o14 / o14 Group
Welcome to the o14group. Please visit our wiki for more information and resources and the O14 standards. This is an informal group for all those interested in building narrow gauge models who strive for evermore realism and authenticity in all scales, albeit with a focus on 7mm scale (1:43.5). This typically, but not exclusively, means using finescale or exact prototype standards and correct gauge...
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Hier alles rein...
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OABigBookPageADay / OA Big Book Page A Day
The Overeaters Anonymous Big Book Page A Day Group is by invitation only, for members of Overeaters Anonymous who study the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous one page at a time one day at a time. This group is limited to women only. Each member shares their experience, strength, and hope as well as their thoughts and insights on each page that is covered on that particular day. Whatever is shared h...
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Discussion group for the Opticians Association of Colorado Board of Directors.
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This is a group for residents of Oadby , Wigston, or Knighton to discuss subjects of local interest. It is a replacement for the now defunct Streetlife. You can use this just as you might use a letters to the editor column n a local newspaper (if we had one), or ask for help from neighbours, or offer your own help to others. Only restrictions are: no discussion of political or religious subjects,a...
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OAFs / Ottawa Astronomy FriendS
This list is for amateur astronomers, active in the Ottawa, Ontario area to talk about observing, equipment, astronomy, public observing events and where we should meet for dinner. This list is not affiliated with any club. But all astronomy clubs, and individuals, are encouraged to post and add their public observing events to our Coming Events calendar. Posts must be civil. New members are moder...
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Die Möglichkeiten der Mailgroup sollen dem schnellen Informationsaustausch zwischen den Mitgliedern der OAGSH dienen und den direkten Kontakt zwischen ihnen fördern. Dabei soll sich der Inhalt der Mitteilungen im Wesentlichen mit avifaunistischen Themen, die für Schleswig-Holstein relevant sind, beschäftigen. Hinweise auf Veranstaltungen, Projekte, Aufrufe zur Mitarbeit sind willkommen. Dies...
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OAHUCICRN - Oahu Cross-island Community Resiliency Network
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oahuraces / Oahu RACES
Oahu RACES support the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service in Hawaii
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oakcanyon / Oak Canyon
A neighborhood group located in Almaden Valley San Jose California Our purpose is to: Inform neighbors of neighborhood plans, activities or opportunities. (Luminaries, Oktoberfest, recycling, babysitting, pet sitting, etc.) Share resources and information that will be useful to the community (recommended contractors, city office contact info, etc) Raise awareness of impending actions by the...
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This group is for the neighbors at Oakcrest Estates Mobile Home Park in San Jose California USA to discuss issues important to the community.
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oakcreststonehill / Oakcrest Stonehill
This email group is to inform residents of Oakcrest and Stonehill Subdivisions with news pertaining to community watch. The subdivisions are located near Huntsville, AL.
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oakhurstconcerts / Sierra Foothill Musicians
We are a group of musicians in the southern Sierra foothills around Oakhurst, California. We present concerts to share our love of music with our neighbors and friends.
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Oakington Singers, Cambridge UK
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The Oakland Firesafe Council is a grassroots community-based organization dedicated to mobilizing the people of Oakland to reduce the risks of wildfire danger to people and property through outreach, programs, and projects. We are residents of the Oakland Hills, survivors of the 1991 Tunnel Fire, open space/park stewards and others working to reduce the risks of wildfire in the Oakland hills. The ...
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OaklandHighJan59 / Oakland High Jan 59 Forum
The Oakland High Class of January 1959 on line.
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OaklandTech / The Oakland Tech Discussion Group
Welcome to the Oakland Tech discussion group on Groups.IO. This is for the sole purpose of sharing helpful, relevant and actionable news and information relating to Oakland Technical High School and its Parent Teacher Student Association. To subscribe, email OaklandTech+subscribe@groups.io with your name, email address, and relationship to Oakland Tech. Please use your powers wisely. THIS ...
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A list for the genealogical research of the Oakley surname.
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This is a neighborhood association located in Precinct 6, Belmont, Massachusetts, consisting of people associated with streets such as Oakley Rd, Belmont St, Trapelo Rd, Lawndale St, which are near the the closed Our Lady of Mercy Parish properties. We also maintain another group open to all parties specifically interested in the future reuse of the closed Our Lady of Mercy Parish properties. See ...
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Planned discussion group for homeowners in the Oakmont section of Pelican Bay, Naples, FL
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