Leonia Talks is a community listserv that allows members to communicate with one another on subjects ranging from local issues, to inquiries about where to find goods and services, to notices of events and anything else that concerns the fabric and well-being of the town. Our mission is to knit the community together so that neighbor can easily relate to neighbor. To encourage participation by all...
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EarlyRail / Early Rail Modeling
NOTE: Please enter your name in the space requesting it, when applying to join. no name, NO approval. Also note, the only type of advertising allowed is a notice or offer for a item specific to the Group's focus. All other types of ads will get the person posting it on the 'messages moderated' list. Members ARE allowed to post For Sale msgs, for items pertaining to the group'...
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cwops / CWOPS
CWops is for members of the CW Operators' Club. Our aim is to foster CW activity and camaraderie, and we are run by an international team of members. This is a closed Listserv for members only. Please visit us at our website to learn how to become a member: www.cwops.org. If you are a CW enthusiast, you should be a CWops member!
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1A-Travelzine / Travel Talk!
Welcome to 1A-Travelzine! Travel talk at its best. No ads please. 1A-Travelzine is a moderated travel forum dedicated to the exchange of travel tips and experiences. We share information about our countries and cultures and answer each other's travel questions while making friends around the globe. Members may use our links library 1A-Travelzine WIKI LINKS: https://groups.io/org/group...
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bhp / Blind Help Project's Official Mailing List
Blind Help Project (BHP) is an independent volunteer-based resource that aims to empower the blind and visually impaired across the world in understanding, learning and acquiring a variety of accessible software applications by making them readily available through our website, producing technical articles and audio tutorials and making BHP an open community-driven platform, through our vast socia...
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WFDRoundtable / Work Fitness & Disability Roundtable
Welcome to the Work Fitness & Disability Roundtable. Join us! The WFDRoundtable is a free email discussion group with roughly 1000 members -- all of whom are professionals. We work in many disciplines and settings, but all of us get involved in the medical or functional recovery of ill or injured working people, whether at the individual, program, or system level. This group has be...
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Crosley-Gang / Crosley Auto Club On The Web
Welcome to the Crosley Auto Club on the Web. The club supports Crosley vehicle owners, but welcomes all that are interested in products of Powel Crosley, & cars that used the Crosley engine such as the Crofton, Bandini, Devin, Skorpion, etc and any customs using Crosley parts. Members of the CrosleyAutoClub.com include your membership number and state when registering so members can find you. ...
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InternationalTreatmentPreparedness / International Treatment Preparedness Coalition - e-mail platform
This is the new email platform of the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition, a group of over 1000 individuals from over 125 countries advocating for access to HIV and TB treatment for those who need it all over the world. Here you can share relevant news, announce new initiatives, send invites for webinars and other global events, seek support for petitions and joint statements, and adver...
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BACHotline / BACHotline
Berkeley Arts & Culture Hotline (BACHotline) is a resource for local groups and individuals wanting to announce or receive info on art events, festivals, newsletters, press releases, art openings, art jobs, RFPs, or anything else about the arts and culture scene in and around Berkeley. The BACHotline currently has about 700 people on it who are active in the local art community. If you h...
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The groups.io home of the Amateur Radio Digital Open Protocol. Please join the subgroups users and development if you wish to interact, as main is going to be for messages from the developers about new releases of the software.
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radios4sale / radios4sale
TO JOIN THIS LIST: READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FULLY FIRST, then click the JOIN link on this web page and also send an email to the group owner (see link below). Provide enough contact information in the email for the list owner to feel confortable that you are honest, and can be contacted if necessary. Minimum information required is full name, a telephone number and a physical address. Information p...
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nvda / NVDA
NonVisual Desktop Access
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HallicraftersRadios / The Hallicrafters Radios Collectors and Users Group
This site exists for the exchange of ideas, advice, technical and general information for Hallicrafters transmitters, receivers and other Hallicrafters products. And more importantly, this site is dedicated to those devoted Radio Amateurs, Vintage Radio Collectors, Vintage Radio Re-builders and Vintage Radio Users of this wonderful radio equipment which used the technology of the day - vacuum tub...
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On3 / {On3}
for model railroaders in O scale - 3ft narrow gauge
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nasota / North America Summits On The Air
Welcome to this message board for amateur radio operators interested in Summits On The Air activities in North America. Please keep conversations related to outdoor amateur radio activity and please post in English. Before uploading images to the Photos section, please create a directory with your call sign, and put all your images in that one folder. If you apply for membership in this group,...
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OrangeCountyBirding / Orange County Birding: For Discussing and Sharing Local Bird Info
Welcome to Orange County Birding, a discussion forum for wild birds and birding in Orange County, southern California, USA. A total of 489 bird species have been recorded in our county, including California's first records of White-tailed Tropicbird, Falcated Duck, Ivory Gull, Red-legged Kittiwake, Couch's Kingbird, Bridled Tern, Nutting's Flycatcher, and Tropical Parula, as well as ot...
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wisrail / Railfans in Wisconsin and Minnesota
This List is for Railfans in Wisconsin & Eastern Minnesota and topics including this area: Railfan or Railroad (Not Political) related topic for Wisconsin Central, Soo Line, Canadian National, Canadian Pacific, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Amtrak, Duluth Missabe & Iron Range, Union Pacific, Wisconson & Southern, Any Twin Cities or Twin Ports Railroads. Formerly Yahoo Group
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PRRPro / PRR Projects Group
This group is designed to allow modelers who are building specific Pennsylvania Railroad related projects to share ideas, techniques and the finished models. Every 6 months we will select a new project to pursue as a group. Only PRR projects will be considered. Only messages related to the current group project or completed projects are appropriate. Projects may include rolling stock (freight or p...
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OreRail / Ore Rail
For those interested in current and historical iron ore railroading, primarily in the Lake Superior Region. Railroads covered include: CN (DM&IR), LS&I, BNSF (Ore territory), CN (WC), Northshore Mining, and Cliffs Erie. This is a news and history list, not a model railroading forum.
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NPTellTale / Northern Pacific Railway TellTale
NPTellTale -- an email list for of the Northern Pacific Railway since 1996! First of the Northern Transcontinentals -- Main Street of the Whole Northwest -- and David P. Morgan's All-American Railroad! We're also on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/394605293907664/
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