FT-857 / YAESU FT-857 Discussion Group
A group for discussion of the Yaesu FT-857 and FT-857D radios. All memberships will require approval. Under the reason why you want to join this group, please indicate your interest in the FT-857, or radio in general. Please give your call sign if you are an amateur radio operator. Note: Many individuals join this list to find out how to modify their unit for extended transmit. In the USA, it is a...
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PCGen.org - This is a mailing list group replacement for the old Yahoo Groups
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SDR-Radio / SDR-Radio.com (SDR Console)
+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- FORUMS +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Please use https://forum.sdr-radio.com for all: bug reports questions. This is the unofficial support for SDR-Radio.com software. +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- FORUMS +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
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BerninaLand / BerninaLand
Welcome to BerninaLand, a very active group for owners or prospective owners of Bernina sewing machines and software products! This group contains Subgroups dedicated to BERNINA Software, BERNINA Q Series Longarm Machines, BERNINA 8 Series Machines, BERNINA 7 Series Machines and Sew Techie. My name is Kari Curley and I am the group owner. My love affair with the Bernina brand began when I was g...
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A-frameCamperForum / A-Frame Camper Forum
A replacement Forum for the defunct AlinerChaletA-frame@Yahoo Forum, this forum is dedicated to discussions regarding camping in a-frames, and related technical and experiential questions and comments. This is not the place for non-camper related conversations, and any such postings will be deleted and their posters banned.
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AskTheRecruiter / Ask The Recruiter Global
This group is for recruiters and HR professionals globally. This is a moderator only email list only.
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EpsonWideFormat / Epson® 3K, 4K, 5K, 7K, 9K, 10K, 11K, P series, T series, F series, S series, and SureColor series printers discussions
Discussions about EPSON® Wide Format Inkjet Printers: SureColor series, 11000 series, 10000 series, 9000 series, 7000 series, 5000 series, 4000 series, 3000 series 400 series, 600 series, 800 series, P series, T series, S series, F series and associated hardware, software, supplies, and consumables related to wide format inkjet printing. If you are looking for or selling a related parts or supp...
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twsapi / TWS API Users Group
Note: this Group is the successor to the Yahoo TWSAPI Group. The entire contents of that group, including all posts, files, and pictures and all active user accounts were transferred here in January 2017. This Group's purpose is to exchange information and ideas about Interactive Brokers TWS API. All users of Interactive Broker's Active-X, Java, C++, C# and Python APIs, and Excel DDE ...
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toyota-campers / Toyota-Campers Group
The Original Toyota Mini-Motorhome Community - since 2001 This group is here for anyone who owns or is interested in Toyota-based mini-motorhomes. It was created to share stories and information about these great little RVs. Now in our 20th year, we have accumulated a wealth of collective wisdom about Toyota RVs. Read our WIKI articles for -- An Intro to Toyota RVs "TOYOTA MOTORH...
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Radios email list
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freecyclecanberra / Freecyclecanberra
The Original Freecycle Canberra (ACT) group started in August 2004. It's a grass-roots group of local Canberra (and surrounds) people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in our own city. The Original Freecycle Canberra group has always been run and moderated by local volunteer moderators. Original Freecycle Canberra used to be part of the FreecycleTM network. However, with the ...
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repeater-builder / Repeater Builder
Into building repeaters? Want to build your own repeater? Repeater-Builder is a free technical group (free to you - we pay for a premium group plan) available to people seeking information on building ham radio, GMRS, or commercial repeater systems. If you are a Spammer you'll not be able to post because all new members are moderated - so save yourself (and us) the time. Discussion of amateur ...
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Quiltville / Quiltville Newsletter
Welcome to Bonnie K Hunter's Quiltville.com Newsletter & Notification list. Daughter, Sister, Friend, Wife, Mother, Quilter, Teacher, Author, Hopeless Scrapaholic! Bonnie K Hunter is the head, heart and hands behind Quiltville.com. This is the "announcement only" mailing list, notifying you of blog updates, new patterns and additions made to the http://quiltville.com website! This ...
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SouthBendLathe / SouthBendLathe
All about South Bend Lathes. All models and related equipment are discussed. Owners and prospective/past owners ("newbie" to seasoned machinist) are welcome. UPDATE: I believe everything has arrived that's going to arrive, so we are good to go. Welcome aboard all! We are set up by default to moderate the first posting from subscribers, so please be patient at startup. (This group wa...
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snowpals / SnowPals.org - SF Bay Area Snow-Sports
Welcome to SnowPals.org on Groups.io ~ SF Bay Area Snow (Sports) Pals Make the most out of Tahoe. Find or offer rides. Keep up with slope-side news and get the scoop on Tahoe deals. Join the largest club for Tahoe regulars to connect for powder ski, ride trips to Tahoe and beyond. Who uses SnowPals? More than 6,000 skiers and boarders are on SnowPals (snow-sports + pals) as of December 2019...
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EchoLink / EchoLink
This group is for users of the software EchoLink! It allows Amateur Radio operators from around the world to connect with other operators via the worldwide EchoLink System utilizing Voice-Over-IP technology gateways and client software created by Jonathan Taylor, K1RFD. This facet of Amateur Radio joins the power of the internet with our radio hobby! This is an advertisement free list owned by J...
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AsSeerah / AsSeerah
​Current Affairs with Prophetic Perspective News Analysis, Education, and Seerah Blogging and Vlogging Facebook/AsSeerah Twitter/AsSeerah Instagram/AsSeerah t.me/AsSeerah AsSeerah.com Jawed Anwar Journalist, Blogger, Vlogger, and Education Planner
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SKCC / Straight Key Century Club
The Straight Key Century Club is the largest association of straight-key Morse code CW operators and enthusiasts in the world. Organized in January 2006 the Club has thousands of members around the globe. The Groups.io email list & online group is a meeting place for discussion by SKCC club members of all topics related to manually keyed Morse code, straight keys, bugs and sideswiper "coot...
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surfacehippy / Surfacehippy - Hip Resurfacing and Hip Solutions for Active Patients
Hip resurfacing and hip replacement spoken here. Surfacehippy (Surface Hippy) is the original, largest and most active hip resurfacing patient support group. Hip resurfacing is an alternative to total hip replacement surgery for young and active patients suffering from debilitating hip pain due to arthritis, trauma, avascular necrosis (AVN), hip dysplasia (DDH), Perthes disease, or femoroacetabula...
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extremeprogramming / Extreme Programming, formerly a Yahoo! group
The extremeprogramming Yahoo! group, with a place to perhaps continue the conversation.
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