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This mailing list was created with the purpose of enhancing ASCA member communication. All issues which deal with ASCA and ASCA Affiliate clubs may be discussed here.

This list will NOT be used for discussions which are better suited for general dog lists (E.G. flea control,how to groom your dog, training problems, selling puppies, brags, etc.).
This list is lightly moderated

-Do not engage in personal attacks. The discussions on the lists are meant to stimulate conversation not to create arguments for the sake of argument. Reasoned debate is fine (and expected).
-No trolling or disrespectful discussion will be tolerated.  Challenge other's point of view and opinions , but do so respectfully and thoughtfully
-Respect the view and opinions of others, just because you do not agree with them does not make them wrong 
-Do not “Flame” people by posting derogatory comments, ridiculing them, using excessive sarcasm, belittling others or discussing their posts, opinions or personality in an insulting manner.
-Accusing others of liable or illegal acts is expressly forbidden. 
- Do Not Forward non-list member’s messages to ASCMember.
-All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal materials are strictly prohibited. 
-Advertising is expressly forbidden. 
-Do not share personal content from other members' posts without prior permission from the original poster(s).
-Sending unsolicited advertisements (SPAM) or information of a commercial nature (selling any product, service, or anything else for a fee) to other subscribers, whether through the lists or privately, will result in your removal from the list.      
-Please keep posts on-topic 

Violations of the above list rules result in one warning. If another rule infraction occurs, poster will be placed on moderated status. Continued violation of the above rules may result in poster being put on permanent moderation or unsubscribed from the list.


Moderators, at their discretion, may end a topic if it has gone on ad nausea and no new information about a topic is being offered, or if a topic has deteriorated into just an argument between posters.

Although ASCMembers is the property of the list owner, it is a public discussion list open to all ASCA members, who are free to post their own opinions and beliefs. Such opinions and beliefs are solely those of the author of the post, and not those of list owner, administrators or moderators. None of the foregoing are responsible for any personal information a person discloses in posting to the ASCMember list nor for any opinions or beliefs posted thereto, and ASCMember has no responsibility to publish, remove or edit any submissions to the ASCMember list. This is a privately-administrated list, and as such, there is no "right to free speech".  (To U.S. citizens: Constitutional right to free speech is limited to the U.S.Government ONLY.)

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