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This group is formed to assist others and exchange ideas and experiences with the Elecraft K4 transceiver.  This group is not owned or moderated by Elecraft, or any of its owners.  This is a restricted group by membership only. This is a discussion group as it relates to the Elecraft K4 transceiver. You are welcome to join the group. This is a moderated site. 

Attention new K4 owners: Before posting questions to the group, please be sure to review these documents, as they cover the most common issues faced by new owners:

K4 Setup Checklist for New Owners (read before connecting USB cable to K4):
K4 FT8 Setup Guide by WT8P:
K4 FSK RTTY Setup Guide by N6TV:
Elecraft K4 Tips and Tricks by N6TV:
Watch YouTube recording of this presentation here (audio glitches, first 5 minutes, clear after that).
Also use the Search box in the top right corner of the Messages area to see if your question has already been covered by previous posts.

PLEASE SUPPLY YOUR NAME FOLLOWED BY YOUR AMATEUR RADIO CALL WHEN APPLYING FOR MEMBERSHIP.  {There is no specific place to enter your call. Just add it after your name.}

1. Keep it civil! No name-calling or personal attacks. Violation of this rule will result in the violator being banned. This is your only warning. If you have a problem tell a moderator via email, not the rest of the group via a group posted message.

2. Stay on topic!  Posts should be related to the Elecraft K4 transceiver and ancillaries only. Posts unrelated to the group topic will be deleted.

3. Minor excursions into other equipment for the purpose of comparison are OK. Long-winded discussion of other radios will be actively discouraged.

4. This forum is NOT to be used to criticise any company's business ethic, its methods or its staff. If you don't like it, take it up directly with the company concerned.

5. Posts criticising the K4 as a complete entity are not welcome. If you don't like the K4 or consider it too expensive for you, the answer is simple - don't buy one. There's no need to tell everyone else about it. Such posts will be treated as trolling and you may be asked to leave.

6. Enquiries regarding shipping status and delivery dates should be directed to our good friends at CreativeK4ShippingStatus or by contacting Elecraft Sales.

Alan, G4GNX
Owner/moderator plus our excellent admin team.

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