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UDXF / Utility DXers Forum
The Utility DXers Forum - UDXF is centered around the exchange of news and information relating to "utility" radio stations and signals, below 30 MHz. What kind of stations are covered? Actually everything in the range of 0-30 MHz with the exception of Broacasting Stations, Pirate Stations, and Amateur Radio (with the exception of utility related activities). Important: You ar...
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uglyfoxfriends / Friends of the Ugly Fox
It's a place, and a state of mind. The epicenter can be found in Massachusetts, but it extends far beyond there. It's timeless, if you understand that time is irreverent, uh, irrelevant. It passes, but this will help it stand still. If this concept strikes a chord, even if it seems to be flat, enter at your own risk, or clue, or the game of your choosing.
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uglytrolls / Ugly Trolls
Dungeons and Dragons Singapore Campaign
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Are you interested in trading Artists Trading Cards in the UK?If so and you LIVE in the UK, why not join UKATC. The only commitment is to a monthly exchange of three ATCs with an allocated member each month.  Please do NOT apply to join this group unless you are able to comply with this one rule.  Other interesting paper/card related swaps will also be occasionally available.  PLEASE NOTE ...
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This group is for those people participating in the UK black & white print exchange to discuss the prints and share information. Ads to participate in the exchange are posted in the following groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DigitalBlackandWhiteThePrint http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuadtoneRIP/
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Discussion and Debate relating to British Politics Supporters of the following parties are welcome. In alphabetical order:  Conservative Greens  Labour Lib Dem Plaid Cymru SNP Ukip When members are asked questions relating to their posts it is expected that they will answer. Cross posting is not permitted without permission of the author.
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ukletsSW / UK LETS South West Forum
Discussion Forum for members of LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme) groups in the South West of the UK.
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UKMilitaryRadios / UK Military Radios
For exchanging information about UK military radios, especially Clansman and Larkspur
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This group is dedicated to amateur experimentation and communication using nanowaves, e.g. visible light, infra-red and ultra-violet radiation.
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uksmg / UKSMG Discussion Group
This discussion group is available to all Six Metre enthusiasts. When applying to join this reflector please give your Name and Callsign. If you are a member of the UKSMG, then if known please add your membership number. This Reflector is intended for the exchange of information on 50 MHz operation including DX-related topics, QSL information, propagation, technical discussions & other...
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amateur radio system fusion digital radio
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Union Pacific
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unipeseginfo20162 / Unipê - Pós-Graduação em Segurança da Informação - Turma 2016.2
Grupo de email da turma de pós-graduação em Segurança da Informação 2016.2.
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Unipolar-depressive-disorder-support-zone / Unipolar-depressive-disorder-support-zone
Welcome to UDDSG, which stands for unipolar-depressive-disorder-support-group, a place for those with unipolar depressive disorder, depression without mania, or one-sided depression, formally known as MDD, or major depressive disorder, can come along and seek support, regardless of their disability, religious affiliation, racial group, ethnic background, size, weight, physical appearance, family c...
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The Unite For PrEP Coalition
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Unloved-alters-support-room / Unloved-alters-support-room
Welcome, my name is Kaden your list administrator. This group is for those like me who live with DID, and have alters inside their systems who feel that they are abandoned, unsafe, unaware of surroundings, unaccepted, unwanted, unsupported, or unloved. And feel that they need to reach out and gain the trust of others that they cannot do elsewhere, please remember your trigger warnings when posting...
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Herschelians, schiefspieglers, Yolos and other unobstructed telescopes are discussed here.
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UnsereStadt / Unsere Stadt
Eine Gruppe für die Seiten im Kreis Heinsberg
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updates / Groups.io Updates
Official announcement group for updates to the Groups.io service.
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