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halffastvelo / Half-Fast Velo
Half-Fast Velo group messageboard
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HallCountySAR / Hall County EMA SAR Team
This group is a private email group for the Hall County Georgia EMA SAR Team.  Team members are automatically added to the group.  Non-member subscriptions  must be approved by the team leadership.
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ham-sauna / Ham-sauna - Sekalaista tarinointia hamien kesken
Ham-sauna - Sekalaista tarinointia hamien kesken. Ham-Sauna -listan ylläpidosta vastaa Erik OH2LAK ja Tuomas OH3ERV
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HamApps Support
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This Group helps organize and run the annual HAMEX activities.
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Hamradio Frequently Asked Questions
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Ham radio networking Locally
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HamptonRoadsCafe / Hampton Roads Cafe
This is a test IO group to see how well it can support a Café and a Freecycle.  It's an area to chat or discuss Freecycle type groups in general.
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General talk about ham radio
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HAM amateur radio on the cheap!
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HAM Radio Operators
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Thailand Radio Homebrew project. Any project can do homebrew and would like to share to our we are welcome
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HandMade-Greeting-Cards / Handmade Greeting Cards
Welcome to Handmade Greeting Cards.  Whether you are a creator, a consumer or just want to start learning, please join us.  We will not and do not require exchanges in this group and that makes us very different from the other greeting card groups.  Lurkers are always welcome, but please remember, the more you share, the more we each learn and that includes asking questions.
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Focus of this group is all about building, remodeling, using and living on boats. Inspiration for the group is a book called "Handmade Houseboats". The author lives full-time on his boat in New Zealand. ALL houseboaters are welcome to share information about and inspiration for this unique, healthy and relaxing lifestyle. Although you're welcome to respond to individual Email addys, we...
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HandmadeSellNTrade / Handmade Sell and Trade
Are you a crafter with handmade wares to advertise? Then this is the place for you! Come buy, sell, or trade anything handmade or list your online shops.
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HanoverNHFriends / [HanoverNHFriends]
An e-mail list for Hanover NH Friends Monthly Meeting members and attenders.
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A friendly, welcoming group of spinners and knitters, in upper Westchester County, NY.  We welcome newcomers and enjoy sharing our passion. We especially welcome spinners … if you aren’t one yet, we’ll see if we can make you as excited about spinning as we are. Then you can make exactly the kind of yarn you want for a special project. Join us on the and 1st Sunday and 3rd Saturday...
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This is where we can post any HOLIDAY recipes - desserts, main dishes, sides, breads, drinks etc. They don't have to be tried-n-true, just something that sounds like it might be interesting to share, make and taste! They can even be holidays from another country! There is no posting requirement in this group but I do ask for the group members to not just lurk but to participate in the group wh...
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Harbortronics / Harbortronics
Discussion of Harbortronics products.
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