Insan Kaynaklari, Human Resources
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PRC319 / PRC319
Military Radio PRC319 Operations. PRC319 is a British Special Forces HF manpack transceiver designed by MEL (Mullard Electronic Labatories), A Division of Philips, in 1988. (It is part of the Clansman family). It is an all solid state and microprocessor controlled radio. It covers 1.5 MHz to 40 MHz. Power levels are selectable, 5W/50W. Modes are CW, USB and Data. It's EMP and water proof but...
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Electronics, Elektronik
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Construction group
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TLF / TheListenFactor
Enjoy tv, OTR, movies and radio drama
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OldVTRS / OLD VTR's the web forum for users of Videotape Recorder technology
A gathering palace for those interested in old Videotape recorder technology. This group is to be a place to do the following, ask questions, share information and create a public archive of information about those wonderful machines that record television images, Videotape recorders.
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voiceover-apple / Voiceover-apple
In deze groep kunnen gebruikers van de screenreader van Apple, VoiceOver terecht om ervaringen uit te wisselen en problemen aan elkaar voor te leggen etc. rond het werken met de screenreader VoiceOver die standaard aanwezig is op Apple producten als de iphone, ipad, macbook, imac en apple tv en het gebruik van deze apparaten met voiceover. Geïnteresseerden en eventuele toekomstige gebruikers...
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ASCADiscussionGroup is a forum for members of the Australian Shepherd Club of America, in which topics of interest to members of the club may be discussed. This forum will serve as a vital link between the ASCA membership and its Board of Directors. ***If you cannot, or do not wish to, comply with the terms in this message, please UNSUBSCRIBE NOW.*** Continuing to receive mail from AS...
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baynet / Bay-Net Amateur Radio Group
Bay-Net Amateur Radio Club
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The American Miniature Schnauzer Club provides its official proprietary email list for the benefit of its members, to function as a vehicle for timely communication across broad geographic areas and exclusively among AMSC members.
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print-exchanges / Print Exchanges, both Black & White and Color
This group promotes the monthly print exchange of Black & White digital prints and the bi-monthly exchange of Color Prints The prints are typically printed on 8.5" X 11" photo paper, and typically with inkjet printers. The exchanges are each limited to 15 participants a month. If you have an appreciation for Black & White and /or Color prints, if you enjoy advancing your printing ...
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GroupManagersForum / Help Improve the Management of Groups
Would you like to be a better Owner and/or Moderator? We discuss our experiences as Owners and Moderators, share our ideas for promoting and customizing content areas, and offer various techniques for managing groups. We strive to provide a resource of the highest quality for Owners and Moderators alike. This Group Managers Forum (GMF) was founded as a sister to the Group Managers Forum for Yahoo...
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Wheeler_and_Wilson-Sewing-Machines / Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machines
This is a group for those who own or thinking of Wheeler and Wilson sewing machines. Welcome to the Wheeler & Wilson Sewing group. My name is Dean. Miller & I have created this group for all interested in the machines manufactured by the Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co. Our primary interest is on those machines built for family use, from the beginning with the curved needle ma...
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apple-dev / apple-dev
Mailing lists for Apple developers — the successor to the late Topics include: iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS development The app submission and review process UIKit, AppKit and other Cocoa frameworks ⟶ the cocoa subgroup Device drivers, kernel extensions, IOKit, etc. ⟶ the drivers subgroup The Objective-C language & runtime ⟶ the objc subgroup the Xcode IDE and to...
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TheRoyalPost / The Royal Post
The Royal Post is a mailing list created to assist blind individuals in buying, trading, or selling goods and services! If you have some treasures hidden away that you would like to sell or trade, stop by and give us a try!
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SanskritMantras / Sanskrit Mantras
Namaskar and welcome to Sanskrit Mantras! Here you will find an open forum for the exploration and discussion of mantra, puja, yajna, and many other spiritual topics. May the knowledge and wisdom you find here help guide you along your path..... This is a discussion group dedicated to the work of Thomas Ashley-Farrand (Namadeva Acharya) and his widow Satyabhama Ashley-Farrand. Their guru...
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TodaysCheese / Cheese from the Mice
Today's Cheese is a closed list for Sales Specials from the merchants of Join & Receive Specials on a wide range of products not limited to accessible products for the Blind! You will be amazed at the wide range of specials from our blind and visually impaired merchants at Blind Mice Mega Mall! Don't Lose Your Tail! - Support Blind & Save $$$$...
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Frustrated with your Mac, I-device, or AppleTV? New user and want quick efficient answers? Or maybe you know apple products and want to contribute? Then come join a list where questions are always answered, and we are always patient with you. Subscribe and you won't regret it! Or just follow us on twitter And ask your question there. All are welcome!
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Alliance-Members / ACM Members-Only Listserv
This is the members-only email listserv of the Alliance for Community Media.
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Biotechnology, biyoteknoloji
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