icom7600 / Icom IC-7600 HF/6m Transceiver
ICOM IC-7600, 100 watt RF output, HF/50MHz transceiver, built-in ATU, RTTY/PSK-31 encoder/decoder, USB thumb-drive firmware updates, and total radio control via PC-USB interface (no converter needed). Three "roofing" filters, 3kHz, 6kHz, 15kHz. TFT display features much like the 7700. Replaces the now-discontinued IC-756ProIII. USB port control configuration for Ham Radio Deluxe (and many ...
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DigitalPlusbyLenz / Digital Plus by LENZ
Digital plus by Lenz system and decoders users discussion list. Designed to help NMRA Digital Command Control or DC users using all scales get the most out of their Digital plus or Model plus model railroad DCC and DC products.
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Discussions about simple lightweight home built gliders
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weatheringtechniques / Weathering Techniques
This group is devoted to photos and pages of ideas and techniques for weathering models. While the main emphasis is on model railroading and model structures, any discussion pertinent to enhancing the reality of models is allowed. This is a family oriented group, so please keep the language clean. No religion, politics, or flaming allowed
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TMD700A / Discuss the Kenwood TM-D700A/D710 radio
To discuss the Kenwood TM-D700A (and D710A) APRS/Packet mobile dual bander.
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TailwindForum / Tailwind Forum
For discussion and exchange of information related to the Wittman Tailwind, Nesmith Cougar, and similar aircraft, like the Buttercup, Big X, Daphne, Fourrunner and O&O--focus is on building and flying designs by Steve Wittman and related designs and modifications by others. Pictures can also be posted and size will automatically be resized. Picture above is John Downing's beautiful Tri-ge...
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39-47Dodgetruck / 39*47Dodgetruck
Welcome to the 39-47Dodgetruck Group This group is dedicated to 1939-47 Dodge,, Plymouth and Fargo Trucks and all Mopar truck lovers. See below for info on the cover photo. This web site, on the appropriate database table, includes the official registry for the 1939-47 Mopar trucks. © by dlfenner. It also is a forum for those of us who own or admire the 1939-47 Dodge, Plymouth, and Fargo tr...
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viewnavionmods / View/Navion Mods group
Welcome to the View/Navion Mods group. This group was formed to catalog information on modifying and/or customizing Sprinter based RVs. We invite people to post photo and/or text essays of modifications that they have made. Most of the information is in the photos section. I tried to organize the albums alphabetically, with the name of the system being modified first, followed by specific model...
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stirling / S.M. Stirling Discussion List
This list is intended to serve as a forum to discuss the books and short stories written by S.M. Stirling, a popular author of Science Fiction, Alternate History, and time travel. These include the Draka series of books, "Island in the Sea of Time", "Dies the Fire" series, etc. The list is relatively unmoderated and tends to range off topic at times, within limits. S.M. Stirling h...
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harplist / Harplist - Since 1990!
The new home of the original Folk Harp mailing list. Original description follows: This list was created in 1990 by Jane and Andy Valencia, and tended to for 20 years by Sharon Skaryd. This exceptional resource has been, and will continue to be, devoted to the discussion of any and all topics related to folk, historical and pedal harps. For those who are "harp-crazed" and either play the h...
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onlinesewing-janome / Online Sewing for Janome owners
This group is for owners of the Janome embroidery-capable machines, including the Skyline S9, Memory Craft 12000, Memory Craft 14000, and Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000. It is a place for members to seek help with problems, as well as exchange ideas. It is owned by former Janome dealers, Diane and Jim Stutsman.
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alfaseeya / Alfa See Ya Motor Home Support Group
This forum exists to share information for the Alfa Leisure diesel pusher motorhome (Alfa Gold, Alfa SeeYa and the Alfa Founder). If you have suggestions, custom changes you have made, technical questions, complaints or anything relating to owning or considerations of owning an Alfa See Ya you are in the right place. Note: This group is financially supported equally by the Alfa Owners Club (AOC) O...
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LP-PAN user group is dedicated to the support of the LP-PAN and LP-PAN 2 panadapter products. The group is also a good resource for sound card and SDR information, especially the NaP3 SDR application. 73, Larry N8LP
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If you want to modify an inkjet printer or build your own inkjet plotter for the purposes of direct resist printing onto copper boards to make printed circuit boards, this is your group. In addition, we now explicitly cover inkjet printing of silver or other conductive coatings or metals directly onto substrates such as fabric, mylar, fiberglass boards, and other substances. As an adjunct to...
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CubCadetGardenTractors / Cub Cadet Garden Tractors
Welcome To Cub Cadet Garden Tractors Group For Cub Cadet Parts Go To http://www.ccspecialties.org/ This group was created for members that like to talk about and work on Cub Cadet Garden Tractors ...
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IEA-announcements / IEA announcements
This group is set in order to deliver, in the Holy Land, in an easy and efficient way, announcements and updates about the activities of the Interfaith Encounter Association, the organization that works to build human peace and true coexistence through interactive interfaith dialogue
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A group devoted to discussions of shortwave broadcast listening.
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Low-Fat-Good-Cooking / Low Fat Good Cooking
Hey, healthy menu eaters or wannabes! Hop on in for some great information and recipes for living a low-fat lifestyle. We're glad you're here! Members are moderated to prevent SPAM being sent to the list.
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RepowerAndRegear / RepowerAndRegear
Our group is for discussion of repowering and regearing model railroad locomotives. This group is also receptive to the discussion of additional model modifications after repowering and regearing; for example, repairs and redetailing, DCC installations and painting as pertains to locomotives. Modelers from all scales and gauges are welcome. Attachments are currently restricted to 500K in size, th...
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Small Atlas and Craftsman lathes
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