A-100 / A-100 & FSOA Passers
The A-100 group is for people who have passed the U.S. Foreign Service Officer Test and Oral Assessment. By connecting to this group, we hope to answer questions concerning the process of getting into the A-100 class and, once in the A-100 class, we hope to help each other in Washington and abroad. The A-100 group is a private forum. No material may be forwarded from this group (attributed OR anon...
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A-Hell-Of-A-Ride / A Hell Of A Ride

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A-Place-To-Relax / A-Place-To-Relax
Hello & Welcome Everyone.... This is a group where you can kick off your shoes,sit back, share and snag to your hearts desire. This group will be just for general shares Please No AC...No Matter How Mild On a side note please remember this is a sharing group and no limit to daily shares.
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This group is for survivors of any kind of abuse, who also struggle with mental illness. This can be emotional, mental, physical, sexual, spiritual, ritual or domestic abuse. No matter what you have been through or what illness you struggle with, you are welcome here. This is a safe place to be yourselves and to make friends with others who are struggling too. Whether you have Depression, Bipolar,...
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A-Taste-of-Mexico / A-Taste-Of-Mexico
This group is for sharing those wonderful authentic Mexican recipes as well as Mexican inspired recipes. Because of the amount of spam emails that have plagued the groups, this list will be moderated for your protection. Feel free to introduce yourself, ask cooking questions, and please know that sometimes there is chatter about recipes, cooking, or where to find certain ingredients. I hope you ha...
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A-Twist-Of-Fate / A Twist Of Fate
What if Katerina Petrova who went on to become the infamous Katherine Pierce was kidnapped shortly after her departure from Mystic Falls? There was an older breed of vampire desperate to keep their pawn in check...a man who as it turns out is the illegitimate half brother of Vlad the Impaler. Since that fateful day she’s been fighting a war within herself against his deceased wife whom The Trave...
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A-frameCamperForum / A-Frame Camper Forum
A replacement Forum for the defunct AlinerChaletA-frame@Yahoo Forum, this forum is dedicated to discussions regarding camping in a-frames, and related technical and experiential questions and comments. This is not the place for non-camper related conversations, and any such postings will be deleted and their posters banned.
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A2FACES / Ann Arbor Families for Autistic Chidren's Education and Support
NOTE: In order to perhaps get some discussions going again, I have loosened the definition of who can join our group to include family members of ANY age individual on the spectrum, and also to all of Washtenaw County. Ann Arbor Families for Autistic Children's Education and Support (A2FACES) is open to Family members of individuals (of ANY age) with or suspected of having autism spectrum dis...
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A2PAC / Ann Arbor Parent Advisory Committee for Special Education Public List
This is the public list for the Ann Arbor (MI) Parent Advisory Committee for Special Education. Anyone with a student with an IEP or 504 plan attending or eligible to attend (might be in a private school or home bound) Ann Arbor, MI public schools can join. Our mission: To positively impact the education of all students with an emphasis on those with special needs in the Ann Arbor School Distr...
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This group is open to Alliance For Just Money members and Coffee House guests. Topics will cover various Coffee House presentations.
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AA-109-Lathe-Group / AA-109-Lathe-Group
This group is for owners of the AA 109 Craftsman series lathes. Photos, files, tips and projects are welcome. As usual no religion, politics or adult content. Plenty of other places to get that. Have Fun Chris (CB) Group owner
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Ham radio discussions / Emergency Communications / Corps members only.
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MCAR Leadership Group
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Member Forum for The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York, a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation.
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Under construction for now
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Admiral Arleigh Burke Chapter Military Officers Association of America Boulder County, Colorado (Established 29 June 1972) OVER FORTY FIVE EXCELLENT YEARS! The MOAA Admiral Arleigh Burke Chapter (AABC) was first chartered in 1972 as the Boulder County Chapter of The Retired Officers Association (TROA). The national organization changed its name to the Military Officers Association of Americ...
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A group for Australian schools working towards becoming Communication Accessible. Discussions around AAC and Balanced Literacy are encouraged. Please share any policies and work that you wish.
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AADCBleuette / AADCBleuette
The focus here is on Bleuette apparel. We also chat about all things Bleuette. All About Doll Clothes Bleuette is home for our favorite Bleuette, for fans of her La Semaine de Suzette patterns, ready-made G-L wardrobe. We welcome fans of Bleuettes family: Rosette, Bambino, Benjamine, Loulotte, and Becassine . Group was Est on Yahoo in November 02, 2005. Group Owners Phyllis Burki & Jenni...
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AAL / Arthritis and Other Lamenesses
This is the group for Dr Kellon's Arthritis and Other Lamenesses course. Membership is by subscription only. See www.drkellon.com.
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***************************************************** WELCOME to the AAMG LISTSERV (formerly AAMG-L Yahoo! Groups) ASSOCIATION of ACADEMIC MUSEUMS and GALLERIES ***************************************************** The Association of Academic Museums and Galleries (AAMG) is the leading educational and professional organization for academic museums, galleries, and collections. In recognition of ...
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