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Welcome to "European Rail Gen" [ERG]. The leading mailing list for those with an interest European Railways. It offers a chance to pass on both urgent and interesting information in relation to railways in the European continent (except mainland Great Britain) including loco workings, rail tours, line closures etc. Also trip reports in the relevant "Files" area of the site. Please note that ERG is an information posting site and any questions should be directed to the ERG discussion site ( Before posting, please read the guidelines for using this mailing list.


Featured photo Maribor 664 "heaven" 664.101 on MV247 "Citadela", 664.102 on LP3856 (vice DMU) 12.25 to Murska Sobota and 664.112 on LP3854 13.25 to Središče. Photo taken by Kev Coumbe

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