ASCMEMBERS / Discussion group for ASCA members
This mailing list was created with the purpose of enhancing ASCA member communication. All issues which deal with ASCA and ASCA Affiliate clubs may be discussed here. This list will NOT be used for discussions which are better suited for general dog lists (E.G. flea control,how to groom your dog, training problems, selling puppies, brags, etc.). This list is lightly moderated -Do not engage in...
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orphankittens / orphankittens

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railwaygun / Railwaygun, armoured train, military rail and artillery discussion List
Railwaygun, armoured train, military rail and artillery discussion List Established 17th January 1998 it is for discussion of matters related to the history of military railways, and especially Armoured trains, railway guns, hospital trains, rockets, and fixed artillery / bunkers (and any military rail matters related). 357 Members 6,500 Topics there is a Pinterest Page of photos - http...
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stirling / S.M. Stirling Discussion List
This list is intended to serve as a forum to discuss the books and short stories written by S.M. Stirling, a popular author of Science Fiction, Alternate History, and time travel. These include the Draka series of books, "Island in the Sea of Time", "Dies the Fire" series, etc. The list is relatively unmoderated and tends to range off topic at times, within limits. S.M. Stirling h...
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SLN / School Librarians' Network
School Librarians' Network is a forum where UK school librarians and school library staff can exchange news, views and ideas and give each other mutual support on all professional matters. We welcome members from other parts of the world whose input and perspective we value. We aim to promote the professional standing of the school librarian, and encourage all unqualified school librarians to ...
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TMCC / The Model Car Club
TMCC is a transfer of an old Yahoo! Group TheModelCarCLub. The group is for someone who collects, builds and customizes model cars. "Founded Aug 24, 1998 The Model Car Club was an eGroup and therefore one of the oldest model car groups on Yahoo!" Just click Feed.
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The CBQ group is open to anyone who cares to subscribe and participate. The purpose of the list is for historians, railfans and railroad modelers to discuss the any topic related to the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad and/or its predecessors. All emails related to the business of the BRHS should be posted to the BRHSlist on The List owner and/or acting moderator(s) r...
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This is a group in which subscribers can communicate information, recommendations and suggestions beneficial to the Leisure World community in Mesa, Arizona. Membership is restricted to residents (owners, lease holders, renters) and former residents. If you qualify, you may subscribe at To permanently unsubscribe, send a message to This...
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This is a discussion group for the extended Kull Family descendants of Gustav Kull and Emma (Janke). The plan is that it will incorporate and replace the Kull-Family Yahoo! group created in 1998, nineteen years ago. The original group was created on e-groups before that entity was acquired by Yahoo!
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THE MILWAUKEE ROAD A historical discussion list for fans and modelers of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad - aka "The Milwaukee Road". The Milwaukee Road was famous for its many superb passenger trains and popularly known by its "The Route of the Hiawathas" moniker. The western end of the system (Montana, Idaho and Washington) once boasted hundreds of miles ...
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A discussion group for railroad enthusiasts modelling the Swiss meter-gauge scene in either HOm (12mm gauge track) or HOe (9mm gauge track), using equipment offered by Bemo, Ferro Suisse, D+R, Sommerfeldt and others. Topics discussed include the numerous prototype narrow gauge companies in Switzerland; Rhätische Bahn (RhB), Furka-Oberalp (FO), Brig-Visp-Zermatt (BVZ), Montreux-Oberland-Bernois (M...
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europeanrail / European Rail Gen
Welcome to "European Rail Gen" [ERG]. The leading mailing list for those with an interest European Railways. It offers a chance to pass on both urgent and interesting information in relation to railways in the European continent (except mainland Great Britain) including loco workings, rail tours, line closures etc. Also trip reports in the relevant "Files" area of the site. Please ...
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NPTellTale / Northern Pacific Railway TellTale
NP TellTale is for all fans of the Northern Pacific Railway. As David P. Morgan said, the NP was the All American Railroad, and even 40+ years since she was merged into the Burlington Northern, the love for her has not lessoned for many of us. For almost 20 years the NPTellTale has been your place to discuss all things NP related. We're also on Facebook!
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NNHS / Northern Nevada Homeschools
The NNHS discussion list gives homeschoolers in Northern Nevada a place to talk. You can participate in this group without being a member of Northern Nevada Home Schools, Inc. We have subscribers in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Incline Village, Gardnerville, Fernley, Fallon, Lovelock, Winnemucca, Elko, Ely, Wells, Wendover -- in short, all over Nevada! You can find someone local to talk homeschoolin...
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loconotes / News and information about locomotives
News and information about railroad diesel and electric locomotives. We do not discuss modeling information.
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This list is intended to promote the exchange of information regarding the Boston & Maine Railroad and its corporate predecessors. Appropriate historical and modeling topics consist of, but are not limited to, equipment, operations, stationary plant, and personnel.
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magicu-l / Magic Users Group
You don't have to join this group if you were a member of the Yahoo group. Just send new messages to or log in with the email address you used there. This is the Magic xpa (formerly known as uniPaas, eDeveloper, Magic, and Magic PC) RADD Software users group, formerly hosted at You can submit bug reports to our sub group or email them to BugReports@magicu...
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PanzerGardenTractorsGroup / Panzer Garden Tractors Group
Welcome To Panzer Garden Tractors Group Panzer Garden Tractors.This group is dedicated to the preservation of Panzer Garden Tractors, Copar Panzer, Panzer, Pennsylvania Panzer,Penn 88s and Meteor Garden Tractors. We have the most info about Panzers that can be found on line in our files section and we want to welcome you to join us in talking about a great American tractor.We are a user oriented ...
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Exmoor-NG / Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Discussion Group
Welcome to Exmoor-NG, an independent forum discussing all aspects of the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway in North Devon, UK. The group is open to L&BR Trust members and non-members, but not intended for general discussion on unrelated topics. A separate group for L&B-related modelling activities is also available, at the Yahoo Lynton and Barnstaple modeling Group
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atlas-craftsman / Atlas-Craftsman Metal Working Machines
This group is dedicated to the users of Atlas metalworking machinery including lathes, shapers, horizontal mills, drill presses, saws and accessories produced by Atlas for Atlas and Sears under the Craftsman or Master Craftsman badges and by AA Engineering for Sears under the Dunlap and Craftsman names. This Group was formerly It moved to in February, 2...
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