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K9Kidneys is a list for owners of dogs suffering from one/more forms of kidney disorder, Kidney Disease ,Acute/Chronic Failure, Juvenile Renal Dysplasia(JRD),Glomerulonephritis(GN),Renal Insufficiency(RI),Protein-Losing Nephropathy(PLN),Protein-Losing Enteropathy(PLE). 
Emphasis is on treatment options, kidney diets & other tips/tricks in the mgmt. of the renal dog. It is designed to be a comforting/supportive environment.
No question is too basic. Advertising or forwarded messages from or to other lists are not allowed. Renal disorders can be complicated & difficult to treat. We are NOT Veterinarians, nor a substitute for veterinary care. We offer treatment suggestions & ideas to discuss with your vet & a place to compare notes on what has worked for others in practice. We encourage you to use the site as a tool, as you work alongside your vets in the treatment of your dogs.

K9Kidneys is the original & largest canine kidney support group & is not affiliated with any other groups.

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