braidsandbands / Braids and Bands
The Braid Society was founded in 1993 and it has grown since then to include members from across the UK and many other countries. The Society aims to promote the education and practice of the art and craft of making constructed or embellished braids and narrow bands. All appropriate interests are encouraged and membership is open to everyone. Members include professional craftsmen, teacher...
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This group is for owners and anyone else interested in TEC telescopes
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Chat With The Designers (CWTD) is a discussion forum for the monthly CWTD program AND for products and activities of Midnight Design Solutions, including the SDR Cube Transceiver, the NUE-PSK Digital Modem, the DDS-60 SigGen card, the Midnight SNA, and many other products released over the years. CWTD is a live audio conferencing program conducted on the Internet every second Tuesday at 8pm Eas...
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OnanEngineGroup / Onan Engine Group
Welcome To The Onan Engine Club This club is for the discussion of the maintenance and repair Onan Engines one of the finest small engine manufactured in the world.... This Group Was Created For Members To Enjoy What The ...
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This group is governed by the topic of DCC for model railroading in N Scale
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gnshuls / Great Neck Shuls - Kehila of Great Neck
This is an announcement board for the Great Neck Orthodox Kehila. VISIT GREAT NECK SHULS GROUP ON FACEBOOK You MUST provide your name and location for membership. Anonymous requests for membership are rejected. No commercial posts permitted, but paid sponsorships are available! No General Mechandise or local Real Estate FOR SALE... but LOOKING FOR is permitted. However, "Aliyah Sales" a...
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Catalina30 / International Catalina 30 Assn
All things Catalina 30 and 309! Sponsored by the International Catalina 30 Assn IC30A. FAQs, Q&A, comments, and experiences especially fixes and modifications invited. Share with over 2200 other owners.
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A discussion forum dedicated to the prototype and modeling of North American railroad freight cars and cabooses operating from 1960 to the present day. Topics may also include trucks, couplers, cushioning devices, brake gear and other appliances applied to railroad freight cars and cabooses. Freight car pools and relevant discussion of industries shipping by rail are also on-topic. Note this...
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BlueRibbonRecipes / BlueRibbonRecipes
This is a group where the recipes are winners! Literally. A judge, somewhere, at sometime, declared them the best. These are the ultimate TNT recipes. I love collecting cooking contest recipes and cookbooks, whether they're from a TV show, a website, a national or local competition, or the local county fair. If you like entering these competitions or just like collecting recipes, this is...
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TecumsehEngineGroup / Tecumseh Engine Group
Welcome To Tecumseh Engine Group A place to share and discuss experiences, repairs. Buy and sell pertaining to Tecumseh Engines. Tecumseh Engines, Tecumseh Engine, Small engines Our intent is to have a group where members can ...
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C-P-R / C-P-R
C-P-R is specifically for discussion of topics pertaining to the Canadian Pacific Railway. Our main areas (as they pertain to CPR) are railroading and railfanning, with some modelling discussion thrown into the mix. Items for sale/trade may be posted on Tuesdays only. If you post a virus warning, missing child sob story, or any other SPAM, you are probably going to get the boot from this list. Lo...
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UltralightDX / Ultralight Radio DXing Enthusiasts
This group provides a forum for those interested in the reception of long range AM, FM, Longwave and Shortwave radio stations on pocket radios no larger than 20 cubic inches in size. Discussions of related antennas, modifications and radio station formats is also encouraged. Discussion and comparison of other portable radios is also generally allowed.
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GroupManagersForum / Help Improve the Management of Groups
Would you like to be a better Owner and/or Moderator? We discuss our experiences as Owners and Moderators, share our ideas for promoting and customizing content areas, and offer various techniques for managing groups. We strive to provide a resource of the highest quality for Owners and Moderators alike. This Group Managers Forum (GMF) was founded as a sister to the Group Managers Forum for Yahoo...
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makebelieve / Makebelieve
Discussion, fan fiction, video work and graphics for any and all media works. All genres accepted. All characters and pairings welcome. If you don't like a pairing or character written, accept it and move on. The list caters to all tastes. Challenges welcome. Story archive is located at Please consider posting you work, new and old there. Graphi...
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Treadleon / Treadleon
A group for people-powered old sewing machine users, treadles and hand cranks of all makes
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se-gen / SE Gen
This IO group is a replacement/migration from the SE Gen Yahoo group, the platform for which has become increasingly unreliable. The purpose of the group remains unchanged: to post railway gen of a time critical nature for the London and South East area. Gen on locos, units, rare track, etc is welcomed. Questions and discussion are not allowed.
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MDSRadio / Modulation - Demodulation - Software Radio and the "RF-Seismograph" - measuring Space Weather and Earthquakes with your HF station!
MDSR: "Modulation-Demodulation Software Radio" New!!! The MDSR can now be used as a server-remote client. The MDSR uses a FT-817,FT-857, FT-897 or a FT-950 (any 455kHz IF transceiver, like the IC-718 or IC-703 , will work) in transponder mode and a computer interface (LIF converter – RX only or a BiLIF – RX/TX capable, hardware). And we are also supporting now 9.0115MHz IF for the IC...
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traintools / Traintools
Train Tools is where we discuss tools used by the model builder, especially of trains and railroads. Boat, car, plane and other modelers are welcomed to join us! If Micro-Mark is your favorite catalog, if you have a lathe or mini mill, if you scratchbuild, or if you are new to model railroading then this is your group! We'll discuss work benches, shop layouts, air brushing and anything related...
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insomniac-net / Insomniac Net Trivia Questions and Answers
The Insomniac Net is held every night of the year (including holidays) and has been very popular since 1980 when Joanna and Ernie Blake started it along with Ty and Susie. Each night there is a different net control operator. Generally, they have three or four trivia questions with three or four multiple choice answers. A roll call of the regular night owl members is called, then a special call fo...
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EladSDR / Elad SDR
Welcome to official EladSDR (Software Defined Radio) Hardware and Software user and support group . There is another group in Italian language, named EladSDR-IT
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