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This group is for anyone interested in the Colt Garden Tractors , Case Garden Tractors , and Ingersoll Garden Tractors garden tractors.
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MicBuilders / Microphone Builders
Audio recording in all media: Tape, DAT, minidisc, hard disk, solid state ... Recording enthusiasts who like to get the most out of their equipment ... Musicians, nature recordists, sound archivists, teachers, engineers, hobbyists, budget impaired ... Experimenters discuss fresh & tried techniques ... Microphone parts hunters & gatherers who like to brew their own ... Anything for the mic ...
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UDXF / Utility DXers Forum
The Utility DXers Forum - UDXF is centered around the exchange of news and information relating to "utility" radio stations and signals, below 30 MHz. What kind of stations are covered? Actually everything in the range of 0-30 MHz with the exception of Broacasting Stations, Pirate Stations, and Amateur Radio (with the exception of utility related activities). Important: You a...
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ldsig / Layout Design SIG Discussion Group
This discussion forum is for members and friends of the model railroad Layout Design SIG. Membership in the Layout Design SIG is encouraged, but not required. Model railroaders, model train enthusiasts, and everyone who loves model railroading: we welcome discussion on all aspects of model railroad layout design, construction, and operation in this group! Posts deemed as an advertiseme...
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DMR / Ham DMR in the Pacific Northwest of the United States
This is Digital Mobile Radio for Ham Radio Operators with a primary flavor for the Pacific Northwest. Within this "​Parent​"​​ DMR ​IO Group ​are also PNWDigital.Net, DCI and several other subgroups. Some groups have open membership while others have some restrictions so read the introductions closely as there may be conditions that you must satisfy such as providing your ca...
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irlp / IRLP Discussion Group
This is the discussion group for the Internet Radio Linking Project - A Project to link audio from amateur radio transmitters and receivers around the earth using the internet.
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view-naviontech / view-naviontech discussion
This site has been established to serve the more technical side of the Winnebago View and Itasca Navion motorhomes. As a resource site, the Tech site should become a complete and valuable location for many issues. For people looking to share trip reports and other social discussions, the original View-Navion, home of the Skinnie Winnies will cater to that element and not be mixed with the technic...
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SweetAdelines / SING
A discussion group for members and fans of Sweet Adelines International, a worldwide organization for women who sing four-part Acappella music in the barbershop style. We welcome all who would like to discuss any and all aspects of the music or the management of our choruses and quartets, and assume everyone will discuss in the true spirit of harmony.
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HamApps / HamApps by VK3AMA
HamApps by VK3AMA Support JTAlert download from
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This is a first overflow for the Small Layout Design group - more file and photo space. Please don't post messages to the sldfiles group - they won't go out. It is for files and pictures only. Due to restrictions in file space, 4 separate groups had been set up for the sharing of design files and photos.
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felderownersgroup / Felder Owners Group
This is the new home of the Felder Owners Group, previously on Yahoo. We are an independent group from Felder and as such, open discussion is invited. Please use common sense and civility in posting in this group. Personal attacks, Politics, Spam, and any sort of troublesome activity are not allowed and will get you expelled from the group after a warning. Please note that for new members, you ar...
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digitalradio / Digital-mode-radio
This is a site that was established in the year 2000 and has continued to be a leading discussion group regarding digital mode communication in the amateur bands and in the "utility" world. From "how to set up" digital modes as a beginner, to what software is best, and for advanced options such experimental new modes, this is the place that will help with the advancement of the st...
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SharingSmallEngineSecrets / Sharing Small Engine Secrets
Welcome To Sharing Small Engine Secrets Group Small Engines is Intended as a resource for individuals studying small engines, business owners, home owners or anyone. The basic purpose of the list is to discuss and distribute information. Members are encouraged to post questions, comments, or announcements of interest about small engines and which pertain to work, theory or ideas about the current ...
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SunfishSailor / SunfishSailor
Information sharing for Sunfish sailboat sailing, rigging, racing, repairs, restoration and equipment innovations. Tips for buying, selling, transport and storage of the World's most popular sailboat. Also Calendar, Photos, Files, Polls and Databases. Visit the Wayne Carney (sail231) Memorial Files for Sunfish Timeline, Rigging Manuals and Repair Guides. Information for Sunfish, Super Sunfish,...
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MediaPro / Media Pro - Film, Television & Media Professionals
A networking community for established media creatives & technicians - filmmakers, writers, artists, editors, musicians - to exchange ideas, develop projects, share wisdom, and gain a bit of peer support. Fundraising, spam, sales, or proselytizing are not allowed.
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loopantennas / Loop Antennas
This is the Loop Antenna Group to Ask Your Questions, Get Answers and Information about Loop Antennas for improved your Radio Listening and Enjoyment. This is your "HOW TO" Loop Antenna Forum to : Get Information, Plan, Design and Build Loop Antennas for both Radio Reception and Transmission. Air loops, magnetic loops, ferrite loops, shielded, unshielded, SLF to any frequency you can m...
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The CCD camera has revolutionized the art of astrophotography. This discussion group is for those who would like to learn how to take astrophotos. The group is moderated by the author of the book The New CCD Astronomy - Ron Wodaski. The focus of this group is on providing detailed feedback for beginners and intermediate CCD imagers. You will find the information you need on how to focus, expose,...
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EXPLORATOR has over two decades of experience bringing you the best of the world of archaeology/ancient history every week. Various on-line news and magazine sources are scoured on a daily basis for news of the ancient world (broadly construed: practically anything relating to archaeology or history prior to the end of WWI or so is fair game) and they are delivered to your mailbox free of charge e...
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FreecycleRockvilleMD / FreecycleRockvilleMD
FreecycleRockville was founded in 2005 and is NOT affiliated with (TM) which began in 2013. FreecycleRockville serves the greater Rockville, Maryland area, including Derwood and Potomac. CafeMontgomery is our companion list ~ come on over to chat. We are open to all within our service area who want to "recycle" that special something rather than throw it away. Whether it&...
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