LeCroyOwnersGroup / LeCroy Owners Group
This is a group for owner and users of LeCroy Oscilloscopes and related equipment. It is meant to share information about the use, maintenance and repair of these instruments. THIS group.io GROUP IS NOW THE PRIMARY GROUP FOR the LeCroyOwnersGroup. THE YAHOO! GROUP WILL NO LONGER BE MAINTAINED OR UPDATED. NEW FILES SHOULD BE POSTED TO THIS GROUP! ALL OF THE FILES ON THE YAHOO! GROUP HAVE ALREADY BE...
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USNCVA / United States Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association
The U.S. NAVAL CRYPTOLOGIC VETERANS ASSOCIATION is a unique organization of active, retired, and honorably discharged U.S. Naval Cryptologists, past and present, whose primary focus is the preservation of our rich cryptologic history which now includes the Cyber and Information Warfare communities. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: When joining this group you MUST include the following information in your ...
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slocobirding / San Luis Obispo County Birding
A discussion group for San Luis Obispo County, CA birds. Topics include county rarities, early and late migration times, and birds seen in the field. Also welcome are identification issues, and announcements of upcoming field and pelagic trips. Please sign your post with your name and location Please use an appropriate subject line and limit your discussion to San Luis Obispo County All new membe...
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SpectrumLabUsers / Spectrum Lab Users
Welcome to the Spectrum Lab users group. Spectrum Lab is a program for signal analysis. Initially it was just an 'audio spectrum analyser', focused on weak signal processing, but it grew a lot since then. Details about DL4YHF's Spectrum Lab are here: http://www.qsl.net/dl4yhf/spectra1.html In October 2018, this group was transferred from the former Spectrum Lab Users group at Y..., but...
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NPModelers / Northern Pacific Railway Modelers
Welcome To The Northern Pacific Railway Modelers Group! This group is organized to share modeling of the Northern Pacific Railway, done in any scale. While the focus may stray from time to time, ALL aspects of the railroad are acceptable for discussion. Occasionally we wander off on tangents involving other things, but we try to keep it brief. We are NOT here to discuss successor roads, but reali...
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peninsula-birding / Peninsula Birding
Peninsula Birding is a list for discussions about birdwatching and wild birds in San Mateo County, California, USA. Fast-breaking news of rare birds, population trends, where-can-I-find questions, etc. are all welcome. "What-I-saw-today" reports are also welcome, as long as they are in some way unusual. Dicussions about pet birds or pet cats versus wild birds are strictly verboten. Conser...
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IRLP/ECHOLINK - VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Amateur Radio Severe Weather Reporting Network. Participating Linked Repeater Owners / User Group Remailer. Home page and activation status is at www.voipwx.net This group that utilizes both Echolink and IRLP is a joint effort to provide wide area nets to facilitate the receiving and dissemination of weather related information meeting report...
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TemariChallenge / Temari Challenge For Everyone
Beginners through advanced temari stitchers are invited to join us! Welcome to our forum for exploring the techniques and designs of the ancient folk art of Japanese temari. We are a group of experienced temari stitchers who freely exchange ideas and help answer questions that go beyond the basics of temari. We thrive on the exchange of thoughts and experience in the development of temari design...
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Butternut / Butternut Antennas
This is THE support group for Butternut Amateur Radio Antennas. You MUST provide your first name and Call Sign as your user name for membership! This group is for the Butternut antenna user who wants to learn and exchange their knowledge and 'secrets' about Butternut antennas. This group is to be used as a central meeting point on using, repairing, and modification of these antenna system...
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Nn3 / Nn3 (N Scale Narrow Gauge)
This is the replacement site for nn3@yahoogroups.com. The home list of the N-Scale Narrow Gauge special interest group. In short form this is Nn3. While we use the term Nn3 to describe our gauge it is not strictly speaking only the 3 foot gauge we model. The three popular gauges modeled are 3 foot, 3 foot 6 inch and meter gauges. While N-scale in North America uses a scale of 1:160 there are a...
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Discussion about the Anglo-American "War of 1812" (1812-1815) - land and sea. Its interrelationships with the Napoleonic Wars in general. Most members are re-enactors, involved in the "living history" commemoration/demonstration of the events of the War and era, usually in support of historic sites and heritage organizations.
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When applying for Membership, Check the Email Address you used to Join for our Membership Validation Email. This should arrive within a couple of days with Subject Line "MonGenes - Your Request to Join” This Group is dedicated to providing a sustainable and free to use resource covering genealogy research and family history in the County of Monmouthshire.(Sir Fynwy) The aim of the founder me...
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IndustrialRailwaySociety / Industrial Railway Society
This is the Industrial Railway Society mailing list. It is open to Society members and non members to share information and items of interest about industrial railways and locomotives in the U.K. and worldwide. We welcome non members to join and participate in this list. For details of the Industrial Railway Society, including membership, see our web site at www.irsociety.co.uk. Ken Scanes Mo...
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MILWmodelers / MILWAUKEE ROAD modelers
== [ This group is the new home of the previous [MILWmodelers] Yahoo group. ] == This list is a forum for people interested in modeling the Milwaukee Road in any scale and any era. Virtual modeling is included as is Protofreelancing based on the historic Milwaukee Road.
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grafana / Grafana mailing list [Closed]
Grafana Mailing List (Closed) As of 2017-03-23 we are closing down this mailing list to consolidate discussions & questions to our new forum/community site https://community.grafana.com
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HOn30 / HOn30 Mail Car
Welcome to the HOn30 Mail Car Mailing List. The purpose of the list is to encourage discussion about modeling Two Foot Railroads in HOn30 or HOn2-1/2. The primary focus of this list is modeling in HO scale on N-gauge tracks, but please feel free to discuss other scales if you make mention of it in the subject line.
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PstRotator / PstRotator by YO3DMU
The PstRotator and PstRotatorAz programs handle almost every controllable antenna rotator in common use. PstRotator provides automatic satellites tracking and moon/sun tracking for EME. PstRotatorAz supports the SteppIR and UltraBeam antennas, and different relays boards. Both programs support multi-user remote control over TCP/IP. A lot of loggers, satellites trackers, moon trackers, DX Cluste...
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This 30MDG Group forum is dedicated to increasing 30 Meter Band digital activity (When joining please indicate your callsign or why you want to join for fast approval). The main focus of this group will be to support PSK, MFSK, HELL, OLIVIA, WSJT and other digi modes on 30M Band (10MHZ) to increase digi activity on 30M. Topics: 30M prop,30M antennas,30M activity,30MDG info. If you are interested t...
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crock-lakhovsky / Crock-Lakhovsky
Welcome to Crock & Lakhovsky ! This is for discussion of the Crock and the Lakhovsky devices in general, as well as any other bio electric medicine. It is also for discussion of any health product that has helped you and you want to share with us. Please share personally what has helped you or someone you love, and then, if there is interest in where to get the product, then you can share tha...
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Test-Equipment-For-Sale-Wanted-or-Exchange / Test Equipment- for sale, wanted, exchange.
This is a group to allow people to buy/sell/swap/hire good quality new or used test equipment, or parts of test equipment such as individual PCBs, knobsi, manuals etc. Unlike auction sites, where sellers incur fees, no fees are charged, so items can be sold to buyers at a lower price than on auction websites. Only list equipment that you have - not what you can source if someone wants one. The e...
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