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The community-music list supports those connected with the backbone of classical music - members, fans, and conductors of community bands and community orchestras. These groups, made up primarily of volunteer, unpaid members, provide thousands of concerts annually - often at no cost - and entertain audiences cumulatively in the millions.

We talk about anything connected with community music here - music selection, audience building, fund raising, conductor searches, you name it. Commercial advertising is strictly prohibited. In addition, joining the list strictly to promote a product, commercial or not, is very much frowned upon - such posts will not be approved. This includes composers/arrangers who want to use c-m to promote their wares. Please don't ask for special dispensation.

Please note that due to copyright law, we do not allow requests for copies of music here unless the music is in the public domain or is permanently out of print. Otherwise, you may ask someone to loan or sell music to you.

Looking for a band or orchestra in your area? Please check in our Community-Music Contact List..

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