Rialta-Tech / Rialta-Tech
A Rialta-Tech discussion group. This group is for discussion of technical problems, whether with the coach that Winnebago built or the VW chassis. For the fun things, you should use the Rialta group
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BrooklynSpecialKids / Brooklyn Special Kids
This is a group for Brooklyn parents of EI, CPSE and CSE kids to share stories, information, referrals, and ask for advice and support.
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RepowerAndRegear / RepowerAndRegear
Our group is for discussion of repowering and regearing model railroad locomotives. This group is also receptive to the discussion of additional model modifications after repowering and regearing; for example, repairs and redetailing, DCC installations and painting as pertains to locomotives. Modelers from all scales and gauges are welcome. Attachments are currently restricted to 500K in size, th...
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This group is governed by the topic of DCC for model railroading in N Scale
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RSGBTechnical / RSGBTech
Welcome to RSGBTech, an independent group open to ALL radio amateurs to discuss amateur radio related technical matters, be it a technical query or area of interest. If it's technical and amateur radio, it is "On Topic". Refer to the current RSGB year book for further information. Please note that postings are moderated and do not necessarily represent RSGB policy, especial...
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Chat With The Designers (CWTD) is a discussion forum for the monthly CWTD program AND for products and activities of Midnight Design Solutions, including the SDR Cube Transceiver, the NUE-PSK Digital Modem, the DDS-60 SigGen card, the Midnight SNA, and many other products released over the years. CWTD is a live audio conferencing program conducted on the Internet every second Tuesday at 8pm Eas...
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braidsandbands / Braids and Bands
The Braid Society was founded in 1993 and it has grown since then to include members from across the UK and many other countries. The Society aims to promote the education and practice of the art and craft of making constructed or embellished braids and narrow bands. All appropriate interests are encouraged and membership is open to everyone. Members include professional craftsmen, teacher...
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OnanEngineGroup / Onan Engine Group
Welcome To The Onan Engine Club This club is for the discussion of the maintenance and repair Onan Engines one of the finest small engine manufactured in the world.... This Group Was Created For Members To Enjoy What The ...
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gnshuls / Great Neck Shuls - Kehila of Great Neck
This is an announcement board for the Great Neck Orthodox Kehila. VISIT GREAT NECK SHULS GROUP ON FACEBOOK You MUST provide your name and location for membership. Anonymous requests for membership are rejected. No commercial posts permitted, but paid sponsorships are available! No General Mechandise or local Real Estate FOR SALE... but LOOKING FOR is permitted. However, "Aliyah Sales" a...
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This group is for owners and anyone else interested in TEC telescopes
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catalina30 / International Catalina 30 Assn
All things Catalina 30 and 309! Sponsored by the International Catalina 30 Assn IC30A. FAQs, Q&A, comments and experiences especially fixes and modifications invited. Share with over 2200 other owners.
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nw-digital-radio / NW Digital Radio
NW Digital RadioDiscussion Groups A place to share ideas and support for products from NW Digital Radio
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BlueRibbonRecipes / BlueRibbonRecipes
This is a group where the recipes are winners! Literally. A judge, somewhere, at sometime, declared them the best. These are the ultimate TNT recipes. I love collecting cooking contest recipes and cookbooks, whether they're from a TV show, a website, a national or local competition, or the local county fair. If you like entering these competitions or just like collecting recipes, this is...
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TecumsehEngineGroup / Tecumseh Engine Group
Welcome To Tecumseh Engine Group A place to share and discuss experiences, repairs. Buy and sell pertaining to Tecumseh Engines. Tecumseh Engines, Tecumseh Engine, Small engines Our intent is to have a group where members can ...
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alfaseeya / Alfa See Ya Motor Home Support Group
This forum exists to share information for the Alfa Leisure diesel pusher motorhome (Alfa Gold, Alfa SeeYa and the Alfa Founder). If you have suggestions, custom changes you have made, technical questions, complaints or anything relating to owning or considerations of owning an Alfa See Ya you are in the right place. A few RULES: To make this discussion group pleasurable for all, please adhere to ...
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C-P-R / C-P-R
C-P-R is specifically for discussion of topics pertaining to the Canadian Pacific Railway. Our main areas (as they pertain to CPR) are railroading and railfanning, with some modelling discussion thrown into the mix. Items for sale/trade may be posted on Tuesdays only. If you post a virus warning, missing child sob story, or any other SPAM, you are probably going to get the boot from this list. Lo...
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w4dccqa / Allan Gartner's Wiring for DCC Question and Answer Forum
Question and answer forum for Allan Gartner's Wiring for DCC website.
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PoNYTYA / Parents of NY Teens & Young Adults
This is a place for parents of teens and young adults located in all five boroughs to come together and openly discuss the trials and tribulations of raising teens in this crazy city... where else can a teen travel as far as from coney island to the bronx for only $2.75! Homework, high schools, college, leaving the nest and more! ... discuss it all here! Please sign up if you are a parent of a tee...
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makebelieve / Makebelieve
Discussion, fan fiction, video work and graphics for any and all media works. All genres accepted. All characters and pairings welcome. If you don't like a pairing or character written, accept it and move on. The list caters to all tastes. Challenges welcome. Story archive is located at http://www.squidge.org/~peja/cgi-bin/index.php Please consider posting you work, new and old there. Graphi...
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A discussion forum dedicated to the prototype and modeling of North American railroad freight cars and cabooses operating from 1960 to the present day. Topics may also include trucks, couplers, cushioning devices, brake gear and other appliances applied to railroad freight cars and cabooses. Freight car pools and relevant discussion of industries shipping by rail are also on-topic. Note this...
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