GuilfordRailSightings / Guilford Rail Sightings
Welcome to GuilfordRailSightings, the ORIGINAL Guilford railfan discussion group! Guilford Transportation Industries entered the railroad businss in June 1981 with its purchase of the Maine Central Railroad. In 1983 Boston & Maine Corporation was added to the fold. Delaware & Hudson Railway was added in 1984 only to be cast off in bankruptcy four years later, leaving Guilford with just Mai...
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Davidbradleytractors / Davidbradleytractors
This group is about Post David Bradley Garden tractors David Bradley Suburban riders and Prewar and Post war Handiman Tractors
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PHSNA / Poor Ham's Scalar Network Analyzer
Information and discussion about a simple, low-cost scalar network analyzer (SNA) employing an Arduino micro controller, an inexpensive AD9850/51 DDS module, and an AD8307 RF power detector. All are welcome, but the moderator must approve new members.
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stockanalyzer / stockanalyzer
Discussion of stock trading, investing, options, futures, strategies, and resources. No discussion of Penny Stocks. All messages are moderated. Spamming and pushing stocks will be blocked and membership deleted.
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Interferometry / Interferometry
The purpose of this group is to exchange information and ideas on the general subject of interferometry including the testing of mirrors and other optical systems, the design and fabrication of interferometers, and the processing of interferograms.
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This group serves as a free market to sell or buy O scale 2-rail and Proto48 items only. Related items can be media pertaining to Proto48 or O Scale 2-rail as well as electronic items such as DCC. Non-conforming posts will be rejected. No 3-rail allowed unless it can easily be converted to 2-rail!! This group is for direct selling, from seller to buyer with no intermediary. No links to other "...
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FlexRadioSmartSDR / FlexRadioSmartSDR
This Discussion group is for FLEX radios using the SmartSDR architecture. The new hardware architecture has multiple processors including a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The FPGA supports direct Digital Down Conversion of the signal and provides tremendous processing power in the radio. SmartSDR is the software running on the radio controlling it all. The user interface is thin client and ...
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milpack / Milpack Group
Military and Commercial Manpack - Backpack Portable Radios Discussion and sharing of technical and historical information about pack sets and other portable radios. Supporting the active and experimental use of these radios by amateur radio operators, modifications, alternate power supply, solar power, human powered generators, antennas, etc Group members are welcome to post about radio, accessor...
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S-Scale / Promoting And Discussing Fine Scale Model Railroading in 1/64th (S) Scale
Welcome! This S-Scale list is for discussion of model railroading in 1/64th (S) scale; both standard and narrow gauge. If you are already modeling in S scale or are a model railroader who is considering switching to S from another scale JOIN US! This list is one of the best sources of information on S scale available. Just introduce yourself after joining. Ask all the questions ...
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sprog-dcc / SPROG DCC
A group for owners, prospective owners and users of the SPROG family of DCC Programmers and command stations. Please keep discussion on topic and relevant to your thoughts and experiences of using SPROG and DecoderPro to program your decoders. Thread drift and light hearted banter will be tolerated to a reasonable extent. Abusive or personally insulting messages are strictly off topic. This is als...
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fin-ham / Fin-ham - Suomenkielinen radioamatöörilista
Fin-ham on avoin postituslista, jolla keskustellaan radioamatööritoiminnasta suomeksi. Jos asiasi selvästi ei koske radioamatööritoimintaa, käytä Ham-sauna-listaa. Toistuvasti Fin-hamille muusta kuin listan aiheesta kirjoittavat voidaan poistaa listalta tai asettaa jäähylle. Henkilöön käyvät nimittelyt, loukkaukset tai solvaukset eivät kuulu listalle, tätä rikkovat voidaan poistaa ...
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emrailgen / East Midlands Rail Gen
Any railway related gen for the East Midlands. "Official information" with gen on any relevant topics are greatly received by over 1,000 members. We welcome railway workers and enthusiasts alike. All contributions welcome - it cannot be a gen group without your gen! Two simple rules: No foul language or upsetting people please. Please ask before re-posting information, and then please cred...
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VCH / Residents of the Virginia City Highlands
The Virginia City Highlands is a rural subdivision about 5 miles north of Virginia City, Nevada USA. This list is a way for residents to keep up on news of the community. The list is fully moderated. Generally, the only requirements for posts are that they must be on-topic, and they must be civil. Individuals are limited to 3 postings per day. This group was originally started on September 28, 2...
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Sn3 / Sn3 Model Railroading
Model Railroading in 3/64 scale 3 foot gauge Sn3 Sn3 narrow gauge prototype and modeling in S scale
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A email group for discussion of amateur radio activities using modes within WSJTX software by Joe Taylor.
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Interested in the Soo Line Railroad in its golden years, before it lost its corporate identity? is the place to discuss it. The topic of discussion is the Soo Line Railroad and its predecessors, including the Duluth South Shore & Atlantic, prior to the acquisition of the Milwaukee Road in 1985. The purpose of the discussion will be to foster a better understanding of t...
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SanDiegoRegionBirding / San Diego Region Birding
The new home for SanDiegoRegionBirding now available on San Diego Region Birding is the official Rare Bird Alert (RBA) and birding discussion group for the San Diego region run by San Diego Field Ornithologists (SDFO). San Diego Field Ornithologists is a non-profit organization that promotes the advancement of field ornithology (birding) through educational programs, publication of in...
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brex / Brain Exchange
East Bay Womens' brainstorming group
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knit4charities / Knit4Charities
This Australian Group is for enthusiastic knitters, crocheters, sewers, who would like donate their work to charities. Most of us donate locally to save on postage so we can buy more yarn! Our aim is to share with each other charities support and the types of items they use. Swap stories, patterns, ideas and work together to help those in need. All members of the community are welcome to join an...
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dsg / Dhamma Study Group
A discussion forum for anyone interested in understanding the Buddha's teachings. The aim of the discussions is to support the development of understanding of life as taught by the Buddha. Anyone having an interest is welcome to join. No prior knowledge of Buddhism is required. The focus of the group is the Buddha’s teachings as found in all three baskets of the Tipitaka, the origina...
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