TO JOIN THIS LIST: READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FULLY FIRST, then click the JOIN link on this web page and also send an email to the group owner (see link below). Provide enough contact information in the email for the list owner to feel confortable that you are honest, and can be contacted if necessary. Minimum information required is full name, a telephone number and a physical address. Information provided will remain private except in cases of documented apparent fraud. Join requests not providing this information by email will be deleted in 3 days. The list owner reserves the right to deny or remove anyone, at anytime. 

Report problems or scams to the list owner not to the list.

This mailing list is for listing specific items for sale or wanted. General - we sell radios - type messages are not appropriate for this list. Items listed should be commercial land mobile radio equipment and related products. Do not list buy/sell messages for commercial, copyrighted software. This includes any manufacturer radio programming software. Do not resubmit an item within 30 days. The primary target of this list is LMR dealers who have used or excess inventory, and users of commercial radio equipment such as Fire, Police, Construction, etc.. 

This list is NOT for amateur equipment, shortwave, or scanners, but may be used by amateurs selling or buying commercial LMR equipment. 

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