MontclairWatercooler / The Montclair Watercooler
Welcome to the new home of the Montclair Watercooler. This group replaces the Yahoo and Facebook versions of the original Montclair Watercooler and we believe it will provide a better experience for the future and civil discussion in Montclair, NJ. The group guidelines will be updated as soon as possible to support the web site that hosts the group, but for now you may see our existing Y...
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SweetAdelines / SING
A discussion group for members and fans of Sweet Adelines International, a worldwide organization for women who sing four-part Acappella music in the barbershop style. We welcome all who would like to discuss any and all aspects of the music or the management of our choruses and quartets, and assume everyone will discuss in the true spirit of harmony.
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Welcome to the Newhilleast listserv, where residents of eastern Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, can join a conversation with their neighbors about local issues, local news and local events -- or even ask questions about the community and community services. Newhilleast is designed as a forum for neighborhood discussion and community awareness. Over the years, it has became the site where we've...
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FelineAssistedFeeding / Feline Assisted Feeding
WELCOME:Lots of things can make a cat lose interest in food: infection,constipation, CRF, pancreatitis, a bad tooth, cancer, or even stress. Cats can't fast because they don't use body fat well. It can clog the liver causing acute failure, called Hepatic Lipidosis or Fatty Liver. Food is the only prevention and cure. [more] Nutrition can provide strength to fight, buy time to work on a ful...
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digitalradio / Digital-mode-radio
This is a site that was established in the year 2000 and has continued to be a leading discussion group regarding digital mode communication in the amateur bands and in the "utility" world. From "how to set up" digital modes as a beginner, to what software is best, and for advanced options such experimental new modes, this is the place that will help with the advancement of the st...
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gdhn / Global Digital Health Network
Welcome to the Global Digital Health Network! The Network envisions a world where technical innovation supports improved health and contributes to better quality, accessibility and sustainability of health services and health outcomes, particularly for underserved populations in low resource environments. We are a 3900+ person-strong networking forum for members from 118 countries to share infor...
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MicBuilders / Microphone Builders
Audio recording in all media: Tape, DAT, minidisc, hard disk, solid state ... Recording enthusiasts who like to get the most out of their equipment ... Musicians, nature recordists, sound archivists, teachers, engineers, hobbyists, budget impaired ... Experimenters discuss fresh & tried techniques ... Microphone parts hunters & gatherers who like to brew their own ... Anything for the mic ...
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ffn / Flatbush Family Network
The Flatbush Family Network works to build a safe and cohesive community for children and families of the Greater Flatbush / Victorian Flatbush / Ditmas Park area. The Flatbush Family Network provides resources for families, activities for children, and information for community and prospective community members. We welcome you to become part of the Flatbush Family Network.
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This group contains the photos originally posted on the Small Layout Design Yahoo group. The photos are now in this separate group due to storage limits on This group is for storage only and posting of messages or uploading of files and/or photos will not be allowed. Please visit the main group to post. Due to restrictions in file space, 4 separat...
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A group for discussing boats powered by electric motors, alone or in conjunction with other methods of propulsion (i.e. sail or hybrid). This was set up as a potential solution to the changes in Yahoo! Groups that effect the electricboats group there.
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Welcome to the T@B Travel Trailer Group which began in February 2004. Feel free to share, discuss, ask questions or just lurk. We're about sharing ideas, modifications, fun and adventures with other T@B and T@DA owners. Be sure to print a copy of the Ready Set Tow card from our Files from either the Dutchmen or Little Guy folder - it has some handy setting up camp information. Sandra Rutan, O...
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hamlogger / Hamlogger
ATTENTION: If you apply with an e-mail address that does not show your ham license, your request to join may result in an e-mail back to you from the moderator to confirm that you have a legitimate interest in membership in this group. In the future we hope groups,io will have a text box that will eliminate the extra e-mail round-trip by allowing you to include your call sign or other relevant co...
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BridgeportMill / Bridgeport Milling Machines
Discussion on the Bridgeport Milling machine. Beginner or professional. All welcome to discuss anything Bridgeport related. The only stupid question is one that isn't asked!
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pcbgcode / The PCB-GCODE Users Group
The new home of pcbgcode, a plugin for the Eagle schematic capture and board layout program that allows you to mill printed circuit boards traces using a CNC router or milling machine, and drill holes too.
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SunfishSailor / SunfishSailor
Information sharing for Sunfish sailboat sailing, rigging, racing, repairs, restoration and equipment innovations. Tips for buying, selling, transport and storage of the World's most popular sailboat. Also Calendar, Photos, Files, Polls and Databases. Visit the Wayne Carney (sail231) Memorial Files for Sunfish Timeline, Rigging Manuals and Repair Guides. Information for Sunfish, Super Sunfish,...
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loopantennas / Loop Antennas
This is the Loop Antenna Group to Ask Your Questions, Get Answers and Information about Loop Antennas for improved your Radio Listening and Enjoyment. This is your "HOW TO" Loop Antenna Forum to : Get Information, Plan, Design and Build Loop Antennas for both Radio Reception and Transmission. Air loops, magnetic loops, ferrite loops, shielded, unshielded, SLF to any frequency you can m...
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AlwaysLearning / Always Learning
NEW MEMBERS: Read at the Group Website link below before posting. How and why does unschooling work? What kind of parents and parenting does it take? What will help, and what will hinder? This is a list for the examination of the philosophy of unschooling and attentive parenting and a place for sharing examined lives based on the principles underlying unschooling. Always Learning will focus on how...
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FuchsFriends / Fuchs Friends ®
Worldwide information and support to people who have a Corneal Dystrophy, Fuchs or other. No matter your location, you are welcome to join our group If you would like to become a member of our group, you must complete an information form that you can find at the following URL: agree to our Terms and Conditions of use and Submit th...
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ldsig / Layout Design SIG Discussion Group
This discussion forum is for members and friends of the model railroad Layout Design SIG. Membership in the Layout Design SIG is encouraged, but not required. Model railroaders, model train enthusiasts, and everyone who loves model railroading: we welcome discussion on all aspects of model railroad layout design, construction, and operation in this group! Posts deemed as an advertiseme...
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This group will discuss the use of the Alesis ADAT HD24 disk recorder. On-topic discussion will include anything about the use of the HD24, including features and capabilities, add-on products, third party drives, interfacing issues, software updates, FTP, cables, MIDI, etc. It will be an unmoderated group as long as that configuration remains workable. Please keep it civil and on topic. We welcom...
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