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Lots of things can make a cat lose interest in food: infection,constipation, CRF, pancreatitis, a bad tooth, cancer, or even stress. Cats can't fast because they don't use body fat well. It can clog the liver causing acute failure, called Hepatic Lipidosis or Fatty Liver. Food is the only prevention and cure. [more]

Nutrition can provide strength to fight, buy time to work on a full diagnosis/treatment plan, make kitty more comfortable, and improve quality of life.


Watch this video on how to safely and calmly syringe feed your cat, made by list member Kathy and starring her Miss Toady.

Many new members are frazzled and overwhelmed. We've been there and understand.

Dealing with the emotional side of assisted feeding

We have tried to organize and condense info so you can spend more time caring for your cat and less searching the web. There are many resources under Links, Files and Databases, as well as a lot of FAF kitty photos. Here are a few quick links:

Questions and Answers(Q&A) -- FILES for New Members -- LINKS for New Members -- Welcome Message

If your cat hasn't eaten much or anything for >1-2 days, contact a vet ASAP. [more]
Seek immediate veterinary help for emergencies. Don't wait for replies.
Feed enough to keep your cat from losing weight [more]

Don't give up[more]

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