those preparing for the next ECLAM examinations.
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Mission Statement: The Emerald Coast Pagan CommUnity is based in Panama City, Florida. We are an active CommUnity of individuals, affiliated groups, businesses, and organizations of many paths and followings that have come together for the purpose of helping all Emerald Coast Pagans to connect online and offline, for networking, meeting like-minded individuals, with educational opportunities and ...
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ECRIP / East Coast Research and Investigation of the Paranormal
East Coast Research and Investigation of the Paranormal group site for all things.
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EDC team turkey
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The El Dorado County Amateur Radio Club Reflector
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Discussion group for the EDN CDEL (community-designed electronic load) project, an open-source design for power supply & battery testing, and anywhere a constant-current or -power or -resistance load is needed. Note: First posts are always moderated. Original article at: https://www.edn.com/electronics-blogs/benchtalk/4460270/Help-me-build-an-electronic-load---bench-supply
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EFCRealms / The Earth Final Conflict realms: A Fanfic/RPG group
This is a group dedicated to fan fiction and/or role-playing in the television show universe of Earth Final Conflict.
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EFLAPS / Eco Friendly Little AirPlane Society
This group serves as the communication device for the Eco-Friendly Little AirPlane Society, a group of aeromodellers in Kitsap County Washington who are devoted to radio controlled silent flight, sailplanes and e-power. E-FLAPS is an AMA Chartered organization and AMA membership is required to join.
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My "keeper" stuff.
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Emerson Home Radio Lab - Experiments and Knowledge transfer for all things RADIO
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