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H-O-W / H.O.W Al-Anon Family Group
This is an Al-Anon Family Group. Al-Anon is a support group for friends and family of alcoholics. When requesting membership, please confirm that you have been affected by another's drinking. H.O.W. stands for Honest, Open, and Willing. Al-Anon’s Suggested Preamble: The Al-Anon Family Groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience, strength, and hop...
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h0fine-hannover / H0fine in der Region Hannover
Informationen für Anhänger der Baugröße H0fine in der Region Hannover
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Hua Hin Hash House Harriers (H2H3) We are a group that Hash (run/walk/crawl) every second Saturday in the Hua Hin area country side.
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h2Oisland / Water Island Group
This is a private group for the Water Island, Fire Island community. The purpose of this group is to provide a place for information for the Water Island Community. Ferry Specials, Events and other Community Information can be posted here. Only residents, renters, property owners and businesses with a direct relationship with Water Island may join. To see the Water Island Association public d...
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H390-CMS67 / Cambridge Monitor System (CMS) from CP-67
IBM CP-67 Cambridge Monitor System (CMS) that ran on the IBM System/360 model 67, either on a bare S/360 machine or under the Control Program (CP) component of CP-67, the original IBM "virtual machine" operating system that ran only on the IBM 360 model 67. CMS67 can also run under VM/370 Rel. 6 CP, on Hercules-390, or on the SIMH IBM360 simulator in 370 mode. NOTE: because this mailing li...
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DOS/VS and DOS/VSE under Hercules
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A group for those interested in interfacing real legacy hardware to the Hercules IBM Mainframe Emulator. This can include any device that could have been connected to a real mainframe by whatever means. So IBM and compatible terminals, terminal controllers, tape drives, printers and plotters.
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For users of the MTS operating system on Hercules,
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Discussion group dedicated to running Music/SP under the Hercules mainframe emulator.
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This group is dedicated to MVS users.
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H390-OSVS / OS/VS -- OS/VS1 and OS/VS2 Rel. 1 (SVS)
This group is for users of IBM's OS/VS - VS1 and VS2 Rel. 1 (SVS) operating systems running on the Hercules-390 emulator or using the SIMH IBM360 simulator that also emulates 24-bit mode 370 models. See the Wiki for more information.
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H390-SVS / OS/VS2 Rel. 1.7 (SVS) IBM S/370 System Control Program (SCP)
Discussions pertaining to IBM OS/VS2 Rel. 1.7 (SVS) System/370 operating system (SCP) from mid-1970s running under Hercules-390 or SIMH IBM360 (in 370 mode). Because no longer provides a "Files" or "Wiki" for basic groups, we have elected to merge this group in with the H390-OSVS group. Please sign-up for that list instead.
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h390-vm / Hercules-390 & VM/370
For users of the VM/370 software on Hercules. See for the latest version. If you have files you want to share please upload them to the groups "Files" section as attachments are blocked.
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HA-Class-Of-1990 / HA Class of '90 Alumni Page
Communication group for Alumni of HA who were in the graduation year 1990. Those who graduated HA, those who may have transferred to other schools, friends of the class, teachers, church members are all welcome to join. Closed group. Membership is approved via email. Managed by Dwayne.
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ha-hg / Hungarian radio operators
All kinds of technical and operational consultations for Hungarian radio operators.
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It's not your ordinary singles group! We are a spiritual and social, no strings attached, periodic get together for the single, widowed, and divorced parishoners (and friends) ages 21-60 of the Holy Angels Catholic church in Aurora, IL and other surrounding parishes. We look forward to seeing you!
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ha-yellow / Home Assistant Yellow
By invitation only
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HAM Radio topic HA3KNA Radio Club
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Newsgroup for exchange of facts and pictures concerning the streetcar-. bus- and railroadsystems in and around The Hague, Holland, in the period 1900 - 1980. Nieuwsgroep voor uitwisseling van feiten en afbeeldingen met betrekking tot o.a. tram, bus en spoorwegen in en rond Den Haag in de periode 1900 - 1980.
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this is our group
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