QCSMS / Quad-Cities Scale Modeler Society
Quad-Cities Scale Modeler Society
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Old Dominion Chapter 202 of the Quarter Century Wireless Association Promoting Amateur Radio.
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QCWA49 / Quarter Century Wireless Association - Chapter 49
The Quarter Century Wireless Association was founded in 1947 to provide an organization for the pioneers of the hobby to gather. QCWA Promotes friendship and cooperation among Amateur Radio operators who were licensed at least a quarter century ago, and are licensed today. More than 30,000 membership numbers have been assigned over the years by QCWA National Headquarters. Although the majority of...
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QRO / High Power Amateur Radio - because life is to short for QRP
High power, amplified amateur radio
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QRP-BR / QRP-BR - LISTA DE DISCUSSÃO SOBRE QRP, CW e montagens caseiras.
Bem-vindo à lista QRP-BR. A lista QRP-BR é destinada exclusivamente à assuntos sobre, QRP, CW, construção de equipamentos e novas técnicas de radiocomunicação. SOLICITAÇÕES SEM INDICATIVO E/OU NOME E CIDADE NÃO SERÃO ACEITAS. Decline seus motivos e se apresente sucintamente no momento da inscrição na lista QRP-BR. Atualmente, a lista conta com seus FUNDADORES: Kleibe - PP2KR, Renato...
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QRPLabs / QRP Labs
This group is for QRP Labs products owners and constructors. The QRP Labs shop is at http://shop.qrp-labs.com
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QRPops / QRPops
The is a group of SF Bay Area QRP Hams that get together for lunch and ops, usually we can be found on Fridays at the Bay Cafe (PA Golf course) for lunch at 11:30 and afternoon at Baylands Park at the end of Embarcadero Road, Palo Alto. Get togethers are announced via the group's email postings.
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QuadCitiesScan / Quad-Cities Scan
Radio Monitoring of the Eastern Iowa and Northwestern Illinois
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QuadVideotapeGroup / Quad Videotape Group.com Test discussion platform
Quad Videotape Group.com is testing this platform
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Quality-PSP-tubes-and-tags / Quality PSP Tubes and Tags
Welcome to Quality PSP Tubes and Tags! We pride ourselves on being a family friendly group. We share ONLY G-rated tubes and out tags are made with those tubes.. No adult content (not even SAC), no goth, dark, evil or scary tubes. If you question it...don't send it. We like to keep it simple...out general rules are as follows... 1. Share ONLY Tubes. 2. Tubes must be G-rated. 3. Include previews...
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QuarterInchScaleSwaps / Quarter-inch Scale Miniature Swaps
A place for the quarter-inch scale miniaturist to swap items they make and share pictures of their 1/48 scale creations.
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Annual dollhouse miniature swap group of 12 members. Each one has a month to send out their swaps to the other members.
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QuincySocietyModelEngineers / Quincy Society Model Engineers
This club is established for persons interested in promoting, preserving and furthering the Railroad Heritage through model railroading. The intent of this club is to provide fun and enjoyment for its members while offering an educational experience for the community by creating in miniature, an example of the industry which helped the growth of America.
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This group is for those constructing the QCX QRP radio, described here: http://qrp-labs.com/qcx.html It is for mods, discussions, and other topics related to this kit. it is ONLY for this one kit.
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QRP Field Ops group
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qrpdesign / Qrp Design
Qrp design radyo amatörü teknik yönlerine ayrılmıştır. Aşağıdakileri içermesi gerekenler: • alıcılar • vericiler • alıcılar • antenler • çalışma kitleri • homebrew yapı teknikleri ve projeleri • parça kaynakları, tedarikçiler, kitler ve kit imalatçıları incelenmesi.
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qrpdx / QRPDX: portland area builders group
QRPDX is the mailing list of the Portland area builders group. We get together to build electronics gear related to amateur radio, share what we have on our home benches, and learn about building from one another. There are no dues, certificates or officers, though there are a couple of folks in charge of the email list and such. If you have the desire to melt solder and attend a build session, y...
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qrssknights / The QRSS Knights
A replacement for the old QRSS Knights list, now defunct as of March 2017. We wish to pay tribute to Luc ON6UL and Johan ON5EX who started the first original group. The prime aim of this group is to discuss human readable grabber modes, such as QRSS, DFCW,SLOW HELL and other similar modes. Announcements or advertising of equipment is allowed so long as it is infrequent, and that the equipment is i...
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Administration group for a093F0000009peLQAQ
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qt's blog email list.
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