The first Nordhavn was delivered in 1989 to a boating world which had no idea what it meant or how it would change the course of history. In the years since then, 20 Nordhavn models and variants from 35 feet to 120 feet in length have been developed and nearly 600 Nordhavns have been produced.  While the number of Nordhavns in service is relatively small in the big picture, their impact on the imaginations and passions of adventurous boaters around the world is HUGE and a cult following has developed. Nordhavns can be found in the most remote places of the world and seem to be "everywhere". Nordhavn "spotters" make a sport out of identifying them.  

 In 2008, a British gentleman by the name of Callum McCormick was on the verge of buying a Nordhavn 62, when the world wide recession derailed his plans. With an IT background and bursting at the seams with Nordhavn passion, Callum redirected his Nordhavn energy. He coined the expression "Nordhavn Dreamers" and started a Yahoo group/forum called Nordhavn Dreamers (often referred to as just "Dreamers"). 

 Callum unleashed a monster.. albeit a "good" monster.  With PAE cheering from the sidelines, we marveled at how quickly the group grew. We all suspected that there was huge group of Nordhavn aficionados out there without a forum to express themselves and the quick growth of the group confirmed that. The Dreamers group now has over 2000 members. 

 PAE has been a supporter and cheerleader of the Dreamers group since its inception and has often used it to tell "secrets" or release informal information that didn't quite fit on our regular web site. Also, the Dreamers group is a place where people without a direct relationship with PAE/Nordhavn can have dialog with the owners, engineers, sales people and other staff of the company.

 Callum's management of the Nordhavn Dreamers group was basically "charity" work and the work load in time became excessive given that this was his hobby.  In September of 2017, PAE/Nordhavn agreed with Callum to take over management and control of the group.

 Given that we ARE Nordhavn, there might be worry that there will be bias or excessive censorship in our management of the group.  We bend over backwards to give the forum a free rein.  Criticism of PAE/Nordhavn is permitted and negative comments about Nordhavns are permitted when the intention is to be educational, informative and helpful.  Vile criticism or use of the group as a forum to vent is not permitted nor is the group a place to espouse political opinions.  Dialog regarding Nordhavn's competitors is permitted and encouraged, but we ask you refrain from the promotion of Nordhavn's competitors. Finally, please don't use the Nordhavn Dreamers forum as a place to buy or sell a Nordhavn.  Other than that, please HAVE FUN.. and remember that this forum is a "happy place".. a place where we all have one thing in common.. We all love Nordhavns!

PS:  We're also on Facebook. Find us here: Remember to click the "Like" button to register your interest on the Facebook page.

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