the-tech-zone / The Tech Zone
A general technology list
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blindforum / Blindforum
Blindforum, Het computerforum voor blinden en slechtzienden en geïinteresseerden. hier kunnen problemen rondom het werken met de computer of ICT gerelateerde producten worden besproken. Items die hier aan bod kunnen komen, kunnen gaan over screenreaders, leesregels of vergroting, problemen met bepaalde software etc.
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Indivisible Portola Valley We are a grassroots effort located in Portola Valley and part of the nationwide Indivisible effort. This email group will be used to communicate within our local organization and is restricted to denizens of Portola Valley and the immediate surrounding areas. Our email address is
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turkfutbolu / Türk Futbolu Sanal Yazışma Topluluğu
Türk Futbolu Sanal Yazışma Topluluğu (TFSYT) Türk Futbolu ile ilgili gündem veya gündeme alternatif konuların, futbolla amatörce ilgilenen, taraflığını futbol yönünde kullanmış futbolseverlerce duyurulduğu, tartışıldığı futbol platformudur.   Türk Futbolu Sanal Yazışma Topluluğu (TFSYT), futbol ile ilgili paylaşacak şeyleri olan herkese açıktır. Maddi çıkar gö...
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uksmg / UKSMG Discussion Group
This discussion group is available to all Six Metre enthusiasts. When applying to join this reflector please give your Name and Callsign. If you are a member of the UKSMG, then if known please add your membership number. This Reflector is intended for the exchange of information on 50 MHz operation including DX-related topics, QSL information, propagation, technical discussions & other...
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Lidless Eye exists to discuss politics and policy options in the post-911 world. Members from all nation-states and political persuasions are welcome, but the dialogue can range into the extreme at times; a good sense of humor is mandatory. Polite, thoughtful and considered exchange is the rule at Lidless Eye. Flames, ad-hominem attacks, and other objectionable debating tactics will be tolerated o...
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jawsdutch / jawsdutch
Nederlandstalige mailinglist voor gebruikers en aanbieders van de screenreader Jaws for Windows. Dit is de opvolger van de Yahoogroup Jawsdutch.
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ERP market in Turkey.
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TodaysCheese / Cheese from the Mice
Today's piece of cheese from the Mice! Hurry and Save on this special!
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Venture Capital activities in Turkey.
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manowar-fr / Liste de discussion Fr sur Man O'War
Ce groupe est consacré au jeu Man O'War de Games Workshop. Il a pour but de rassembler les joueurs français de ce super jeu pour qu'ils échangent leurs points de vue, leurs règles, leurs tactiques... Il peut aussi servir à la création de nouveau matériel ou à la traduction de matériel jamais traduit en français. Carte de France de localisation des joueurs – et joueurs potentie...
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NorCalRiverRunners / NorCal River Runners
A group for the river running community in Northern California - and beyond.
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The mission of Boston Civic Media is to build relationships, share knowledge and develop innovative curriculum in civic media. This is a faculty-led initiative that links ten higher education institutions and numerous community partner organizations across the Greater Boston region. This initiative is organized by the Emerson Engagement Lab and funded by the Teagle Foundation. The broader Boston C...
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OpenHPC-devel / OpenHPC Devel
This list is intended for primary use by developers contributing to OpenHPC.
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hearkeninsider / Hearken Insider
Group for Hearken Insiders community
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GroupManagersForum / Help Improve the Management of Groups
Would you like to be a better Owner and/or Moderator? We discuss our experiences as Owners and Moderators, share our ideas for promoting and customizing content areas, and offer various techniques for managing groups. We strive to provide a resource of the highest quality for Owners and Moderators alike. This Group Managers Forum (GMF) was founded as a sister to the Group Managers Forum for Yahoo...
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RoosterRoster / Rooster Roster Email List
Rooster Net members with email addresses for receiving the Rooster Roster
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Cities, people, Turkey
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FelineThyroidManagement / Feline Thyroid Management
Support and advice on all thyroid conditions for felines. Assistance for hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, and I-131 cats. Members gather here to exchange information about thyroid treatments. This is the only group with experience in managing post I-131 hypot cats. This group has also been in the forefront of recognizing the special needs of the hypot cat and in promoting ongoing research. Owners of...
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Incestsurvivorsii / IncestSurvivorsii
This group has been established to provide support for victims of incest.  Welcome to the group!
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