LotusEuropa / Lotus Europa
This mailing list is intended for enthusiasts of the Lotus Europa (any year and model). You are welcome to join whether you are an owner, owner to-be, or just an interested party. Discussion should be limited to the Europa model, as there are plenty of mailing lists for other Lotus models. The purpose of the list is sharing of ideas and technical information about the Lotus Europa. There is a list...
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Monthly online (free) newsletter for flash literature (flash fiction, short-short fiction, flash creative nonfiction, flash plays, haibun, prose poetry. The newsletter will contain paying flash literature markets, non-paying flash literature contests, and flash literature publishing news.
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Sheldonlathe is for sharing information about Sheldon, Sebastian, and Vernon machine tools. The Files, Photos, and Links sections contain basic information. Members may upload machine photos to the Photos section. For a manual or parts for your Sheldon, check the Files for "Sheldon Parts FAQ" and the Links sections for sources. The FAQ is updated regularly so check this file for new inf...
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P2P-CO / Parent to Parent of Colorado
Group Description Parents@P2P-CO is the Online Parent Support Group for Parent to Parent of Colorado. Here we provide an opportunity to exchange information with other parents of sons/daughters with disabilities or special health care needs living in Colorado. Our experience tells us that families of children with special needs connected to a peer support network are more knowledgeab...
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MMOMW / Making Mixed Orientation Marriages Work
This group has been created for those who are in mixed orientation marriages. (REcreated from the past Yahoo Group of the same name). Straight spouses who are married to gays or bisexuals and also the married gays and bisexuals themselves. THIS IS A SUPPORT GROUP ONLY. A place where we can get together and discuss ways we make our marriages work in a positive way. We welcome all those in this situ...
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TheSeaofClaws / Sea of Claws - Games Workshop's Man O War Game
Avast there! For over 17 years as a Yahoo Group, The Sea of Claws has been the best place for both fans and Man O War admirals alike to gather and discuss what is arguably Games Workshop's best game. We kept our favorite game alive with continual dedication, unbridled enthusiasm and sheer willpower and grew our membership to over 3000 members. Now in our new home here at Groups.io, we hope t...
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NScaleYardSale / NScaleYardSale
This list is for N-Scale modelers to sell and buy N scale items and models. DCC equipment is also allowed as long as it is usable for N Scale. There will be no links to eBay, other paid-ad sites or commercial web sites. Do not use tinyurls either. Individuals and Dealers are welcome to list items for sale in their messages to this list. Swaps and trades are welcome as are sale items. Please feel ...
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CPBarandGrill / Changeling Bar and Grill
Welcome to the Changeling Press Bar and Grill. Pull up a chair. Get comfortable. Stay a while... Legal Stuff: Like most bars, there's an age limit. Adults only please. This loop is for Changeling Press authors, friends and family. Please don't promo other stuff here.
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csreye / CSREYE - Central Serous Retinopathy
CSR - Central Serous Retinopathy OR CSC - Central Serous Chorioretinopathy. This group on groups.io replaced the former group on yahoo.com in 2019, when yahoo dropped support for groups. This is a serious eye condition which causes loss of visual sensitivity loss of focus and loss of ability to see fine detail. It mainly occurs in males between 20-45 and is associated with stress and use of co...
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The online historical discussion forum devoted to the Southern Pacific (Espee) between 1861 and 1996. SP’s various subsidiaries are also on-topic including the St. Louis Southwestern (“SSW” or “Cotton Belt); Northwestern Pacific (NWP); Texas & New Orleans (T&NO), Pacific Electric (PE); Visalia Electric (VE); Pacific Fruit Express Company (PFE – a partnership with Union Pacific u...
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myfordlathes / Myfordlathes
This group has been started to assist users and would-be users who own or are interested in Myford lathes; its initial incarnation was as the Yahoo group of the same name. We hope that it will also cover other Myford Machine Tools such as the millers and attachments. All are welcome and we hope that the group will attract many newcomers who read other lists but are not sure what to post. Newcomers...
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europeanrail / European Rail Gen
Welcome to "European Rail Gen" [ERG]. The leading mailing list for those with an interest European Railways. It offers a chance to pass on both urgent and interesting information in relation to railways in the European continent (except mainland Great Britain) including loco workings, rail tours, line closures etc. Also trip reports in the relevant "Files" area of the site. Please ...
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creativemachine / The Creative Machine Newsletter
Started by Robbie Fanning on Quiltropolis; moved to Yahoo in 2008. An online home for sewing enthusiasts, their sewing machines, their projects, and their questions.
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HOswap / HOswap on IO
NO FEES NO HASSLES NO LIMITS This is THE place where HO-Scale items move. Whether it is new in the box or just collecting dust, you may have what others are looking for. You might even find your own lost treasures, here. We welcome all who are looking to buy, sell, or trade: -HO locomotives, rolling stock, and accessories -Hard-to-find items -Train-related videos, books, printed material, and o...
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NWNonprofitNetworking / Northwest Nonprofit Networking
Welcome to NORTHWEST NONPROFIT NETWORKING, a group moderated by 501 Commons as part of its free Information & Referral Program. WHAT TO POST: This group is for messages that advance nonprofit management practices in the Pacific Northwest. Post questions; request information; search for people/organizations/companies; and list jobs, volunteer opportunities, and consulting gigs/RFPs. You can als...
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Discussion of the table top type circular sock knitting machines, made as early as the 1800's. You are welcome to join whether you have a sock machine or not. Just a few of the goals of this list are: * bringing together of csm-er's in a fun and participatory way * creating a learning environment for everyone * exploring old ways and new ideas for sock machines Please check out the list...
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adoptionensolo / Adoption en Solo
Adopter en Célibataire "Adoption en solo" est dédié aux personnes en cours d'agrément, d'adoption ou bien déjà adopté: célibataire, divorcé (e), veuf (ve) ... échanger les informations, les difficultés et les projets de la famille monoparentale adoptive, dans un esprit d'entraide bénévole et gratuite. IMPORTANT procedure d'inscription: Vous devez être entier...
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Steel-Detail / Steel-Detail Discussion Group
The Steel-Detail discussion group is for general discussions related to the business of producing shop and erection drawings for the fabricated steel construction industry. Some of the people subscribed to this list are detailers, 3D modelers, fabricators, engineers, architects, erectors, estimators, project managers, purchasers, students, etc.
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This is an email list for everyone who expressed interest in Parrothead Cruises presented by the Atlanta Parrot Head Club
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harplist / Harplist - Since 1990!
The new home of the original Folk Harp mailing list. Original description follows: This list was created in 1990 by Jane and Andy Valencia, and tended to for 20 years by Sharon Skaryd. This exceptional resource has been, and will continue to be, devoted to the discussion of any and all topics related to folk, historical and pedal harps. For those who are "harp-crazed" and either play the h...
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