"ELS" - Electronic Lead Screw — is an alternative to full CNC for simple bench lathes — especially those lathes which do not have a "Quick Change Gear Box". For such lathes, it would be useful to have a cheap method of sychronizing spindle speed to lead screw speed. If this can be realized electronically, then all threading can be done without the necessity of changing manual gears. Also, all saddle traverse speed ratios become possible.

The aim of this group is to develop a simple, cost-effective electronic and mechanical system for implementing ELS - which in theory would be cheaper than CNC, and which can be ported to hobby-class bench lathes.

Member John Dammeyer has led the way in these discussions. He has designed a system, which is described in a comprehensive article "Electronics Gear Control" in the magazine "Circuit Celler" — Nov/2006, Issue 196, pp 36-43.

Suggestions and fresh perspectives are welcomed. Please follow posting guidelines to maximize readability and archiveability of your ideas.

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