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A list for those doing cat rescue with orphaned kittens. Discussion is welcomed on bottle feeding, general care, specialized care for sick kitties, and other things related to raising orphaned kittens. This is not a forum for selling or placing kittens. This is an effort to bring together those who rescue kittens to share information and experiences.

For detailed information on how to bottle feed small kittens, please see the excellent Kitten Care Handbook at



there’s a PDF version of this at http://unitedpaws.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/kitten_rescue.pdf

(I had nothing to do with this handbook, but refer many folks to it -- Send Kitten Rescue a dollar or two if you can to thank them!)

In emergency, with lethargic kittens -- Karo syrup (light) can be put on kittens' gums -- provides instantly absorbable energy with no digestion cost. But NEVER feed a cold kitten -- warm her up first!

Quick links --

Taming – [there’s a lot of information at the feral_cats yahoo group, which will be moving to groups.io]





TNR (trap neuter return) – http://www.neighborhoodcats.org/resources/books-videos-more

You can download, free, their Neighborhood Cats TNR Handbook

Alley Cat Allies                       www.alleycat.org


To find lost shy cats -- www.catsinthebag.org/


To read PDF files, free software at


Four Paws 2 ounce nursers, 24 for $24, at


Book all should get: Cat Owners Home Veterinary Handbook,  2nd edition (2007), see


We miss and honor Tani Scott,who ran this group and taught many people how to care for neonatal kittens. She died -- Blessed be, Tani! Let's all honor Tani by rescuing a kitten in her name.




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