This list is a place to discuss all aspects of past, present, and future passenger trains and rail travel in Canada. This includes all national, regional, commuter, and tourist rail carriers. Examples include VIA Rail, the former passenger services of the CNR, CPR, and BCR, the passenger services of the Algoma Central (CN), Ontario Northland, GO Transit, West Coast Express, and Rocky Mountaineer R...
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theblindperspective / The Blind Perspective
The Blind Perspective is a monthly newsletter written by the blind for the blind. We aim to keep you informed and entertained. It pays to be plugged in to The Blind Perspective.
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ocfd / Off-Center Fed Dipole antenna group
Make sure that your DISPLAY NAME for this group contains your AMATEUR RADIO CALL SIGN! Otherwise, membership will be DECLINED! —Long-term members: Please, add your call sign to your display name.— The purpose of this non-commercial Off-Center Fed Dipole antenna group is to share: ideas for the further improvement of sources for the construction materials of experimental results of ...
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This group is dedicated to assisting programmers in the creation of personal software and personal hardware that is compatible with the Digitrax LocoNet. The base reference for this list is the LocoNet Personal Use Edition 1.0 Specifications dated October 16, 1997. This group has been approved by AJ Ireland at Digitrax but it is not controlled by Digitrax All content is the work of individual con...
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Iowa-Interstate / Iowa Interstate Railroad
This list is for the discussion of prototype and modeling information on operating practices, equipment, and property of the Iowa Interstate Railroad. This also includes CSX's New Rock Subdivision from Utica to Blue Island, IL, over which IAIS has trackage rights. Please note: Personal attacks will not be tolerated on this list. Those who choose to ignore this warning will be subject to immedi...
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Gemini-II / Gemini-II User Group
Please note that there is no manual published for the Gemini-2 controllers Note: The Gemini-2 mount controller is basically finished with only minor updates as needed. The latest updates are at There is a new Firmware uploader that can help you keep your Gemini-2 updated Please use the following to post errors logs. Please do...
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A group dedicated to all things Kiron, ie lenses made by Kino Precision, Vivitar lenses, Panagor and Elicar, Guinness and things like that...
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jfw / The JAWS for Windows Support List
This group aims to be a source for anything and everything related to JAWS for Windows, a screen reading technology for the blind and visually impaired. Topics range from discussion of new and upcoming features, to compatibility with certain programs, etc. Topics do not include how to use programs that are not JAWS for Windows - there are other discussion groups to serve that purpose.
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IH-Cub-LoBoy-154-185-184-Tractors / I-H Cub LoBoy Numeric Series 154, 185, 184 Tractors
Owner's group for the International Harvester "numeric series" 154, 185, & 184 Cub LoBoy tractors manufactured from 1968 through 1979.
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GandD / Gorre and Daphetid Railroad discussion
Group for discussion and picture posting of one of the greatest model railroads of all time. John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid Line.
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This will be a list to trade Desktop Wallpapers of Hot Looking Men. All Wallpapers Must measure at least 800x600 and feature Men. Wallpapers can also be made for Monitors whose resolution is opposite of most computers. We have collected some of the most talented Wallpapers Artists Around.Their talent Ranges from beginner to expert. Their vision of their work results in some pretty tremendous piece...
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Group dedicated to selling, trading or wanting of test equipment, microwave equipment, ham radio equipment, etc. Limited to non-commercial purposes and listing of eBay auctions and other auctions of ones own sales not allowed.
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aicap-aifap / Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians/Foreigners in American Prisons
A replacement for the same group name in Yahoo Groups, all the users, photos, files, and messages were moved here from the original group at Yahoo Groups. AICAP/AIFAP ~ A Guide For Canadians Imprisoned Abroad Registration of Canadians Abroad Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963 h...
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modelintermodal / Discusses intermodal transport
The modelintermodal list is for modelers and enthusiasts of intermodal transport of any era. Both prototype and modeling issues are discussed. This list replaces the same group at Yahoo Groups The subject matter includes trailers, containers, railroad intermodal rolling stock, intermodal freight cars, railroad and port (marine) intermodal operations, intermodal terminal design, intermodal facilit...
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AmelYachtOwners / Amel Yacht Owners Group
The Amel Yacht Owners Group has over 1,000 members. Membership is restricted to actual Amel Yacht owners (present and past), those who plan to buy a new or used Amel, or those simply wanting more information about Amel yachts. The Amel Yacht Owners Group is independent and in no way connected to Amel Shipyard ( This group is sponsored and supported by Bill Rouse, owner of Yacht School...
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TheBlindPost / The Blind Post classified news
The Blind Post classified news from and for the blind and visually impaired. A monthly email magazine featuring ads and announcements along with monthly columns .
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We are the Ottawa Valley Astronomy and Observers Group -- Observateurs astronomes d'Ottawa-Gatineau (OAOG) : a very casual group of amateur astronomers who do sidewalk astronomy, star parties and enjoy getting together at various sites around Ottawa, Ontario. Observers of all levels are welcome. The OAOG is the original informal group that was founded in Ottawa, Ontario in 1994 by local astron...
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BraveBuddies / Brave Buddies: Online Support and Information for Bay Area Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes
Brave Buddies is an on-line support group for parents of children with type 1 diabetes, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area (including South Bay, East Bay, North Bay/Marin, East Bay/Sacramento, and Santa Cruz and environs). Brave Buddies is a service of Carb DM ( Carb DM is a non profit organization whose mission is to build a supportive community that improves the quality of ...
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b26-pa / B26-PA Solid State Amplifier
B26-PA RF2K+ Legal limit LDMOS Solid State Amp kit for Ham Radio from RF-Kit Every is welcome - so please show us your call sign if you like to join ! 73 Chris DL5NAM
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isal / The International Society for Artificial Life
Welcome to the mailing list and discussion group platform for the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL). We have a number of subgroups available for specific purposes. To subscribe to a subgroup, you will first need to subscribe to this top-level "main" group: you can do so by sending a blank email to When you have done that, you can then subscri...
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