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This is the only official NanoVNA V2 group, please be aware!

This is the official discussion forum/user group for the NanoVNA V2, which is a low cost 4GHz T/R VNA (vector network analyzer). It is not based on ttrftech's V1 NanoVNA design but a new from scratch design using 2 ADF4350 to cover up to 4GHz and Si5351 to cover down to 50kHz. Compared to earlier designs, V2 uses only the fundamental signal for measurements and achieves higher dynamic range. The latest version, V2 Plus4, reaches >90dB dynamic range (see comparisons on the website below).

Please note - this forum is not for after-sales support! Please use "Contact Seller" on the site you ordered from.
Project website:


Please support the original developers by buying the original version from the Tindie link above if possible. Thank you.

Beware of underperforming clones

As of September 2022 there are many clones on the market that do not go through any quality control or the factory tuning required to get good accuracy with the V2 design. V2/3GHz NanoVNA uses parts like Analog Devices ADF4350 and AD8342 which are costly and clones have been cutting costs by using salvaged or reject parts. Users who compared clones using professional equipment found they do not meet specifications and are highly noisy. Unless you can compare your VNA to a professional VNA you will not be able to see that your measurements are off.

All clones are based on the older V2.2 design, which if replicated well can only reach 60dB dynamic range @ 3GHz. Any clones advertising higher performance are exaggerating the specifications and likely perform worse than versions advertising lower specs! See official stores above and look for V2 Plus4/V2 Plus4 Pro versions only to avoid getting a bad clone. We have stopped selling older versions since October 2020, so all V2 hardware that are not Plus4 or Plus4 Pro are not made by us and we can not guarantee performance.

Important: Hugen/Zeenko is not an authorized supplier of V2 devices, and is still selling S-A-A-2 based designs without permission and in violation of our non-commercial license, despite repeated requests by the original developers not to. Please be aware that there is no support or updates for these clones.

Hardware revisions

You can check your hardware revision by selecting CONFIG > VERSION in the menu.
Please see

Name Release Date Remarks
V2 Plus4 Pro  
2022 4 inch display. Up to 96dB dynamic range. Adjustable bandwidth for measuring narrowband devices. 6x faster sweep (0.16s per sweep).
Note: V2 Plus5 has been renamed to V2 Plus4 Pro.
V2 Plus4  
2020/10 4 inch display. >90dB dynamic range. 4x faster sweep (0.25s per sweep).
V2 Plus
2020/10    2x faster sweep (0.5s per sweep). Noise improvements. PCB text still indicates "V2_2".
V2.2 2019 The earliest version of the V2 hardware. No longer sold. V2.2 has been discontinued since October 2020, and all V2.2 versions still on the market are clones. To ensure you get a supported hardware version, look for V2 Plus and Plus4 versions only.



Online (HTML) user manual:

S-A-A-2 menu map:

Software downloads

NanoVNA-QT (PC software) releases:

NanoVNA Saver is also compatible with the NanoVNA V2:


Firmware downloads:

Firmware release version history:

Release version   Changes

 - Fix bug preventing multiple devices from being connected to a windows PC at the same time
 - Fix minor error in enhanced response calibration


 - Add bandwidth menu for V2 Plus4 Pro
 - Enable enhanced response calibration by default
 - Improve USB serial stability at high sweep rates


 - Show frequency range of saved calibrations in the RECALL and SAVE menus.


 Bugfixes. Support circuit changes in newer hardware.


 Reverted because of serious bugs in averaging fix
 - Fix integer overflow bug with high averaging (20x and 40x) on the device UI
 - Add screenshot support (experimental)


 - First production release for V2 Plus4
 - Increased save slots to 7
 - Increased maximum sweep points over USB for plus4 to 65536
 - Add CALIBRATE > RESET ALL to completely reset current view
 - AGC bugfixes


 - Enhanced response calibration
 - Adjustable averaging
 - Adjustable adf4350 output power
 - Continuous CW mode
 - Interpolate calibration when changing frequency range
 - Automatically load calibration slot 0 at startup
 - UI performance improvements and bugfixes, larger font
 - Power off ADF4350 if the sweep range is < 140MHz
- AGC for lower noise floor below 1GHz

20200525    - Extend lower frequency limit to 10kHz
20200501  - Support TDR up to 201 points
 - Allow exiting from USB mode (hold down JOG CENTER/middle  button on the device after exiting NanoVNA-QT)
 - Fix numeric input (long-press JOG CENTER on the stimulus menu items to enter numeric input)
 - Fix bug when all traces are disabled
 - First production release


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