QCSMS / Quad-Cities Scale Modeler Society
Quad-Cities Scale Modeler Society
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Old Dominion Chapter 202 of the Quarter Century Wireless Association Promoting Amateur Radio.
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QCWA121 / QCWA Highlands County Chapter 121
This is the on line site for the QCWA Highlands County Chapter 121. We meet on the 3rd Wednesday monthly at 12 noon at the Caddy Shack restaurant, 3122 Golfview Rd. in Sebring. All are welcome to join us. For more info about QCWA and our chapter, contact Chapter Secretary, Jeff, WA4AW at wa4awfl@gmail.com
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QCWA49 / Quarter Century Wireless Association - Chapter 49
The Quarter Century Wireless Association was founded in 1947 to provide an organization for the pioneers of the hobby to gather. QCWA Promotes friendship and cooperation among Amateur Radio operators who were licensed at least a quarter century ago, and are licensed today. More than 30,000 membership numbers have been assigned over the years by QCWA National Headquarters. Although the majority of...
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QRO / High Power Amateur Radio - because life is to short for QRP
High power, amplified amateur radio
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A discussion group for users and builders of high power amateur radio amplifiers.
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QRP-BR / QRP-BR - LISTA DE DISCUSSÃO SOBRE QRP, CW e montagens caseiras.
Bem-vindo à lista QRP-BR. A lista QRP-BR é destinada exclusivamente à assuntos sobre, QRP, CW, construção de equipamentos e novas técnicas de radiocomunicação. SOLICITAÇÕES SEM INDICATIVO E/OU NOME E CIDADE NÃO SERÃO ACEITAS. Decline seus motivos e se apresente sucintamente no momento da inscrição na lista QRP-BR. 73 Kleibe PP2KR
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Dedicated to ham radio OPs using 5 watts or less. Talks on antennas,battery power,suggestions,brag post,QRP rigs,MAG-LOOPS,RADIO GEAR,Field OP's Please no bashing of any radio
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For discussion of low-power (QRP) operation.
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Grupo formado por montadores do kit do radio QRP Trans-lite III. Como falta um pouco de suporte e poucas pessoas tem conhecimento sobre este QRP Aqui neste Grupo podemos trocar informações ,idéias,dicas,experiencias e até o principal conhecimentos. Não necessariamente sobre o QRP Trans-Lite III mas sobre outros rádios QRP ,antenas ,e Kits ou instrumentos para o nosso Hobby que é o radioama...
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QRPLabs / QRP Labs
This group is for QRP Labs products owners and constructors. The QRP Labs shop is at http://shop.qrp-labs.com
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QRPops / QRPops
The is a group of SF Bay Area QRP Hams that get together for lunch and ops, usually we can be found on Fridays at the Bay Cafe (PA Golf course) for lunch at 11:30 and afternoon at Baylands Park at the end of Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto. Get togethers are announced via the group's email postings.
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QSI-Solutions / QSI Solutions
Hi, this a forum I started so we have a QSI Solutions forum that is controlled by the QSI solutions people. I'm working with Josh to manage the last of the stock of decoders, and am looking into what it would take to make more of the G scale Titan. I'm also working to make sure the web site for download sound files and the configuration software keeps going. To make this clear, I'm not...
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Anything to do with the website QSOMAP.ORG
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QnetGateway is a D-Star IRCDDB Gateway that is fully compatible with MMDVMHost and all of the modems MMDVMHost supports. In addition, QnetGateway directly supports the DVAP Dongle and the DVRPTR_V1.
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QuadCitiesScan / Quad-Cities Scan
Radio Monitoring of the Eastern Iowa and Northwestern Illinois
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QuadNet, D-Star Routing, done open-style! No registration required. Just point your IRCDDB gateway to rr.openquad.net and use your licensed Callsign to login. The QuadNet Website has extremely useful information about QuadNet and how to use it. This include a FAQ and a "What's New" page, as well as dynamic pages that show what user are doing on the QuadNet Network.
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QuadVideotapeGroup / Quad Videotape Group.com New Discussion Platform
Quad Videotape Group's QuadList has moved here
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Quality-PSP-tubes-and-tags / Quality PSP Tubes and Tags
Welcome to Quality PSP Tubes and Tags! We pride ourselves on being a family friendly group. We share ONLY G-rated tubes and out tags are made with those tubes.. No adult content (not even SAC), no goth, dark, evil or scary tubes. If you question it...don't send it. We like to keep it simple...our general rules are as follows... 1. Share ONLY Tubes. 2. Tubes must be G-rated. 3. Include previews...
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Annual dollhouse miniature swap group of 12 members. Each one has a month to send out their swaps to the other members.
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