Glover Park Listserv

Founded in 2005. Over 3,000 members. This new Glover Park listserv continues the original Yahoo Groups listserv. We moved to when Yahoo Groups shut down its service.

We appreciate the active participation by local residents, families, businesses, restaurants, schools, community organizations and government agencies.

Glover Park - A wonderful, walkable neighborhood in northwest Washington, DC near Glover-Archbold Park, the Russian Embassy and the US Naval Observatory.

Listserv History

Welcome to the new version for our old community forum where you can share information and be informed. This listserv is Glover Park's continuation of our original Yahoo Groups listserv founded in May 2005. In October 2019, Yahoo discontinued the functions of Yahoo Groups and in December 2019, Yahoo deleted the original content. As much of the original content as possible was migrated to in October 2019.

Posting Guidelines

In general, please be nice. Post content that you would be willing to share in person with your neighbors during a discussion or meeting. It's fine to disagree, as long as we are all respectful towards each other and trying to make Glover Park even more wonderful.

These guidelines may be revised over time in order to keep the Glover Park Listserv useful, congenial, independent and constructive. The guidelines are intended as a combination of the old Yahoo Groups terms of service plus some reasonable common sense.


  1. Individuals who identify themselves and post content related to Glover Park community (and adjacent neighborhoods).
  2. DC government agencies and representatives who post content related to the Glover Park community or citywide issues.
  3. Glover Park businesses and community organizations (and those in adjacent neighborhoods) who want to promote their businesses or organizations.

Not Acceptable

  1. Posts about any topic that are also sent to numerous other neighborhood email groups (also known as "cross posting") -- except for posts by DC government agencies and representatives. If you have content that you want to cross post, please post it in ward or citywide email groups instead of here.
  2. Repetitive posts (advertising or any other content).
  3. Posts about any topic by individuals who choose not identify themselves or attempt to impersonate someone else.
  4. Posts by individuals who are posting using multiple email accounts or make other efforts to sound like they are speaking on behalf of different people.
  5. Posts that expect that DC government agencies (such as DDOT, MPDC, etc.), elected officials or utilities are reading our listserv and will respond/react to issues in a post. Please directly contact 311/911, your elected officials or the appropriate utility instead.
  6. Posts that clearly do not fit into any of the guidelines describing acceptable content. 

DC Government Useful Information

Please consider signing up for these two services that can supplement what the mostly individual/business posts on our listserv.

  1. AlertDC
  2. MPDC Second District

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