VA_AREDN_Network is a place for those involved or interested in AREDN Mesh Networks in the Commonwealth. The group is met to share How to's, How NOT To's, those looking for support in setting up a Mesh network. Sharing of Events involving AREDN Mesh lessons learned always welcome.
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VARA Digital HF & VHF Modem for Amateur and Commercial use HF HIGH SPEED DATA INTEGRATION. Fully integrated with the established RMS Express E-Mail handling system Gate-way & Client requirements. Is fully supported and compliant with all Versions of BPQ. This Group is owned and moderated by Jerry, N9LYA Please state your valid amateur radio call sign in the comments section when joining th...
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VARC-Contests / Verulam Amateur Radio Contest Group
Welcome to Verulam Amateur Radio Clubs contest group. Here we can keep up to speed on events and planning of contests that we are involved in as a club. See also To contact the Contest Manager e-mail:
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VisAbility Assistive Technology community. Share knowledge, ideas and new products. VAT offers a supportive and patient environment for members to further their knowledge and learn from one another. This community is intended for Australian VisAbility communities.
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This is a collection of Vietnamese Alliance Youth mailing lists. This main group is for low volume broadcast (announcement) from the VAY Director's Office at the VN District of the C&MA. All subgroups are used for local broadcast.
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General Discussion Group of the Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club.
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This is for the planning and organizing of VBARC club activities.
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Von Braun Astronomical Society SIG (Special Interest Group)
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VBCA / VBCA Members and Friends
An email discussion group for members -- past and present -- of the Virginia Border Collie Association
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VCARS-events / Event-related coordination site for the Ventura County Amateur Radio Society (VCARS)
This is a replacement of the Yahoo Group called "VCARS_events". The Yahoo Group's contents were sampled/copied on 1/10/2019. Any "new" content added (or changed) in the Yahoo Group after that point WILL NOT automatically be transferred to this group. PLEASE NOTE: sub-groups are/will-be created here for specific events. For example, each annual Field Day will have its ow...
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VCARS-members / Place-holder for group under transition
Group site for the Ventura County Amateur Radio Society (VCARS).
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VCH / Residents of the Virginia City Highlands
The Virginia City Highlands is a rural subdivision about 5 miles north of Virginia City, Nevada USA. This list is a way for residents to keep up on news of the community. The list is fully moderated. Generally, the only requirements for posts are that they must be on-topic, and they must be civil. This group was originally started on September 28, 2000 on Yahoo! Groups. It was moved here on F...
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VE0JSmm / VE0JS/mm technical support group
Ham radio support group to collect and share info on technical problems during Jeanne's round-the-world sailing journey. Preference is given to hams with /mm and radio and other technical & nautical expertise. Jeanne has given her permission to create this group. The aim is to provide available information like problem description and problem status to more people with expertise so that ev...
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From November 1 2019 to November 11 2019 Hart House, at the University of Toronto, will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Join us in planning the Special Event station VE100HH... then come November 1, 2019, join us on the air... as hams (amateur radio operators) remember, make contact, and reminisce... about their life and times at the Hart House amateur radio station. Sadly, the station is now def...
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Ce groupe a pour but de soutenir les efforts de création d'une chaine de longue distance de nodes APRS qui traverse le Québec. Le premier objectif est de tenir annuellement un évènement d'une journée qui rassemble plusieurs participants qui se rendent à des sommets du Québec pour passer (répéter) un paquet APRS d'un sommet à l'autre afin de transmettre la trame sur une...
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This is an Ontario-wide discussion group for the Amateur Radio Summits on the Air (SOTA) program. The intent of this list is for discussion of topics of interest related to the VE3 SOTA Association that may not be of particular interest to a wider audience (ie. NA Sota). For sale listing are acceptable so long as the items for sale are relevant to operating Summits on the Air and are not of a com...
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Vietnam Era USS Saint Paul (CA-73) Junior Officers
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VHF UHF Tube Amplifier Builder This group is for anyone interested in exchanging information about building amateur radio tube amplifiers for the VHF and UHF bands. As well as the Russian tubes (valves) including the GS-31, GS-35, GI-7b and GU-74, members of this group build amplifiers with US tubes including the 2C39/7289, 4CX250B, 4CX350, 3CX800, 3cx1000 and 3CX1500/8877. The exchange o...
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Support for the VI community using devices in the Amazon Echo universe
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A place to save guided meditations for the VIA Agency's meditation group.
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