P2P-CO / Parent to Parent of Colorado
Group Description Parents@P2P-CO is the Online Parent Support Group for Parent to Parent of Colorado. Here we provide an opportunity to exchange information with other parents of sons/daughters with disabilities or special health care needs living in Colorado. Our experience tells us that families of children with special needs connected to a peer support network are more knowledgeab...
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This is a private group geared to all active Pima Animal Care volunteers. This is a place to share concerns, tell stories, ask questions, recruitment appeals or event help ect.
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Pema ACS East Users Group
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PADCO / Parents of Adults with Disabilities in Colorado (PAD-CO)
For the discussion of the unique problems, concerns, joys and successes of parents of adults and older children with disabilities, and for finding goals and directions which we can voice to others to further the progress of our children with disabilities. Founded: July 4, 2002
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PAE-Mason-Sailboats / Mason Sailboats
Greetings! This group is for owners of the PAE/Mason sailboats built by Ta Shing. The site is to share ideas, information, projects, solutions to problems, sources, pictures, stories and travel info. The site is intended primarliy for owners of PAE/Mason sailboats, but we welcome inquiries and contributions by interested parties. Please keep your topics related to sailboats, sailing and related ge...
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Test group - if successful will become community email and discussion group fro PA Friends (Quakers). Palo Alto, California.
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A special interest group for Peel Amateur Radio Club Members who have interest in working with their Raspberry Pi Computers
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Lage en pi "distro" med PAT som primær verktøy
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PBARCPRES / PBARC / Pen Bay Amateur Radio Club - Officers, Board of Directors, and Committee Chairs
Discussion group for club officers, directors, and committee chairs
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The Psychotherapy Book Discussion Group is for mental health professionals who are interested in reading and discussing books on mental health topics and psychotherapy. Lay people are welcome as well. No confidential clinical information is to be shared. However, fictitious and composite case examples are acceptable and often helpful.
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Support group for PC-ALE v1.08 and later. The open web site where PC-ALE is also available is at: http://www.n2ckh.com/PC_ALE_FORUM/
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PCAHelloDolly / PCA Hello Dolly
This is an information group for PCA's production of Hello Dolly! Performances on April 4-7, 2018 at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, TX
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PCARA / Polk County Amateur Radio Association
The PCARA is a general interest ham radio club. We operate a VHF FM - System Fusion repeater on 147.195 (+600 KHz) pl tone 110.9 and a UHF FM - System Fusion repeater on 443.725 (+5MHz) pl tone 110.9. Our VHF repeater allows for Echolink connections, node 991104. All licensed amateurs are welcome. The repeaters are located in the central part of Polk County, WI near the town of Balsam Lake. Many...
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PCR-Conventions / PCR President's Special Committee on Conventions
A group to discuss improvements in the staffing, structure and functioning of regional model railroad conventions of Pacific Coast Region of National Model Railroad Association Inc.
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PCSARComm / Placer County Sheriff's Search & Rescue Communications Unit
The Communications Unit, consisting of about 20 volunteers, is responsible for search communications. Formed in the early 1960's, they maintain and operate the Sheriff's Communications Vehicle which is often used as a search command post in the field. They communicate with SAR personnel in the field as well as Sheriff's Dispatch and Allied Agencies. They are responsible for all SAR com...
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Created for the members of Palm Creek Photo Club in Casa Grande AZ.
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PEandPC / Paper Crafting and Paper Embroidery
This group is about paper embroidery and paper crafting, whether it be card making, scrapbooking, tea bag folding, rubber stamping, paper pricking, parchment, 3D work, quilling, paper punch, tag art, or any other paper creations. We don't stick to one medium, we do anything with paper. Our goal is to provide a place for people with common interests to gather and share ideas and techniques and ...
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PI-RX / PI-RX - Pharus Ignis RX user group
Group for the users of the PI-RX - Pharus Ignis RX program. When you want to join you must state your first NAME and CALL, in Display Name found under Account | Identity | Account profile/Group profile, so you can be identified. Why this? It is to prevent spammers from joining the list. If you don't do this your membership will be pending for one week after which it will be deleted. After...
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Players in the OFF (Only For Fun) league.
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