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The NordhavnDreamers Group is dedicated to all Nordhavn owners, buyers and enthusiasts. 

Warning; After joining, your first message will be moderated. We "approve" messages daily so there may be a small wait. You are encouraged to introduce yourself as soon as you join. An example might be, "Hello, I'm Capt in florida. We currently have a small sail boat, and we're looking to go motor boating someday in the future. Thanks."

If you have any sort of commercial interest in the boating industry, you must declare that fully on the subscription application. You agree not to solicit participants to your website or your business from this group or use a signature block to encourage participants to be inquisitive or use wording in your posts that suggests that you are supplier or a broker. Solicitation in the form of links, signature blocks or wording or any other form of solicitation is classed as an infringement and you may be subject to a ban. *

Further, participants who blatantly post a link or recommend a product or service without any reason other than to solicit participants to enquire, may also be subject to the same infringement policy as above.

Additionally, the harvesting of email addresses in any way shape or form is strictly prohibited.

We're also on Facebook. Find us here: Remember to click the "Like" button to register your interest on the Facebook page. 
NordhavnDreamers has a redundant website too. Find it here:

Please Note: to prevent spam robots, we require that you reply to the Thank You for applying email you will receive when you apply to join.  Please check your spam folder if you cannot locate it.  If still unsuccessful, please email the group moderators.

* PAE staff, employees, companies and major suppliers to PAE who act professionally and responsibly may go about their business without fear of any sanctions.


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