I-hate-Christmas / I-hate-christmas
My name is Kaden I have dissociative identity disorder,me and my system are triggered by Christmas, hate the word christmas and anything associated with it, so we demand that the government do this... Change the name of the day to greys day or abolish the whole holiday completely? We don't accept any Christmas believers here, only greys day celebrators, Christmas believers will be banned insta...
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I-hate-celebrating-other-peoples-birthdays / I-hate-celebrating-other-peoples-birthdays
A group for birthday uncelebrators
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IAAN-Hypnosis-SIG / IAAN Hypnosis SIG
A special interest group of the International Association of Applied Neuroscience (https://www.iaan.com.au/) bringing together therapists, academics and researchers. The group provides a platform for the exchange of views and opinions as well as the presentation of research findings and empirical observation, all underpinned by neuroscience. This Hypnosis Special Interest Group was formed followi...
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IACT / Indo-American Conservatives of Texas (IACT)
Indo-American Conservatives of Texas (IACT) is a Houston based conservative philosophy awareness group for Americans of Indian origin in US. Our goal is to promote conservative values by logical dialogs and information sharing.
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Online discussion place for selected IAF veterans. This is a private group. Admission is by invitation only.
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Email group for IASA Board of Directors including ad hoc members
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Meeting place for amateur radio in Iowa
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IATSE873 / IATSE873-Electric
Discussion and knowledge sharing platform for Local IATSE 873 Electric Department.
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The target audience for this group is current and past IBM employees and contractors.
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IBM-Pension / IBM Pension
This group is currently under construction. Topics: IBM Pension, employee issues, retirement, accounting practices, shareholder issues, health care and medical coverage, layoffs, legislative actions relating to IBM and/or retirement, and other topics related to IBM issues. Posts will be deleted if: 1) They advocate illegal activities, violence, vandalism, or sabotage. 2) They are spam. 3) They den...
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A forum for public discussion* between IBMers, retirees, and other interested individuals. The events, characters, and firms depicted in this group are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or firms is purely coincidental. For entertainment purposes only. * - RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: Unmoderated except for racist speech, ethnic slurs, spam, and those obvious...
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IBX / IBX = IntelliBox eXchange
IntelliBox eXpertise circuit IntelliBox information eXchange IntelliBox crossing (IntelliBoXing) Exchange of information between users, programmers and developers of the Uhlenbrock/Modeltreno IntelliBox. Questions and discussions about related subjects and components like IB-Control, IB-Switch, Fleischmann TwinCenter, IRIS, FRED, and interconnection of other manufacturers' components like M...
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IBYCeteach / IBYCeteach
IBYCeteach est une liste qui réunit les professeurs d'anglais utilisant la méthode I bet you can des Editions Magnard. Le principe est basé sur l'échange d'idées, de conseils et de ressources pédagogiques concernant uniquement les manuels I bet you can de la 6e à la 3e. Pour s'inscrire, une preuve d'achat de la méthode est demandée.
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Program for the Icom 2100H Radios
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IC-735 / Icom IC-735 Amateur Radio Transceiver
ICOM IC-735 User Group
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IC-7610opendiscussion / IC-7610 Open Discussion
A forum dedicated to discussion of and about the ICOM IC-7610 with minimal moderation by the Group Owner inviting open, frank, unexpurgated, and uncensored discussion among owners and others for mutual information and assistance. Members of this Group WILL NOT be closely moderated, and on-topic messages will not be blocked or deleted, as they MAY BE ON OTHER LISTS, provided they are reasonably ...
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This group is for owners/operators of the Icom 900 and 901A/E VHF/UHF multiband radios.
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IC-9700Users / Icom IC-9700 Users
For Radio Amateurs to discuss the Icom IC-9700 transceiver
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This is an interest group for owners of the new Icom IC-R30 handheld receiver, and for those wishing to learn about the product or contribute information about it. **Please note** All individuals involved with, or interested in radio communications are welcome as members. Spam, racism, name-calling, vulgarity, religious or political propaganda, personal insults and/or verbal abuse will not be tole...
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