International Society for the Enhancement of Eyesight

 The International Society for the Enhancement of Eyesight, (founded 16 Jan 1995) is a web site and a mailing list dedicated to promoting better natural eyesight for everyone! Simple, safe, and easy techniques have been known for at least a century that you can employ to prevent, lessen, and possibly completely eliminate blurry vision. These techniques of the "Art of Seeing" have been simply ignored by mainstream optometry and ophthalmology. It's time to change all that! You have nothing to lose but your glasses!

Also, as of January 1, 2022, up for discussion is Informed Consent: the right of the individual to reject any medical treatment, and be informed of the risks as well as the benefits, and not be forced to take the government-approved proclamations on safety and effectiveness as the last word. To that end, I-SEE may be understood as its homonym I. C. standing for “Informed Consent” or taken to stand for Independence in Safety and Effectiveness Evaluation. 

Posting Guidelines:

  1. Keep your posts related to vision improvement or Informed Consent. You are encouraged to discuss all aspects of vision, but especially about what you can do to improve your naked eye vision in any way, with or without the help of an eyecare professional, with or without the use of lenses.
  2. Do not directly question the motivation, intelligence or sanity of another poster. Note that it's fine to illustrate how someone else's claim may be false. Do not, however, start by assuming that a claim is false and then proceed from there to accuse someone of being therefore uneducated, just out to make a buck, willfully ignorant, deluded, etc. Just because you think something is true doesn't mean that it is.
  3. Don't drag private correspondence into this forum. If a person replies to you privately, do not post a response publicly.
  4. Don't psychoanalyze someone without their consent.
  5. Only include the relevant parts of a post that you are responding to.
  6. It's OK to believe whatever you want about vision improvement.
  7. It's not OK to accuse someone of lying because they espouse a belief you think is "clearly" false.
  8. No one is obligated to "prove" anything -- we are here to share our thoughts and experiences.
  9. As the topic of discussion changes, be mindful of the subject header. Change it if appropriate.

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