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This forum is for P-3 Orion lovers everywhere. I know that there are many squadron specific web sites and it's not my intention to compete with those fine sites. Because duty stations and squadrons change, and retirements are inevitable, I thought it would be a great place to develop and maintain contacts with fellow crewmembers and P-3 lovers. There is a place here to chat, view pictures o...
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P1MutualAid / Precinct 1 Mutual Aid

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p2-canada-municipal / Network of Public Participation Staff in Canadian Municipalities
Public participation (aka public consultation and stakeholder engagement) professionals working in municipalities across Canada. Membership is exclusive to municipal and regional government staff and conversations are private and not to be interpreted as official government opinions. To subscribe, please use an official municipal or regional government staff email address
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Persian Linechasers with Pedigrees2000 access
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Current P2020 Linechasing List Need Archives
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P25 / P25 Radio - Transceivers / Quantar Repeaters / Amateur Radio
P25 Radio - Transceivers / Quantar Repeaters / Amateur Radio Amateur Radio Operator’s using P25. We welcome everyone 👍 P25 & BRANDMEISTER connection - welcome & invite This group has been created to share information related to the digital mode P25. An area that amateur radio operators may want to discuss and share information. Digital Voice for Amateur Us...
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Group for ham radio operators in Virginia who use P25 to connect and discuss p25 ham radio applications and related topics. We also want to create a space where operating activities can be coordinated and planned
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p26-p42 / DARC Ortsverbände P26 (Böblingen) und P42 (Sindelfingen)
Mailing-Liste der Mitglieder der Ortsverbände Böblingen (P26) sowie Sindelfingen (P42) des Deutschen Amateur-Radio-Clubs. Dient der schnellen Verbreitung aktueller Informationen sowie amateurfunkspezifischer Verkäufe und Verschenkungen, Kaufgesuche, Suche nach Bauteilen und vielem mehr.
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P2MutualAid / Precinct 2 Mutual Aid

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P2P-CO / Parent to Parent of Colorado
Group Description Parents@P2P-CO is the Online Parent Support Group for Parent to Parent of Colorado. Here we provide an opportunity to exchange information with other parents of sons/daughters with disabilities or special health care needs living in Colorado. Our experience tells us that families of children with special needs connected to a peer support network are more knowledgeab...
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p2p-doctors-to-doctors / Doctors to Doctors
Doctors To Doctors is a People To People (P2P) project that is designed and created to facilitate the communication and collaboration of Ethiopian doctors in Ethiopia and abroad.
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This is a list connected to the public discussion group on "Intimacies" that met monthly for seven years at Book People, 603 N. Lamar, in Austin, TX. The group was sponsored by the Good Life magazine and Book People. Dozens of people would use the group, couples and singles, to discuss relationships. There was no charge, just bring your sense of humor and an open mind. The meetings were di...
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P2Pcarclubs / Peer to Peer Car Clubs
P2P Car Clubs Form your own car club Individuals and groups requiring or offering car use, enter details in Databases HERE. Find people who need a car at different times to yourself Join their Car Club or invite them to join yours Convert your own car, help to reduce car ownership and change to electric Car clubs : Valley Road Car Club - - - - -
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P42 / Mailingliste des P42 Sindelfingen
Gruppe des P42
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p4fbremen / Parents for Future Bremen
Hier bespechen sich die Eltern aus Bremen und Bremerhaven, die sich rund um die Klimaproteste der SchĂĽlerinnen und SchĂĽler von Fridays for Future organisieren.
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This is the mailing list for Pete's Alley.
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This is a place where those connected with the PA state Police radio system can converse. U can talk about the "open Sky" 800 mhz system which will be decommissioned by 2021 or the new VHF system which is replacing 800 mhz.
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A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the Blooming Grove settlement, a German Dunker settlement established in 1804 in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, and the ancestors and descendants of its residents. This is a replacement for the RootsWeb mailing list that will become defunct in March 2020. The RootsWeb Archive of all previous postings to this list can be viewe...
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pa-roots / Friends of PA-Roots
This list serves as a Newsletter to keep visitors and friends of updated on what's happening at The premier source for Pennsylvania Genealogy.
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pa0ib-loop / PA0IB Loop antenne
Ontmoetings punt voor de bouwers van de loop antenne. Ervaringen en informatie.
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