CandORwy / Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
Welcome! This group is for the discussion of all aspects of the C&O Railway from the days of the Louisa Railroad until the sun set on the Chessie System in 1986. All discussions concerning the C&O, the PM, HV, Chessie System, and related railroads are welcome (including forays into the B&O, WM, N&W, VGN, CSXT, and Amtrak). We encourage the exchange of information on modeling, curre...
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UKVHFContesting / UK VHF Contesting
Welcome to for UK Contesters interested in 50MHz/VHF/UHF/Microwave contesting. This group provides a forum for discussion and is independently managed on behalf of the UK 50MHz/VHF/UHF/Microwave Contest Community. Click here to view the Reflector Guidelines If you are interested in HF contesting, please note that there is a separate called UKHFContesting Whilst this group rem...
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Hightech human resources
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List for Welsh Terriers and their humans
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aw-announcements / Accessible World Announcements
Accessible World event announcement list.
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ts790 / Kenwood TS-790 Discussion and Information Resource
Information and discussion about Kenwood's Classic VHF/UHF multimode base station The TS-790 covers 2 meters, 70 centimeters and with the optional UT-10 module 23 centimeters. It appeared in 1989 following on from the TS-780 and TS-770, the third in a successful line of VHF/UHF base station transcievers. Demonstrating the full potential of an all-mode transceiver equipped with advanced ele...
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Welcome to *IT'S CHRISTMAS!* on!
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MI-250 / MI-250 Users Group
Discussion on the Mountain Instruments 250 transportable German Equatorial Mount. Please note that this Great mount is no longer being produced or supported. Mountain Instruments has closed there doors. I know we are all sorry for this loss. That however does not stop this mount from becoming a classic. The Mountain Instruments web site is no longer available. But I have tried to restore as m...
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blind-gamers / the blind gamers list
This is a list where all gaming topics are welcome. The primary goal of the list is discussing games accessible to the blind and visually impaired. If you are looking for the latest news in accessible gaming, tips and tricks on that favorite game, or you simply want to know what is out there then this is the right place. We have a specific set of guidelines so please read them carefully be...
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blindphones / Accessible phones for the blind
The Blind Phones group is your place for discussions about phones accessible to blind and vision impaired people. Predominantly, this group concentrates on smartphones, but discussion about any accessible phone is welcome. Many groups exist for specific platforms, particularly iOS and Android. This group is platform agnostic, and encourages product comparisons. If you have criteria that are partic...
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baynet / Bay-Net Amateur Radio Group
Bay-Net Amateur Radio Club
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PRC319 / PRC319
Military Radio PRC319 Operations. PRC319 is a British Special Forces HF manpack transceiver designed by MEL (Mullard Electronic Labatories), A Division of Philips, in 1988. (It is part of the Clansman family). It is an all solid state and microprocessor controlled radio. It covers 1.5 MHz to 40 MHz. Power levels are selectable, 5W/50W. Modes are CW, USB and Data. It's EMP and water proof but...
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Amrail (American Railnet) is a group of model railroad owners and operators who get together periodically to operate members' model railroads in a realistic and prototypical manner.
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Insan Kaynaklari, Human Resources
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This is the group/reflector for the 070 Club's contests, which are yet another facet of the world's premier amateur radio PSK-31 user club. You may find us on the web at new address at Our address continues to work as well. Feel free to contact us via email at Thank you for checking out our group! 73 Matt King AK4MK 070 #1708 07...
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Exmoor-NG / Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Discussion Group
Welcome to Exmoor-NG, an independent forum discussing all aspects of the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway in North Devon, UK. The group is open to L&BR Trust members and non-members, but not intended for general discussion on unrelated topics. A separate group for L&B-related modelling activities is also available, at
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OldVTRS / OLD VTR's the web forum for users of Videotape Recorder technology
A gathering palace for those interested in old Videotape recorder technology. This group is to be a place to do the following, ask questions, share information and create a public archive of information about those wonderful machines that record television images, Videotape recorders.
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Electronics, Elektronik
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TLF / TheListenFactor
Enjoy tv, OTR, movies and radio drama
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Construction group
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