NCE DCC: A DCC discussion and support group focusing on NCE and it discontinued sister brand (Wangrow & Ramtraxx)

Welcome.  The NCE-DCC list will serve as a forum for users of NCE Digital Command Control Systems to obtain and share information about NCE Products and DCC with other users. 
Notes to new potential members:
1) Membership requires approval.  Why? This is just a "front Door" SPAM filter to get rid of computers or people searching for member's email addresses to spam later.  It is for your protection.  Please tell us why you want to join the list.  It's that simple.  We can tell who is really interested and who might have other ideas.
2) All new member will have their 1st postings of messages initially screen by a Moderator.  Why? To make sure it is not a person attempting to SUBSCRIBE for the sole purpose of SPAMMING to the list directly.  Once a Moderator has determined your not a Spammer, your posting restriction will be removed, your message posted to the list and your now a regular member.
3) NO POSTING OF "FOR SALE" EQUIPMENT ALLOW ON THIS LIST.  This is a technical forum to help solve NCE users technical problems.  There are other list that take care of this if your NOT interested in Ebay.  
4) Discussions about track cleaning with chemicals or other agents at the rail to wheel level are NOT a valid topic for this DCC specific list.  There are other yahoo discussion groups on general model railroad topics that include track maintenance issues available.  However discussions regarding ELECTRICAL CIRCUITS to deal with dirty track are allowed  (AKA: Keep alive, Current Keeper, Power USP, PowerExtender, No Halt).  For Dirty track discussions go here:

Remember to have fun.
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