Parent Listserv for the CAP program at Montgomery Blair High School
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For fans of Formula 1
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Relais d'Asplo F1ZTO 12700 Causse-et-Diège En cous de construction 73's F4HWB
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F242owners / F/C 24 Owners Group
This group is dedicated to the F24 MK II One Design trimaran. We will discuss the One Design rules and any other topics of interest for the design. We also let other small Farrier designed tris (Trailer Tri), F24 MK I, ...) and wannabes participate.
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F25C-Owners / Farrier F-25C Owners
This group is dedicated to fhe Ian Farrier designed F-25C. It is a place for owners, and would be owners to share information about the unique Colorado Composites built, MPG Marine marketed carbon fiber folding trimaran known as the F-25C. Only 48 of the amazing boats were built. F-82A, F-82R and F-85SC owners and welcome as well.
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F3DenverNC / F3 Denver NC
How to get on this email list? Go to https://groups.io/g/F3DenverNC Normal Schedule: Monday 05:30AM-06:15 ELHS Tuesday 05:30AM-06:15 SVU Wednesday 05:30AM-06:15 ELHS Thursday 05:30AM-06:15 SVU Friday 05:30AM-06:15 ELHS(KB's) + SVU (2nd...
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In a pandemic, one of the things we need to do is avoid contact in certain settings. This group is a place for those who facilitate online (or need to) can learn, share and make offers to the world as the Covid19 virus plays out. We welcome (online) facilitators, organizers, technology stewards (people who can straddle between communities and technologies and help people make and implement tech ch...
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f5b-uk / UK F5B Discussion
Mailing list for F5B UK
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Liste de discussion du Radio Club de Normandie
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F6KBF / Radio Club F6KBF
Hamradio club F6KBF in Maisons Laffitte France Chat is mainly, Club activities, electronic activities, hamradio
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f6kql / Liste de diffusion du club radioamateur F6KQL
Liste de diffusion des adhérents du club radioamateur de la Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Chenôve (7 Rue de Longvic, 21300 CHENÔVE). Indicatif d'émission : F6KQL.
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Liste de discussion de l'Union Française des Telegraphistes. Promoting the use of Morse code on amateur radio bands
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fa-va5-users / FA-VA5 Antenna Analyzer User Group
This group is for users of the FA-VA5 Vector Antenna Analyzer. If you own a FA-VA5 or if you are thinking of getting one, please feel free to register to this group. Michael, DG5MK - creator of this fine instrument - has given permission to run this Group. My name is Dieter, VK3FFB. I am a very experienced RF design engineer and active ham-radio operator. More about me at qrz.com. For fast proce...
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MEPBM g401 site
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FAACEvents / Ford Astronomy Club Public Events
This is the subscription list for notifications of Ford Amateur Astronomy Club public events. Feel free to subscribe to this group if you wish to receive notifications on all Ford Amateur Astronomy Club Events
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Formerly Rootsweb. For the purpose of genealogy discussions pertaining to the Faber surname.
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fablabfortsmith / FabLab Fort Smith
This is the official community mailing list for FabLab of Fort Smith and will be used to send out notifications and announcements to anyone that has expressed interest in receiving them. Facebook: FabLab Fort Smith
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Private group - Members of the Fabric Fondlers Bee, under the umbrella of the Riverwalk Quilt Guild in Naperville, Illinois. Membership by invitation only.
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This is a group for people who love to make fabric postcards and exchange them with other quilters around the world. Since the postcards measure only 4” by 6” you are able to try out a new technique on a smaller scale before embarking on a larger project. Once your postcard is made, it is mailed off to a swap partner chosen for you. This group is a new group formed from some of the original ...
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For those who have a love or hate relationship with fabric and textiles in general (quilts, linens, lace). Collector, stasher, hoarder, you're welcome here. We discuss fabulous finds, storage issues/solutions, and even actual sewing as well as general topics concerning our personal lives - school, kids, parents, etc. Also on topic, sewing related paraphernalia such as notions, buttons, patt...
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