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For users of the SKCCLogger Logging Pogram
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NNHS / Northern Nevada Homeschools
The NNHS discussion list gives homeschoolers in Northern Nevada a place to talk. You can participate in this group without being a member of Northern Nevada Home Schools, Inc. We have subscribers in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Incline Village, Gardnerville, Fernley, Fallon, Lovelock, Winnemucca, Elko, Ely, Wells, Wendover -- in short, all over Nevada! You can find someone local to talk homeschoolin...
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Cografya, geography.
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THM4 / The Horse's Mouth
Membership is by subscription. To subscribe, go to: This is the home of Dr. Kellon's e-zine, The Horse's Mouth. "Just the facts" is our motto. Solid, up to date information for anyone who owns or cares for horses.
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kasergames / Everett Kaser Software Puzzle Games
This is a discussion list for Everett Kaser Software logic and puzzle games. The games include the Sherlock series, tile games like Solitile and Lunatile, the Knarly series like Knarly Works, Knarly Mazes and Knarly Hexes, Latin Squares, Greek Squares, Descartes Enigma, Descartes Rainbow, MESH:Hero, and many more.
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we are a group for Gay Men who love Men with lots of Muscles. no porn like material is allowed. please don`t flame or abuse the other members. doing so will get you removed or banned. if you are being flamed or abused outside the group, please email the management team and we will deal with it. the group is for adults and you must be over 18 years old to join.
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MNFree-mo / Minnesota Free-mo Modelers
Modular Railroading in the Upper Midwest The Minnesota Free-mo Modelers is an open association of model railroaders who construct, operate and display modular HO- and N-scale model railroads in and around the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. Our modules conform to the Free-mo standard. Free-mo modules are "free" to take on many shapes and sizes, and they emphasize prototypical operations and r...
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blindmarket / Blindmarket
Deze mailinglist biedt mensen met een visuele beperking de gelegenheid (tweedehands) hulpmiddelen en andere handige artikelen aan anderen (te koop) aan te bieden! Dit is uiteraard geheel op eigen risico, voor koper en verkoper. De moderators en lijsteigenaars, kunnen dan ook niet verantwoordelijk gesteld worden voor eventuele problemen. Daarnaast kunnen de leden van deze groep aanbiedingen van be...
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nvda-addons / NVDA Add-ons Central
NVDA Add-ons central discussion and coordination forum
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BeerBaronsOfMilwaukee / Beer Barons of Milwaukee
Beer Barons of Milwaukee homebrew club. This is the main group where all members are included. It is only for use by the board. You have to be a member to join this group.
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Old Yahoo Group now on Southern African Civil Aviation News, Rumours etc. Run is association with the Aviation Society of Africa (ASA) Will integrate with
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PonderingNVC / Pondering NVC
A spin-off group originally from . (Or maybe later Join that group before this one. This is a place for more abstract aspects of NVC that some enjoy discussing in a less structured way than at Synergycommunication. Less "practice" but more talking "about" NVC. Although here are broader boundaries...
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javachampions / Java Champions
Mailing list for the Java Champions.
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Greetings! This forum is for members of Mount Baker Beekeepers Association and other Whatcom County, WA bee enthusiasts to share information about their bees, local conditions, meetings and events, etc. We hope this online information exchange will encourage friendly and respectful communication between area beekeepers, as well as successful and responsible beekeeping in Whatcom County. Mount Bak...
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Yaesu FT-736R A group for the discussion of the Yaesu FT-736R radio, it's accessories. The uses, abuses, integration, modification, and repair of this radio are all valid topics here. Owners of 736's with any of the modules, 2M, 70cm, 1.25m, 6m, and 1.2Ghz are encouraged to contribute. Posts with off topic or inappropriate content may be removed.
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NJAstronomers / NJAstronomers
This group was inspired by the United Astronomy Clubs Of New Jersey (UACNJ). The purpose is to give amateur astronomers of New Jersey and the surrounding areas a place to share common ideas, problems, solutions, etc., relating to astronomy and its related equipment. Please try to keep postings on astronomy related topics. When replying to a post, please do not include all of t...
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blind-hams / Blind-hams a group to discuss amateur radio as it relates to the blind
This is a list to discuss amateur radio as it concerns blind hams. This list is also for blind hams to ask other related tech questions that may tangentially deal with ham radio, i.e. use of adaptive technology.
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parc / Peel Amateur Radio Club
Peel Amateur Radio Club
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CyberStitchers / CyberStitchers Member Chat Group
CyberStitchers general membership group. We are an online chapter of the Embroiderer’s Guild of America, Inc. (EGA). Our approximately 150 members come from around the world to participate in a lively and vibrant community of embroiderers. We are a diverse lot ranging from new embroiderers to seasoned stitchers. CyberStitchers is a group dedicated to embroidery in all in its facets: skill, edu...
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nixahams / Nixa Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
You have found the Nixa Amateur Radio Club, Inc email list. The Nixa ARC is located in Nixa, MO and generally has between 70 to 100 club members. Our amateur radio club has repeaters spanning Southwest Missouri including 6-meters, 2-meters, 1.25-meters, 70-centimeters & 33-centimeters, or home page is Our club also is one of the originating groups of the Southwes...
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