Children of Hoarders

Welcome to our support group for Adult Children of Hoarders! Beginning as a Yahoo Group in 2006, we have been the place to go for grassroots support and other resources to improve the lives of children of hoarders (COH).
Join us for support, information sharing, and understanding. No professional therapy or magic answers to "fix" our parents/in-laws here, but you will find a community of people who grew up the same way or have similar adult experiences and can relate.
Important Stuff
  1. This group is intended primarily for adult children of hoarders, i.e. people who are 18 years of age or older.
  2. This group aims to support children of hoarders by providing a safe place for COH to connect with each other and to share their experiences.
  3. While hoarding may be discussed in this group, the focus of the group is NOT on hoarders and hoarding. Rather, the group focuses on children of hoarders and the impact of hoarding on children and families.
Please, only apply to join this group if you are an adult child of a hoarder or a spouse/partner of a child of a hoarder, AND you agree to treat the private discussions and content of this group as confidential.

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