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This mailing list is for the residents of the community of Har Nof, and their friends and relatives, to share useful information or to request needed information. Announcements of free events are encouraged. Events such as free shiurim, demonstrations, tzedakah and chesed events without and entrance fee, etc.

No political or religious discussion will be tolerated.

No forwarding of any jokes of any type will be tolerated.

No forwarding of any articles of any type, in any form, will be tolerated.

Except for Sundays, no commercial advertising of any type are permitted on this list.

(Read the guidelines message for more details on the above two rules.)

For local advertising you may join the Har Nof Ads list. https://groups.io/g/hnaa or
hnaa+subscribe@groups.io . Ads that are useful to HAR NOF RESIDENTS are permitted on Har Nof Ads.

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