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A-100 / A-100 & FSOA Passers
This is the successor group and new home to the popular “A-100 2002 and Later” Yahoo group. This group is for people who have passed the U.S. Foreign Service Officer Test and Oral Assessment or the Consular Fellow Orals Assessment. By connecting to this group, we hope to answer questions concerning the process of getting into the A-100 class and, then once in the A-100 class, we hope to he...
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A-28-matematica-scienze / A-28 Matematica e Scienze per la Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado
Gruppo di discussione per Docenti di Matematica e Scienze della Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado. È la prosecuzione dell'ex-gruppo yahoo [A059] (vecchio codice per Matematica e Scienze). Questo Gruppo di Discussione è un luogo virtuale dedicato a TUTTI i Docenti di Matematica e Scienze per le Scuole Medie [A-28], in cui poter comunicare, discutere, collaborare, far giungere segnalazioni ...
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a-dx / A-DX Mailingliste
Eine Gruppe aus Österreich speziell für Mittel- und Kurzwellen-Hörer und SWLs. Empfangstipps, technische Fragen, Kauf und Verkauf von Kurzwellen-Equipment, einfach alles, was zum Thema Kurzwellenempfang gehört. Die größte deutschsprachige eMail-Gruppe für Mittelwellen- und Kurzwellen-Radiofreunde. A group from Austria especially for mediumwave and shortwave listeners and SWLs. Reception tip...
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A-frameCamperForum / A-Frame Camper Forum
A replacement Forum for the defunct AlinerChaletA-frame@Yahoo Forum, this forum is dedicated to discussions regarding camping in a-frames, and related technical and experiential questions and comments. This is not the place for non-camper related conversations, and any such postings will be deleted and their posters banned.
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a-fs / Accessible Free Software - all about free software's accessibility
All about free software's accessibility. You can ask questions, write tips and tricks for other users. You can write about your popular Linux distros etc.
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A-Hell-Of-A-Ride / A Hell Of A Ride
'While you were sleeping'...the world went on as it always does. Some of my friends managed to find find love again (even if only for a little while). But as so often happens in Mystic Falls everything soon went to 'hell in a hand basket'...this time around it all began with a Siren being freed from the caves beneath the Armory. Which also kick started the search for...
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a-little-bit-of-everything / A Little Bit of Everything
a-little-bit-of-everything Welcome! A little bit of everything is for just that...a little bit of everything. We will have everything from recipes (snagged, borrowed or made up) to all the latest gossip here, there and everywhere. Feel like ranting about something? Latest movies? Also graphics, pets, shares of all kinds~
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Groupe de l’Association Marseillaise d’Astronomie
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a-m-a-s-2 / Cotisants amas
cotisants AMAS
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An email group for adoptive parents from China.
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A-Place-To-Relax / A-Place-To-Relax
Hello & Welcome Everyone.... This is a group where you can kick off your shoes, sit back, share, and snag to your heart's desire. This group will be just for general shares and Incredimail. You must have Incredimail to join! Please No AC...No Matter How Mild On a side note please remember this is a sharing group and no limit to daily shares.
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A-Taste-of-Mexico / A-Taste-Of-Mexico
This group is for sharing those wonderful authentic Mexican recipes as well as Mexican inspired recipes. Because of the amount of spam emails that have plagued the groups, this list will be moderated for your protection. Feel free to introduce yourself, ask cooking questions, and please know that sometimes there is chatter about recipes, cooking, or where to find certain ingredients. I hope you ha...
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A-Tube-A-Day / A-Tube-A-Day
You know what they say... "A tube a day keeps the Doctor away!" Well maybe that's not what "they" say but it's what we say here at A Tube A Day :) This is a tube challenge group. We send 5 new tubes on Mondays for you to make 5 IM stats or Tags with! Many do one a day. We'd love to see your results for all of the tubes :) Seeing all the unique creations done with the s...
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A-Twist-Of-Fate / A Twist Of Fate
What if Katerina Petrova who went on to become the infamous Katherine Pierce was kidnapped shortly after her departure from Mystic Falls? There was an older breed of vampire desperate to keep their pawn in check...a man who as it turns out is the illegitimate half brother of Vlad the Impaler. Since that fateful day she’s been fighting a war within herself against his deceased wife whom The Trave...
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A1CLUB / A1CLUB English Mailing-List
"A1CLUB" is a traditional CW club, started from October,1998 with originally 11 members in Japan. And as of April 2022, the members are more than 4,000 from all over the world. The A1CLUB membership is free of charge and no need of any specific qualifications. If you are just interested in CW, please visit following URL and join the A1CLUB. The invitation o...
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a1g / A1G - Atlas First Generation of N Scale
Atlas First Generation - The discussion list for the Atlas First Generation of N Scale model trains. A1G products were imported from Europe by the Atlas Tool Company of Hillside, NJ during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Sourced from both Rivarossi (Italy) and Roco (Austria), the A1G models consisted of a wide variety of body styles, a number of which had never been offered before in N Scale, an...
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a23-saa / A23 SAA
Email group for members of the Brighton (Saturday afternoon) and Crawley SAA groups. Open to all seeking recovery in this area.
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a2b3 / a2b3 - Ann Arbor Bi Bim Bap lunch group
For the Ann Arbor Thursday lunch group. We are temporarily meeting only online during the current peculiar situation; details on the online meeting format will be circulated to the list in the advance of the event.
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The Ann Arbor Clarinet Quartet was formed from members of the Ann Arbor Concert Band and Dexter Community Orchestra. We performsmusic written for 4 clarinets (and sometimes our friends) in a variety of styles.
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