ucd-contra / Urbana Country Dancers
This group will be for used for announcements of upcoming dances held by the Urbana Country Dancers. We hold contra dances at the Phillips Recreation Center, 505 W. Stoughton,Urbana, IL. There will also be announcements of other dance and music events of interest to the Champaign-Urbana contra dance community. In addition there may be some discussion of dance and music and other aspects of our com...
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This is a list created to serve those people who participate in the NLS (National Library Service) BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) programs. In November, 2009, the NLS closed the officially sanctioned "BARD Discuss" list, resulting in the creation of the "BARD Talk" list." All topics related to the BARD program are appropriate although book reviews should be discussed...
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TwinPortsRail / Twin Ports Rail
A news, photo, and history list dealing with non-iron ore railroading in NW Wisconsin and NE Minnesota. Primary focus is the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior. This is not a model railroad list. For iron ore railroad information subscribe to OreRail at Groups.io
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ACOEM-WFDSection / ACOEM Work Fitness & Disability Section (and ACOEM member-friends)
Welcome! This private and moderated e-group is open to all ACOEM members ESPECIALLY those in the Work Fitness and Disability Section. We hope you will join our section. You can pay your dues by calling ACOEM at 847-818-1800. We use this list-serv to discuss issues pertaining to work capacity and fitness evaluation, work disability prevention and management, and also to conduct WFD Section an...
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A discussion group for railroad enthusiasts modelling the Swiss meter-gauge scene in either HOm (12mm gauge track) or HOe (9mm gauge track), using equipment offered by Bemo, Ferro Suisse, D+R, Sommerfeldt and others. Topics discussed include the numerous prototype narrow gauge companies in Switzerland; Rhätische Bahn (RhB), Furka-Oberalp (FO), Brig-Visp-Zermatt (BVZ), Montreux-Oberland-Bernois (M...
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TenTec516 / TenTec516
This group is for owners (and prospective owners) of the Ten-Tec Model 516 (Argonaut V) Amateur Radio Transceiver. It is a forum for the sharing of ideas and information about the Ten Tec 516 such as : operating questions/suggestions/hints/tips, accessories, modifications etc. Personal "For Sale" postings are permitted provided that they concern the sale of Argonaut 516 or related acces...
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Miami-County-Indiana-Freecycle / Miami County Indiana freecycle
freecycle: to recycle by giving an item away for free rather than sending it to the dump Our mission is to keep stuff from our bulging landfills by making the free exchange of items from hands that no longer want it, to hands that do. We promote the reduction of clutter in the lives of our members, and making new friends in the process. Non-profit organizations also benefit from Miami County freec...
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Культурные события в Филадельфии, такие как поэтические выступления и концерты авторской песни в магазине "КНИЖНИК" - и не только!
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javaee / Welcome the official Java EE discussion groups
javaee@javaee.groups.io is a moderated announcements group. Make sure to post your technical questions directly in one of the appropriate subgroup (see subgroups list below). The Java.net discussions archives can be consulted here. Contributions You agree that you will only upload, share, post, publish, transmit, or otherwise make available ("Share") on or through this Service content...
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MultusSDR / Multus SDR, LLC
Hello and welcome to Multus SDR, LLC. This forum is for peer to peer help with anything that has to do with Multus SDR, LLC. transceivers and related products. All technical support is provided here on the forum. Requests for technical support via the sales website will not be honored. This is for the benefit of all our members and customers. Documentation may be found in the files section of...
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TwinCityRails / Twin City Rails
Twin City Rails. Created in 2001 for railfans interested in the Minneapolis & St. Paul MN area. Posts about past history or current operations are equally welcome, as are photos, radio channels, or any other local RR news. Keep it non-political though. Coverage area includes both Twin City downtowns plus surrounding suburbs and nearby rural areas. Rural areas includes western Wisconsin. ...
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SimplicityWalkingTractorsGroup / SimplicityWalkingTractorsGroup
Welcome to Simplicity Walking Tractors Group This group was created for those members that like to talk about and work on Simplicity Walking Tractors as well as Wards. This group was created for members to have fun, so let’s all have a good time here.Simplicity Two Wheel Tractors, Simplicity Walking Tractors The Owner of this group has the last say in guideline’s if ...
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pony / Pony
This is the top level meta-group for the Pony programming language. By joining one of our subgroups, you will be added to this announce only group which will be used to broadcast messages that would be of interest to the entire Pony community. If you are here, it means you are probably looking to join one of our subgroups: If you are a Pony user looking for assistance, please join Pony User. If...
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HeadsUpCoastFans / HeadsUpCoastFans
Limited to the Coast line from LA to Oakland, all branches and connecting short lines and to sightings of trains approaching the Coast from other subdivisions. Not a discussion group. Immediate news postings only. Questions and follow ups should be conducted on the affiliated Coast Discuss list at https://groups.io/g/CoastDiscuss Oh yes... this list is a firm supporter of Operation Lifesaver and ...
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Welcome to LW Ideas On behalf of our entire team I want to thank you for your interest in "our" Leisure World and its future. You must request (and be approved) for group membership, to participate and receive dialogs. To obtain a voice in these dialogs, you must be a current Manor Owner in Leisure World Arizona. You must also pledge to operate within the rules of this Forum.
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odxa / Ontario DX Association
The Ontario DX Association was founded in 1974 as a club for radio listeners, primarily shortwave broadcasting, but other bands and modes as well. The ODXA grew to be one of the largest SWL/DX clubs in the world. In more recent years we have been an online presence, posting monthly articles and providing opportunities for the exchange of listening tips and hobby information. Besides groups.io we c...
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A email group for discussion of amateur radio activities using modes within WSJTX software by Joe Taylor.
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SBMHP / South Bay Mental Health Professionals Networking Group
South Bay Mental Health Professionals Networking Group SBMHP is a networking group for mental health professionals in the South San Francisco Bay area, centered around San Jose. Our goal is to create a positive networking environment for mental health professionals, and those in complementary fields, to share information, provide support, and help establish referral sources. This group was foun...
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sdg / Sound Design Germany
Sound designers Germany. Discussion group of German language sound designers. (Formally hosted at yahoo groups). This is for sound designers, production sound recordists, boom ops, mixers and other sound people who create sound for film, games, broadcast etc. not so much about music recording.
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yazilim, software
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