Test-Equipment-For-Sale-Wanted-or-Exchange / Test Equipment- for sale, wanted, exchange.
This is a group to allow people to buy/sell/swap/hire good quality new or used test equipment, or parts of test equipment such as individual PCBs, knobsi, manuals etc. Unlike auction sites, where sellers incur fees, no fees are charged, so items can be sold to buyers at a lower price than on auction websites. Only list equipment that you have - not what you can source if someone wants one. The e...
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thcamra / Trafford & Hulme CAMRA
A group for all people interested in the activities of the Trafford & Hulme branch of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale). This group is open to to all members to post pub and brewery news from the Trafford & Hulme area and to discuss what's happening in the local beer world.
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MEXLIST / MEXLIST--The Group For Mexican Railway Information
MEXLIST is a forum for the exchange of knowledge about the Mexican railways. Its members include scholars, railfans, historians, railroaders, businesspeople, photographers, modelers, and other interested persons worldwide. "MEXLIST" is a service mark of Lowell G. McManus.
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bb4w / BBC BASIC for Windows, Linux, Mac OS-X, Raspberry Pi, Android and iOS
This is the official support group for BBC BASIC for Windows (BB4W) and the SDL 2.0 cross-platform editions for Windows, Linux (86), Mac OS-X, Raspberry Pi, Android and iOS (BBCSDL).
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wca-legacy / Women of Cinematic Arts - Legacy Group (formerly the YahooGroup)
This is the original WCA YahooGroup created in 2005 - moved to a better platform! Women of Cinematic Arts is an alumni group of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. As of 2018, the WCA Board has started a new list-serv to track members. That can be found by submitting a membership form through the WCA website: www.womenofcinematicarts.org. You are still welcome to communicate here.
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knittingmachinestwo / Knitting Machines Two
This group is created for anyone who owns any brand knitting machine or those who are interested in them. We're here for everyone's enjoyment to discuss machine knitting Its not a place to sell your machines or KM goods. It's meant to be a place to meet other owners, ask questions, share knowledge and develop friendships with other owners who share our love of knitting by machine. All...
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BrassCollectors / Brass Collectors and Operators
The Group's name is somewhat misleading according to a membership poll that was run in 2007. There are NO brass collectors only in this group. Most of us run our brass on a regular basis. We are about all things related to Brass Model Trains! We discuss painting and modifications. This is a forum for everything related to brass locomotives, cars and railroad miniatures. Discussing brass in N, ...
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blind-bst / Blind-BST
The purpose of this group is to enable the buying, selling, and trading amongs its blind & vision impaired group members. No illegal activity, dishonesty, or attacks will be tolerated.
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FT8-Digital-Mode / FT8 Digital Mode with WSJT-X
All things WSJT-X FT8 Digital Mode HF Ham Radio
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ASCMEMBERS / Discussion group for ASCA members
This mailing list was created with the purpose of enhancing ASCA member communication. All issues which deal with ASCA and ASCA Affiliate clubs may be discussed here. This list will NOT be used for discussions which are better suited for general dog lists (E.G. flea control,how to groom your dog, training problems, selling puppies, brags, etc.). This list is lightly moderated -Do not engage in...
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nw-windtalk / Pacific Northwest Windsurfing
A group for the Pacific Northwest that provides the latest information for the windsurfing scenes in British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon, including the Gorge, Seattle, the Coast, the Islands, etc. The newsgroup is geographically limited to sailors who sail in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and persons in near by states and provinces to keep topic drift at a minimum.
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This group is for OWNERS of Vaio U series, including the new UX90 and UX50. It started with the U50 and U70 and the successors, the U71 and short lived U750. We have a lot of users and experience of using, modifying and tweaking these great hand held computers. There are many tips, pointers for software download, techniques on installing XP and the Tablet OS. To re-iterate, don't apply for me...
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VisualCADD / The Visual CADD group
Dedicated to discussions about Visual CADD™ While this group is not directly affiliated with TriTools Partners, the publishers of Visual CADD™, members of the TriTools team do participate in the discussions and make announcements here. You can visit the official Visual CADD™ product page at http://visualcadd.net/.
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This group practices a concept to reduce landfill and share with other members of the community that may put these items to good use. There is a catch, everything must be free and no trades. Our mission is to keep stuff from our bulging landfills by making the free exchange of items from hands that no longer want it, to hands that do. We promote the reduction of clutter in the lives of our members...
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homeschoolingAspergersASD / Homeschooling Asperger's/ ASD
This list was originally at Yahoo Groups and named Homeschooling Aspies. The change of the name from Asperger’s to Asperger's / Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD, reflects the May 2013 change in the DSM-5. The DSM is the official diagnostic code book professionals use to evaluate patients. In the DSM-5, Autism Spectrum Disorders (initials ASD) combined all disorders on the autism spectrum whi...
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QRP-BR / QRP-BR - LISTA DE DISCUSSÃO SOBRE QRP, CW e montagens caseiras.
Bem-vindo à lista QRP-BR. A lista QRP-BR é destinada exclusivamente à assuntos sobre QRP, CW, construção de equipamentos e novas técnicas de radiocomunicação. Na lista não será tolerado xingamentos e agressões aos membros e moderadores. Não é permitido a exclusão de mensagens postadas na lista em razão de mantermos o histórico de ideias. Caso não aceite, não entre na lista. Grat...
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FAPG / Friedreich's Ataxia and other Ataxias Parents Group
An international Emailing support system and forum for parents of children with ataxia.
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sbcobirding / Santa Barbara County Birding
SBCOBIRDING is a discussion group devoted to sharing information about the birds of Santa Barbara County, CA. This includes the nearshore ocean waters and the Channel Islands within the county area. Topics may include daily trip reports, rare bird sightings, early and late migration dates, status and distribution, and ID issues. Brief announcements of upcoming meetings, hikes, and pelagic trips ...
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"And homeless near a thousand homes I stood, And near a thousand tables pined, and wanted food" -- William Wordsworth Welcome to RVA Community Cats (formerly RIchmond VA Feral Cats). Our group is a network of independent trappers, caretakers, foster homes, and rescuers promoting the humane treatment and non-lethal control of feral and free-roaming cats in Richmond, VA and central Virginia ...
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Focused on the history and modeling of the Rio Grande Southern Railroad in Southwestern Colorado. Related to the original Yahoo Group, placeholder for moving the group here.
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